"So this is your childhood room then?" Neville asked looking around.

"Yeah. Mum and dad haven't really touched it since Fred and I moved out."

Neville wandered around. It was a small room, not much bigger than his room at Gran's, but with twice the amount of stuff. Two beds separated by a large chest of drawers. Two desks lined the wall opposite the beds. One small closet so crammed with clothes and boxes that the door didn't even shut. Walls papered with posters of Quidditch teams, the movement of the players on brooms creating a dizzying effect of the walls moving. The top of the chest was filled with framed photographs of the Weasley family. Neville looked at the photos and his throat caught to see that the most well-dusted photo was of Fred. Clearly Molly Weasley came in here especially to look at that photo. Neville cleared his throat and turned around. "Which bed was yours?"

"This one," George sat down on the bed farthest from the door and bounced up and down a couple times. "Come here," he patted the bed next to him.

Neville sat down next to George, his palms slightly sweaty from nerves. "So this is where Weasley's Wizard Wheezes began."

"A truly historical site," George nodded.

Neville smiled and pressed his hands between his knees.

"Are you nervous?" George asked.

"No." Neville said. Then quickly, "Well, yes."

"We don't have to do this yet. There's no rush."

"I want to," Neville reassured him. "I just..." he faltered. "Are you sure we have privacy?"

George grabbed his wand and pointed it at the door. The door shut, locked and Neville saw it magically seal from the inside. "No one's getting in here, Neville."

It wasn't really the privacy issue. Neville wasn't sure why he was so nervous. He'd been to bed with George plenty of times. It was just this part. The actual sex was, like the final frontier in a relationship that, truthfully, was pretty new.

Neville kicked off his shoes and stretched out on the bed. George smiled and took his shoes off also. "Are you sure about this?" He asked.

Neville nodded. "I'm sure." He stared at the ceiling as George sat down on the bed next to him and gently took his hand. "Is it going to hurt?" Neville felt himself blush and he wanted to die with embarrassment at how much like a little kid he sounded.

George paused. "Probably, at first." He played with Nevillle's fingers. "I'll go slow, and do whatever I can to keep it from hurting too bad."

"Come here then," Neville said shakily and pulled George toward him. George lay down next to Neville and kissed him gently on the mouth. Neville reached up and ran his fingers through George's fiery red hair.

George leaned in and kissed Neville on the neck, right on the pulse point, and when he bit a little, it elicited a small "oh," from Neville. A sound which obviously turned George on, as he smiled and climbed on top of Neville, sinking his hips into Neville's.

Neville relaxed. The feeling of George, this feeling of having George with him felt so natural. It was stupid, really, for Neville to worry about how fast their relationship had been moving, The fact was, that he felt like he was at home when he was with George. He felt comfortable and happy and warm. So why not share a home with George?

George had slipped Neville's shirt off and was kissing his chest. When he started sucking nipple and stuck his hand down Neville's trousers at the same time, Neville gasped and bucked his hips upward instinctively. He would never get sick of the feeling of George's hand around him, stroking.

Neville reached up with shaky hands and began unbuttoning George's shirt. It was awkward and George had to stop what he was doing to get in a better position to help Neville out. "Screw this," he finally muttered and stood up, taking his shirt off quickly, then unbuttoning his trousers and removing them. Neville smiled and removed his own trousers and boxer shorts. When they were both naked, George jumped back on to the bed, laughing.

It hurt less than Neville feared, but it certainly wasn't comfortable at first. George was so careful, so gentle with him. George used a lube charm (How does he know about these spells? Neville wondered) to slick his fingers and try to work Neville loose. Then he used the same charm on his cock as he pressed as carefully as possible into Neville. Neville gasped and tried hard to relax, attempting to concentrate all his anxiety and fear into his hands, which were gripping the bedspread so tightly his knuckles were turning white.

"Is this all right?" George asked in a strained voice.

"It's fine," Neville reassured him, his voice equally strained.

"We can stop."

"No!" Neville said quickly. "I want this." And he did. All of a sudden, the pain, the discomfort didn't matter. Because he was sharing this very important part of himself with George. With the man he'd fallen in love with faster than he would have thought possible.

George smiled and thrust into Neville several times, each time burying himself a little deeper in Neville's body. Neville was taking deep breaths, willing himself to relax and after a few minutes, it worked, he was relaxed enough to be able to enjoy the feeling, the sensation, of being filled by George. He bucked his hips slowly, creating a rhythm for George to follow. George reached down and stroked Neville's hard cock as he followed the rhythm.

It was so good, getting lost in Neville. Fred had been right in those dreams. This was the reason Fred wanted George to talk to Neville. Because George needed something like this, something to share with another person, a man he could love.

"I can't last," Neville whispered, "Ah!" He spilled over himself, hot and sticky. When he came, he involuntarily tightened up, putting pressure on George's cock.

George thrust once more, as deeply as he could go, causing Neville to gasp in shock, and himself to come hard with a loud moan.

The two men lay in bed for a few moments, breathing hard, trying to catch their breath. George pulled back and pulled out of Neville and lay down next to him, cuddling in tight. George kissed Neville's shoulder, "How was that?" he murmured.

Neville turned his head and met George's eyes. He smiled, "Mmmm," and he leaned in and kissed George hard on the mouth.

George kissed back before pulling away slightly and leaning his forehead on Neville's. "I guess that's good then."

"Very good," Neville agreed.

They lay there, quietly wrapped in their own thoughts. Finally Neville asked softly, "Are you happy?"

"Happy how?"

Neville sat up. "In general, are you happy?"

George thought hard. "I'm working on it, Nev. I'm not unhappy, which is an improvement over how I was right after Fred died. This whole thing with him dying and me living? It's like...It's a process. And it's a long way to go between 'complete and total near suicidal unhappiness' and 'blissful happiness.' I'm working on it."

"Fair enough."

"It's you, Neville. You've made me happier."

Neville looked at George seriously. "George, I could barely even get out of bed until that day I saw you in the shop. You have no idea how happy you've made me."

"This is getting a little serious again," George warned.

Neville laughed. "I know, I'm sorry."

George shrugged. "I guess Fred really knew what he was talking about in my dreams, huh? He told me to talk to you for a reason."

"Well, good on Fred then," Neville leaned in for another kiss. They kissed and cuddled for a few more minutes before George pulled back with a sigh.

"We should probably get back to the party."

"Yeah," Neville agreed. Neither one moved. They laughed a little before pushing themselves up off the bed and slowly got dressed.

"The moving in thing?" George said. "You can take your time thinking about it if you need to."

"I want to." Neville said, realizing suddenly that he truly meant it.

"Really?" George seemed surprised and happy.

Neville nodded. "I just worry about Gran," Neville bit his fingernail. "But I can go over there lots to check in on her, right?"

"Whatever you need," George reassured him and took his hands. "We're really gonna do this?"

"Yeah," Neville nodded. "I love you."

"I love you, too."

Neville and George held hands as they walked down the stairs of the Burrow, and into the chilly December 31st air. Back to where their friends and family had just started noticing that the two were missing. When they walked into the tent together, relaxed and happy, some of their friends exchanged knowing looks with each other about what the two had been up to. Not that Neville and George noticed, and not that they would have cared if they had noticed.

Because that's how new love is. It's feeling heady and exuberant and wanting to shout your love to the world. It's being wrapped up in each other and the rest of the world falling away. It's the love that makes the bad things in life seem bearable and the good things in life that much sweeter.

They danced and ate and drank the rest of the night. And when the clock struck midnight, Neville and George were among the revelers lucky enough to have someone else to share a kiss with. This New Year started out much happier and far more hopeful than the last one had. As Neville and George broke apart from their kiss, long after all the other couples had, they were both giddy with the feeling that this new year was going to bring good tidings and happiness, something that both of them deserved.