If you brought me diamonds,
If you brought me pearls,
If you brought me roses
Like some other gents
Might bring to other girls,
It couldn't please me more
Than the gift I see;
A pineapple for me.

Juliet stopped dead in her tracks, the folder in her hands almost slipping to the floor, eyes fixed on the large fruit sitting on her desk. A smile growing on her lips, Juliet walked over to the desk, set down her folder and sat down quietly in her chair.

Usually a girl would expect a nice flower arrangement or some expensive jewelry for a birthday present from her boyfriend. Usually a simply fruit would be, well, frankly, disappointing. But Juliet was blinking wildly, trying to hold back the ridiculous tears of amusement and happiness.

A pineapple.

She chuckled to herself, imagining Shawn carefully arranging the bright red bow on the yellow fruit, being all meticulous and serious. Only Shawn.

If in your emotion
You being to sway
Went to get some air
Or grabbed a chair
To keep from fainting dead away,
It couldn't please me more
Than to see you cling
To the pineapple I bring

From his hiding spot, Shawn felt a grin creep onto his face as he watched Juliet notice his present. He could read the surprise, the amusement, the happiness and… well, the love in her eyes as she sat down and simply stared at the pineapple for a few moments. He watched her pick it up, fiddling with the red ribbon he'd tied around the leaves and had to force himself from breaking out into a victory dance. It was simple, it was funny, it was perfect.

Giving Juliet another moment to her thoughts, Shawn stepped out from his vantage point.

"So, you like it?"

Juliet jumped, the pineapple falling from her hands. Quickly, Shawn jumped forward and caught the fruit before it could hit the floor. Standing up smoothly, he handed it back to her, a constant grin twinkling in his eyes. Juliet took it, smiling back.

"Yeah, I like it," she replied. "You're cute, you know that?"

Shawn shrugged. "So I've been told."

Juliet rolled her eyes, setting down the pineapple and standing up to give Shawn a kiss. "I love you."

Shawn beamed. "Happy birthday, Jules."

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