Title: Understanding
Rating: G (as this show gets)
Pairing: Spartacus & Naevia friendship
Summary: Spartacus broods.
Notes: set after 1.07 but before 1.08

Spartacus sat, hunched over on his bench, staring, but not seeing the wall before him. Memories of her, of her smile, of the scent of her hair, and how the life faded from her eyes, whirled in his mind with more fury than any opponent he faced in the pits. And to think, he once thought he knew what pain was. It was a fist to the face or a punch to the gut. How wrong he was. How naive as Varro would say. Pain was feeling your wife's starved and bleeding corpse in your arms as you prayed for the first time in your adult life that their was an afterlife so you could fight your way to her and bring her back.

When he set her on the pyre, Spartacus realized he didn't know if he could resist the temptation better than Orpheus.

Lost in the past, he didn't hear the footsteps or notice the kind face that looked at him through the bars, but he heard the gentle voice. Spartacus looked up into the girl's sympathetic eyes and saw something in short supply at a ludus-- understanding.

A/N: Come on, fandom, grow. I'm not sure why there isn't fanfic especially that there isn't much slash. You would think that slasher would have been all over this gladiator action like white on rice.