"Ready to go," Alice came out with the last suitcase; the car newly remolded and packed.

"Anytime you are," Jasper answered, closing the trunk; giving Alice a quick kiss. It was then, that Maria and Flora came out from behind them with the last of their bags.

"You drive safe, now." Maria smiled towards them, saying her last goodbye.

"Don't worry, I will," Jasper promised then went up to hug her. "Keep in touch." He whispered.

"Oh, we will." Maria replied, turned to Alice giving her a hug. "Promise to call when you get back."

"We will," Alice responded, she never seen Jasper so at peace with himself. The future now seemed ten times brighter.

"So, where are you off to?" Jasper asked, noticing Maria's and Flora's own suitcases.

"Aaron called," Maria said proudly. "He wants us to get him."

"We are going to him; he is finally ready to come back." Flora said promptly. "He went to Seattle, he made his peace."

"Good." Jasper nodded. "It's about time."

"That it is." Maria agreed.

"Promise to come for my graduation?" Flora asked.

"Wouldn't want to miss it." Jasper answered as he open the car door. "See you then." They got in and drove off. It was then, as they reached the highway, the radio signal came back and they could hear the oldies radio station from earlier.

"And, now we hear a classic favorite from 1965 by the Byrds." Then a sweet tune danced from the radio: 'To everything, turn, turn, turn, and a time to every purpose under heaven' while they listened to the old tune, Jasper let out a laugh at hearing 'a time to kill, a time to heal'. It was just too coincidental. The time to kill happened, and he turned. The time to heal came, and he chose to follow through, as much pain as it caused him. It happened, the time to cast stones happened and he left with Peter. The time to gather stones came, and he accepted them and through them out onto the ocean moving on. The time of war ended officially, they drove off accepting this time of peace.

A couple decades later Maria, Flora and Aaron left the coven; not from giving up, simply, for the reason Maria and Aaron were healed. The friendship between Jasper and her lasted centuries longer, than the decades of sorrow they caused each other. Jasper was wrong, and was never so glad to be so wrong. Maria strived in the human world. They continued to consume animal blood along with her two companions; who also strived. Who would have known how simple it was to live so, after such needed mercy.

I would like to thank my give a speical thanks to my beta ANne Shirley Cullen