A/N: AAAGH another new story but I justify myself with a) it's actually a total one-shot and b) it took me literally about 25 minutes. As far as I can tell, anyway.

I have no idea where this came from - no, actually, I know exactly where this came from. Not enough TxY fanfic + too much mushy, dramatic OOC TxY fanfic. (Not that I still don't love reading it. ^^;) This is how I think it would happen. No particular timeline, except ok, well SPOILERS WARNING because they all know everything. Except this one, really important thing...but they really knew that already, anyway. ^-^


Yukito's eyes were glued to his toes as he sat with his best friend on a park bench - an uncharacteristic two-and-a-half feet of space between them - and he was pretty sure he was blushing.

"Touya...you know you're my most important person. Right?"

He tried diverting his attention to the cherry-blossom petals dancing around his feet. It didn't really work all that well -


That was a confirming sound, Yukito thought. A "yes, and I don't have a problem with it" sound. Possibly a "yes, and I feel the same and you're stating the obvious again, Yuki" sound. But it was a slightly awkward sound, too.

Suddenly, he was overwhelmed with the worry that somehow, his best friend hadn't understood. "And when I say that I mean - "

- actually, he had no idea how to continue because he had no idea what he meant, but whatever it was, he didn't want Touya to underestimate -

Mercifully, Touya cut him off. "Yeah."

Yuki looked up at him. "You know?"

Now Touya was the one who wouldn't meet his gaze. "I know. And I..."

Yukito smiled sympathetically. "You don't have to say it, To-ya." Heaven knew how hard it had been for him to say as much as he had...

Touya gave one of his trademark half-smiles in answer.

There was a moment of silence, during which Yukito watched Touya from the corner of his eye and Touya wouldn't meet his gaze, then Yukito fidgeted slightly. "Well, I was sort of worried - "

"Yeah, I know what you mean." Touya still wasn't meeting his eyes, but suddenly he brought his head up and laughed. A real laugh, a Touya laugh. Yukito almost jumped in surprise - normally even he had to work all day to get one of those.

"But think about it, Yuki," he said. "You're the so-called 'false form' of a magical being created by probably the greatest magician of all time. I'm the older brother of his successor, and I used to be able to see spirits before I gave my powers to said magical being. We've been through all sorts of crazy incidents together, usually playing back-up to a kaijuu, a plush toy, a gaki, and their camerawoman.

"...And we're worried about being different?"

Yukito couldn't help it; he laughed, too. Touya was absolutely, completely right. Looking at it that way, their worrying was ridiculous.

He sighed slightly and leaned against his friend. "But still."

Touya found Yukito's hand and squeezed it. A reassuring squeeze, a "neither of us is going anywhere" squeeze.

"Yeah, I know."

A/N: And there's a ton of these over in the KuroFai fandom, but this is also a "confession that doesn't use the word 'love'" story. Never even close, 'cuz these two are just awesome like that.

Also the first fanfic I've ever finished - possibly because it's the first oneshot I've ever written. Short of obscene amounts of immediate and pressing deadlines, I don't know what's gotten into me... XD

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