This is a collection of poetry dedicated to the characters of Code Geass, alive or dead. Hope you enjoy it!
I was particularly proud of this poem, I'm not gonna lie.
Duh, I don't own the CG characters, CLAMP and the other Japanese people do. Horray for the Mangakas!
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Lelouch and Suzaku--All the Wrong Reasons

I will stand

I will fight

I will not be beaten down

I am strong

I must go on

I cannot give up now!

Foolish dreams

By selfish means

Never turn the way you wished

Shattered heart

Soul torn apeart

A dreamer's vision gone amiss

Meaningless Loyalty

To this corrupted Royalty

Will kill you all

Your own fault

Fighting on

Purpose gone

Will bring your own fall

Doom us all

Head to head

Now everyone is dead

And we are standing on their graves

We did it all the wrong way

All the right traitors

All the right treasons

All the wrong ways

All the wrong reasons

I kind of imagined this one reading as a song, oddly enough. I find myself singing it instead of reading it out loud. Is that weird?

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