It was sunny that day in Texas, I was hearing the sound of children playing outside my cave. It was a joyful sound, that caused me much pain. I preferred living in quiet, that's when I wondered why did I like it being so quiet? That's when I than realized how truly lonely I was. I was lonelier than I have ever been, here I was annoyed by the sound of children who weren't that much different from me. What kind of person have I become?

I than remembered my sisters, it was my fault I was lonely. I destroyed my own sisters, I was the one who led to their betrayal and told my minions to kill them. I was a truly awful person for destroying my sisters. I than thought of my army, using all those people for myself gain. That had to make my human mother in heaven burst with tears for doing those awful things. I created these people only to have them destroyed, I had destroyed my own creations, no wonder why Peter left taking Charlotte. I wouldn't want my mate (who had been deceased for three centuries) to be around me. I wouldn't want anyone to be near me, I than thought of Jasper. He had a mate now, and wanted nothing to do with me. I didn't blame him, I had done so many horrible things to so many innocent people.

I looked in the mirror and stared into my red eyes, I hated the person I saw. I was tired of the person I saw, I wanted nothing to do with the person I saw in the mirror. I wanted to destroy this red eyed monster staring at me. I smashed the mirror and looked up to see the sun. I realized I didn't have to be the person that done those terrible deeds.

40 years later, An island off the east cost of Canada.

"Maria, you got visitors." My daughter Flora came running up to me as I trimmed the rose bush.

"Who?" I asked, unlike the rest of the members I knew few vampires living around here, but I supposed that was a good thing in order making a fresh start.

"I don't know, they just said we are here to see Maria." Flora answered. "And I said I'll get her for you."

"Go tell the others we have company," I asked Flora in order to keep her safe, she had become the center of my life. Even those I formed her on accident, she was basically the little joy I had to a very horrible past.

I walked out of the garden gate, than I came over to the large log post fence my new family kept in order to keep any temptation out. I smelled a floral scent, they were vampires. I will be the one to tell them this coven does not drink human blood, we can't handle it. If you come to reform and give up your thirst for human blood than you are certainly welcome.

That was the reason this coven was founded and the reason I came here, I had a not too good past like the rest of them. All of us except Flora had done horrible things to get blood, now they are trying to make up for those horrible things.

I walked out to find Jasper, one who I created along with his mate Alice. Charlotte and Peter must of told them about my redemption. I tried to find Jasper to seek forgiveness years ago but he told me to leave. It was wrong to leave so early once beginning this diet, or perhaps it was right, That was when I accidentally changed Flora. Now Jasper change his mind, I went right up to them and embraced them, never more happy to see them.

"Maria, who is this?" Flora came running out.

"This is Jasper, darling." I said trying to cry, "And his mate Alice, tell the others welcomed guess have arrived."

"Peter told us you were here," Jasper said shocked.

"Peter and Charlotte, they were nice." Flora smiled. "Come on, Joseph brought a bear back."

Alice seemed as she was expecting this welcome, Jasper on the other hand pushed me away. He seemed very shocked at what he saw, I kept calm and led them into my new home. This would be my chance to earn his mercy.