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Chapter One

She stood, leaning against the beautiful bar at the penthouse, and looked around, bored out of her mind. She looked down at the vodka and tonic in her hand. It was a bad idea, she knew it through and through, but oh lord passing those vulture-like photographers to get into the lobby of the prestigious building had caught her off guard. Why she wasn't sure, maybe she just wasn't thinking. She glanced to the side and there was a big mirror on the wall behind the many bottles of ridiculously expensive alcohol and saw herself with new black hair looking back.

It had been a dramatic move on her part, from her honey blonde hair to this jet black curtain, was quite the monumental shift. She had done it without thinking and without caring. The argument with her brother had left her unarmed and to keep her hands busy so as not to reach for the bottle of Grey Goose that was hidden behind the snacks above the fridge she decided to do something. Walking down to the corner store and purchasing a self dye kit had probably not been the best move.

The photographers camped out side her building had actually hesitated upon seeing her, shock she supposed.... Doing it an hour before this pre-planned date, probably not the best idea though.

'Poor Bruce,' She couldn't help but think, here he was expecting her normal classic American good looks and now her she was worried that she looked washed out and wraithlike. Alfred had assured her that she looked stunning but maybe the little black dress she had purchased three weeks before, looked a little Goth with her new hair, instead of classic Hollywood elegance. At least it was strapless, so it wasn't heavy around her neck. She turned away from her reflection and stood up from the bar and walk across the amazingly spacious living room. The glass windows/wall looked over the city scope making Adriana feel very glamorous instead of small.

She wondered vaguely why Bruce Wayne, the creme du la creme of Gotham society, had actually invited her out. She had been very impressed by his style though.

During her weekly walk through of her state of the art, private hospital that had only just been opened two blocks down from Wayne Tower a messenger had come up to her.

"Are you Miss Adriana Stark?" She had turned from the first few weeks numbers and the Chief of Staff and looked at the boy.

"Yes, who's asking?" She said smiling seductively.

"This is for you," He handed her a business card and turned walking back to the elevator's. Adriana exhaled slowly. For a moment she was certain she was about to be served.

"Who's it from?" She glanced at her Chief of Staff. He was an extraordinarily tall middle aged man, who looked like he had never grown out of the awkward gangly stage of the teenage years. He was balding but still clung on to his left over scrapes, and had very John Lennon like glasses sitting on the edge of his beak like nose.

Adriana shook her head. She had no intention of telling him, even if she did know or else it would be all over the hospital in no time. The address was Wayne Towers. She looked on the back and scrawled on it was, "Go To Your Office,". Intrigued she looked up at the nosey Doctor.

"Please excuse me, I will page you when we can continue." She walked away leaving the man standing staring after her with his mouth open.

It was hilarious, she had to remind herself that she was in brand new stilettos so as not to break into a run. She felt like a child. When she finally got to her office there was an enormous bouquet of bright magenta Dahlia's sitting on her desk in a beautiful simple glass vase. She stood in the doorway staring at them with her mouth open. Her assistant was standing nattering in her ear about the delivery and trying to find out what was going on? Who were they from? Until Adriana waved the girl off and walked into her office slamming the door.

She walked over to find another Wayne Tower card, good advertising ploy, she couldn't help but think, and flipped it over to see in the same messy scrawl, "Have Dinner with Me...." . Adriana looked back up at the flowers. It was amazing, how could he possibly know.

She called her assistant into her office and instructed her to set up a dinner with Bruce Wayne.

Now here she was in his' penthouse apartment feeling a little deflated. He was an hour later already. After having two glasses of just tonic she gave up to her basic instincts and accepted Alfred's offer of a real drink. She was nursing it slowly, holding off from downing the miniscule and not to mention short poured drink. Maybe Alfred was worried about having to give her a few while waiting and didn't want her to be totally obliterated by the time her so-called date showed up. She was getting a little bored of waiting for the creme du la creme.

Adriana was fast becoming the new sensation of Gotham, appearing in the society pages almost as much as Bruce did. The new millionaire-ess had arrived on the Gotham scene from the West coast, purchased a failing Hospital in the city centre and renovated it to the point of building a whole new hospital, and then to the shock and horror of the 'norm' turned it into a private facility.

There were now picketers outside everyday, complaining of the injustice of a private facility, letting the poor suffer, blah blah blah. No one wanted to remember that they were in fact in a capitalist society, no one wanted to acknowledge that Adriana painstakingly made sure that a quarter of the profits went to making sure that a number of free clinics kept running all over Gotham, why on Earth would anyone want to humanism the evil doer. She rolled her eyes.

It made her suspicious of the dinner invite. Why would Bruce want to attach himself to someone like her? So controversial? Beside the publicity the two of them would get from appearing in public together would match and beat ANY movie star. She had just arrived at Bruce's building and there were more press there then at the most recent show opening. She wanted to leave but knew that the photographers would still be down there. She had hoped to make a more glamorous exit on Bruce's arm to an exclusive restaurant or sneaking out at like 4 in the morning. She glanced at her diamond encrusted watch face. It was ten... oh lord.

She unfocused her eyes from the skyline to look at her reflection in the glass. Her hair had been lovely and wavy even if it was jet black and now it just looked limp. She could always go back to the bathroom and fix it again but that seemed a little sad to her at this point. Her makeup felt heavy on her face and she just wanted to wash it off, her buzz of going out had slowly died out and she felt more like slipping into her PJ's than faking it with some ass hole who didn't even have the decency to show up on time. Her new strappy stiletto's were getting painful from simply standing around in them, and her dress was looking a little lack lustre as her shoulders were slowly migrating forward into a slouch. It was easy to look good when you had someone around.

She turned suddenly when Alfred appeared from the far right of the room. that was it she was done, she would apologise to Alfred who had been nothing but kind to her, but she was out of here. What a dick! Why would he even take the time to find out her favourite flower and not bother to even show up?!

"I am so sorry for the delay Miss Stark but it seems Master Wayne isn't feeling well after an incident at Wayne Tower's, he asks if you would care to reschedule."

Adriana stared at the good man servant with her mouth open. Her signature anger started to rise in her chest. She knew it was a flimsy excuse. "I don't think a reschedule is in order, thank you for the drink Alfred," She downed the glass in a very unladylike gesture and walked over to the bar and carefully placed the glass down on to it's marble coaster. The sudden taste of the rush of alcohol washed over her and a small part of her brain screamed for another glass that could also be enjoyed in such a rapid movement but she ignored it, channelling her annoyance to black out the urges. "It's been a slice, but I think I am gonna call it a night with Bruce." She went to walk to the elevator and thought the first thing she would do was take off her shoes once she got into the hired car.

"He sends his most sincere apologise Miss, but really is under the weather." Alfred's voice was pleading. She glanced over her shoulder at the older gentleman and hesitated. There didn't appear to be any lies in his expression and Adriana was caught off guard.

"Maybe I should check in on him then." She went to go the same way Alfred had come in from and had expected the butler to follow her but instead he got in her way.

"That isn't necessary Miss, although I am sure your concern would be much appreciated." He put his glove hands up and smiled warmly down at her.

She glared at him. "Don't worry Alfie, I am a doctor, if it is anything serious we can nip down stairs and take him to Mercy," Mercy was the name of her beloved hospital.

"Your a doctor? My, my didn't know that little gem about you Miss Stark!" Alfred said smiling down at her faining interest.

"Yes, surgeon actually but obviously not currently practising." He was stalling, she could tell.

"And how is it that that is not common knowledge?"

"I didn't come to Gotham to work."

"Do you mind if I ask, then why did you come to Gotham?" Her eyes narrowed. She took a deep breath.

"Maybe another time Alfie, I think I had better go home now, since obviously nothing is going to be happening tonight." She turned to go to the elevator.

"Very good Miss," Alfred quickly fell into step in front of her and it was quite plain that there was a wave of relief in his voice, that caught Adriana's attention, "So can I assume to reschedule your date for next week perhaps?"

"Sure, sure, right after I just have a quick look in on Bruce." She quickly swivelled around on her heels and dashed back into the apartment.

"Now, Miss I really must insist," Alfred said she could hear his shoes slapping the hardwood floors trying to catch up with her. She wondered vaguely if Alfred would resort to trying to physically stop her but she just kept on.

She imagined that they must have been funny to see a chase wrapped up in the confinements of niceties, her, dress and shoes slowing her down, him, obviously not able to open into a full on run on the waxed floors and tackle a guest.

She skidded around and grabbed the door handle to what she assumed was Bruce's bedroom but Alfred's gloved hand covered hers and they stood in the doorway looking at each other.

"Master Bruce requested to be left alone, I am afraid you really must leave now." Alfred said, his tone was getting a little sharp.

Adriana never did well with boundaries, "Fine I'll just... BRUCE!?" She turned last minute and yelled through the door.

"Oh now really," Alfred wrapped an arm around Adriana and started to pull her away from the door. She was hampered by her shoes, unable to plant a good footing but none the less was not deterred.

"BRUCE!? ARE YOU IN THERE? ARE YOU OKAY?" She pondered vaguely why she was even bothering. What did it matter? She didn't even know Bruce Wayne aside from being introduced to him a couple of times at different high society events. Maybe she was taking a page from her brother's book, becoming a better citizen, showing an interest in her common man, as he had once called it.

"Now, come on that's a girl," Alfred was slowly managing to drag her towards the elevator when she made one last ditch effort. She came down on Alfred's foot with her very thin very powerful heel making him let her go and double over in a scream/ moan of sheer pain.

"Sorry Alfie," She said over her shoulder as she dashed back to the bedroom door. She pushed it open and looked around, aside from a minimalist design and breath taking view, there wasn't anything there that caught her eye... especially no Bruce.

"Alfred? Is she gone?" The words came out of a door to her left and then there was a decidedly painful moan.

"Master Wayne!" Alfred staggered into the doorway of the bedroom and glared at Adriana who ignored him and walked straight for the new door, threw it open to see a stunned looking Bruce Wayne leaning over a sink in an amazing almost completely blue marble bathroom. He was shirtless, in navy blue trousers and was staring at Adriana with an open mouth, but her eyes were trained on his midriff.

Aside from being perfectly build and looking more like a statue of male perfection there were enormous black and blue bruises along the front and side of his body and trunk area.

"Oh my god Bruce!" was all Adriana managed to say out loud.

"Adriana!?" He said obviously lost for words and staring at her with wide eyes. He was thinking fast, she could tell by the look on his face.

"Master Bruce," Alfred appeared at her side doubled over and clutching his foot in the doorway. "I was just about to tell Miss Stark about your accident at Wayne Tower, how you fell down those stairs?"

Bruce and Alfred shared a meaningful look and Adriana couldn't help but feel insulted by this weak attempt at the cover up.

"Oh please," She scoffed walking over to where Bruce was leaning heavily on the counter. He tried to stand up straight as she approached but couldn't, the pain on his face was quite evident. "Come on, I need to get you to the bed before I look at you. No use you passing out on the floor and hurting yourself more."

"Look at me?" Bruce said raising an eyebrow when looking down at her, he was about a half foot taller then her and as she snaked an arm under his and around his body Adriana couldn't help but notice how.... big he actually was, the suits he wore all the time were very misleading. Certainly she knew he was well built but not anything like this. As her bare arm wrapped around his back she was aware of many tiny and some not so tiny scars that littered his body. Not the mark of a high society son.

"I am a doctor but I think you knew that. In fact I think you know a lot more then you are letting on about me." She helped him out of the bathroom and they made their way to the bed. A more hedonistic part of her brain wondered if they would have made the same progress that night if they had managed to go on an actual date that night. "Oh Alfred, take off your shoe and put your foot up at a high elevation, I'll have a look at it as soon as I am done with Bruce. I am sorry."

Alfred grumbled but sat in an arm chair in the corner of the room and started to take off his highly polished shoe.

"What did she do to you Alfred?" Bruce spoke jokingly but Adriana could tell his voice was hampered with pain. She helped him gently sit on the edge of the bed and knelt in front of him.

"Oh, only tried to kill me Master Bruce," Adriana scoffed and ignored him, though he did manage to mumble something about crazy females. Bruce smiled down at her and she let her hands roam over his body and bruises.

A few moments later Alfred was sitting in the living room, one of his toes was splinted to the next toe with ice on it and a rather sizeable scotch leaving, Bruce alone with Adriana in the bedroom.

She sat back on her feet, her shoes lying on the floor across the room from them her hair was twisted up into a haphazard bun and she looked a Bruce, "I need some tensor bandages, do you have any kicking around?"

He nodded, "In the bathroom under the sink." She got up and walked into the bathroom and opened the cupboard. She froze, they were better stocked then half of the free clinics that she helped run. This was odd.

She grabbed two big bandages guessing that one wouldn't be able to go around his thick body enough times. She came back out and stood in front of him holding her arms up. "Do this," He copied her and winced at the movement.

She took a step forward and let her legs brush against the inside of his thighs and she stood close to his body. He looked up at her smirking. "I think you have a few broken ribs, not that I can be sure since you won't come with me to the hospital for X-Rays, but I am going to bind them up tightly for you."

He nodded and didn't argue. She knelt down and started to wrap the bandage around him, her body coming close to his every so often as she passed the bandage around his back. They lapsed into a silence that wasn't particularly uncomfortable. She changed position to finish up and sat beside him on the bed, going up on her knees to have a better position.

"So, are you going to tell me what happened?" She asked snapping in the little sliver clasps to hold the bandages in place.

"I, uh," He scoffed uncomfortably, "I was talking to a pretty intern and missed a step." He looked sheepishly up at her and she raised an eyebrow coming back down on her heels to sit beside him.

"You didn't fall down the stairs." She said. It as a statement not a question.

"I didn't?" He asked smiling roguishly.

"No, you didn't." She shook her head and looked him in the eye. "If I was guessing, I would say you were hit with something. Like a beam of wood or something like that. Something thick." He watched her carefully.

"Why would I be hit with something?" He asked jokingly.

"I don't know, but I don't care." He looked at her confused. She shrugged, "Well, that isn't true. I am curious, but you obviously don't want to say so fair enough. Obviously it is something that Alfred is willing to sacrifice his middle toe for." They both laughed under their breath. "I understand secrets and how important they are." She grew serious. "Just don't stand me up again and we shouldn't have a problem."

He looked at her seriously as if judging her on something Adriana met his gaze with the seriousness of her own. "All right, do I have another shot at proving that I won't stand you up again?"

"Mmmm," She pretended to consider it seriously. "Yes, you do." She realised just how close they were sitting and the fact that he was only wearing slacks and her dress was particularly short defiantly registered. "It better be something special though bub, I am NOT a cheap date."

He smiled and she melted. He was so utterly perfect looking. His hand rested partially on her right shoulder and partly behind her neck. "Thank you for your help, I appreciated it." She nodded.

"Your welcome Mr. Wayne. I am heading home now, I have a very early day tomorrow and most likely long night at the hospital, rectifying my Chief of Staff's ruffled feathers." She stood up and walked, unaware of whether or not her hips were swaying a little bit more then usual, to pick up her shoes. She slipped them on but didn't bother to do up the straps.

"Well, go to the basement and I will have a car drive you home, save you doing battle with the paparazzi." She looked over her shoulder and smiled coyly at him. She was surprised that a man like him was even aware of the insects.

"I've beaten them back before but thank you." She walked over and picked up a handheld phone that was in a small port on his beside table. She quickly dialled in a number and saved it under 'Adriana'. "That is my cell number, call it if you have anymore... bumps or bruises. No questions, promise." She held up her first three fingers. "Girl scouts honour,"

"I think that is the boys scouts," He said smiling partly pointing at her hand.

She shrugged, "I never paid much attention to being good." She walked around the bed to stand in front of him again. "Take aspirin for the pain and swelling and don't be a stoic hero it will just put the strain on your body."

"Duly noted Doctor." He said smiling at her with half closed eyes.

"I'll see you around." She turned and walked away.

"Good Night," He called after her. And as she walked away Adriana Stark wondered vaguely what exactly Bruce Wayne was getting up to in his spare time.