A few whispers sounded from outside the door and there were a few breathy moans. Fuji got up and went over to the door, pulling it open.

Yukimura was making out passionately with Tezuka sans spectacles. If they went farther, it would definitely be Tezuka as the uke.

Yukimura stopped and the two captains turned to look at the reactions.

Ryoma was staring at something behind them. Seiichi saw it was Karupin. He rolled his eyes. Atobe was drooling and holding a purple handkerchief. Sanada looked dazed (although it might have been just due to his falling off the bed at the sight). The person closest to them, Fuji, clearly was staring at them both, in a … perverted … sort of way.

'What is that...?' Yukimura leant down (Tezuka was too busy searching his pockets for his glasses) and was about to do what he'd done to Tezuka to Fuji when he completed the sentence – 'In your hand, Keigo?'

Fuji looked heartbroken while Tezuka smirked slightly at him. Yukimura passed them and went over to Keigo, grabbing the photos from him. 'Oh, look at this picture. Ryoma!' He said, kissing the brat on his cheek. 'You're so cute in this picture!'

Ryoma turned to look. Sanada was gazing at the back of his captain's head. Ryoma said, 'I'm not in this picture at all, Sei.'

'I meant the picture of you staring at Karupin while Kunimitsu and I made out just for you.'

'Che. Only you'd find that cute.'

Tezuka looked at Fuji, then grabbed his hand and led him over to the bed. Sanada collapsed on top of Atobe.

'Ore-sama demands for the pictures.'

'Yeah – have them.' Yukimura handed them over. Atobe looked at the picture. 'Genichirou, you're blushing in this picture.' Ryoma said, smirking. Sanada swiped the photo from Atobe.

Yukimura and Sanada were kissing in this picture, and crushing a furious Ryoma between them.

Keigo and Fuji were laughing their asses off at Ryoma just beside them, so it meant that Tezuka had taken this picture.

'Wow, buchou, you really have good photography skills.' Fuji commented.

Mission – Seduce Yukimura: Memory #5 [THE END]

'I don't think it's a good idea.' Sanada said. The others didn't reply; too busy staring at his body as he practiced kendo.

Sanada halted. 'Are you listening?'

'Yes, yes, definitely.' Atobe waved the question aside. 'Go on with your kendo.'

Sanada didn't. 'Ryoma, what did I just say?'

'... You love Karupin…'

'Wrong. Syuusuke, what did I say?' Sanada asked. Fuji looked blank. 'Mada mada dane.' He finally said. Ryoma burst into laughter. Sanada shook his head and turned to Tezuka. 'Mitsu.'

'You said that—' Tezuka began confidently. Sanada was hopeful. Tezuka finished, '—you should never let your guard down in kendo.'

Ryoma clung to Tezuka, still laughing his head off. Tezuka shook with Ryoma's laughter.

'You guys are pathetic.' Sanada concluded.

'You said you don't think it's a good idea.' Atobe snapped. 'Now will you start practicing again?'

'Yes, thank you, Keigo. Yukimura is a sadist, and I know because I spend all my time with him in school. He is a sadist whose powers are exponentially… … powerful.'

Tezuka and Ryoma looked at him, and then pointed to Fuji, who raised a hand in acknowledgement.

'So the brat, Syuusuke and ore-sama will give you, Gen, tips on how to seduce Yukimura.'

Ryoma was positively crying with laughter. Atobe looked, pissed, at the brat. 'What is it, imbecile? Something tickle your funny bone?'

'Sanada ... .. ahh, Sanada seducing YUKIMURA, ahahahahhh!' Ryoma was actually acting his age this time.

Sanada glared at the boy.

The prodigy's screams of laughter soon turned into screams of… … … something else, and didn't mute until EVERYONE had their way with him.


Yukimura woke up. It was going to be a GREAT day. He had made up three plans to torture Sanada, Kirihara and Marui, and was going to carry them all out this day.

Everything was well and good in Rikkai today. He couldn't wait for tennis practice.

Sanada approached him after tennis practice. 'Buchou.'

'Yes, fukubuchou.'

'I have a doubt in this problem, could you help?'

Yukimura looked the problem over. 'You calling me for help with Math is like Tezuka-kun calling for tennis tips.' He chuckled. Sanada glowered. 'Kunimitsu would never do that.'

'Ah, your boyfriend?'

'Yes, one of four.'

Yukimura choked.

'So help me out.' Sanada sat right next to him, leg-to-leg, shoulder-to-shoulder. And Yukimura couldn't do anything, zoning out because of the sexy pine smell coming from the kendo master.


'Yeah?' Yukimura noticed the first-name address. 'Help me?' Sanada repeated.

'Oh – oh, yeah, sure.' He smiled friendlily, and Sanada grinned back. Yukimura's heart skipped a beat. He'd known Genichirou since three years, and never in the 1100 days approx. had he seen Sanada smile.

Sanada took his cap off. 'Oh, it's sooo hot in here.' He shook his head to release his hair from the hat-head condition.

'Sanada? Are you okay?' Sanada? Do you really have four boyfriends?

'Yes, yes of course. Do you doubt me?'

'Do you have a fever?' Do you cheat on each with the other?

'No, no of course not. We're together in this.'

'Really…' A black aura surrounded Yukimura. Sanada didn't move. If possible, he moved closer.

Yukimura was inwardly flustered. He couldn't believe Sanada had FOUR koibitos and he knew he'd have to deal with them before he got to his Genichirou.

'Let me show you my kendo skills.'

'Fine.' They both got up and left the school.


Yukimura was completely in Sanada-land. How could he move like THAT?!

He sat on the edge and just watched him practice. Soooooooooo flexible……. …. …..

Due to the way that Sanada looked at him, he must have moaned. Crap.


'Nothing.' Sanada resumed.

Damn it, he was a freaking CAPTAIN! Why was he so … fangirling about his vice-captain right now?

His head snapped up. Someone had moaned.

NOT HIM, definitely.

There were a few more pants as Sanada kept moving, and he thought he heard a cry too. Where was it coming from?

There was a short scuffle-like sound. Sanada paused. 'Shit.' He swore.

A part of the wall Yukimura had been sitting against collapsed and in came four boys, flushed and panting. Not to mention one of them (the shortest) was half-naked.

Oh, man, these were tennis players! Yukimura recognized them all. They were Atobe Keigo from Hyotei, Echizen Ryoma, Tezuka Kunimitsu, and Fuji Syuusuke from Seigaku!

'What—' Yukimura began and then, 'Sanada, are these your four boyfriends?'

'Yes, captain.' Sanada sighed, holding his head in his hands.

'Gen was seducing you.' Ryoma began.

'And apparently we spoilt it all.' Atobe completed.

'Mr. Sadist, please go out with all of us.' Fuji pleaded.

'Please.' The stoic Tezuka said.

'Uh…' Yukimura said, unsure. 'But I only want Sanada…'

'WE TOLD YOU!' The four yelled at Sanada, who looked away.

'But we're not going to break up with him just cause of you.' Ryoma drawled. 'So you accept it like a buy-one-get-four-free kind of thing.'

'I am not a shopping item.'

'We four aren't free things either.' Atobe snapped.

Yukimura laughed. 'I'll give it a try. Make me love you guys, then.'

'The Child of God just gave us a challenge. Yudan sezu ni ikou.' Tezuka muttered.

'Seiichi fell in love the moment we dragged him into bed.'

'So all's well that ends well.'

Ryoma gave a breathy moan. 'Please…'

He'd fallen asleep and was having a wet dream. 'WHOA!' Yukimura said, falling on top of the brat. 'Come on, you don't need to say please!' He pulled the t-shirt off.

The maids knew they were not supposed to enter.

THE END. Owari.

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