Not many people realized how affectionate of a person Juliet O'Hara could be. In high school and college, she'd been an especially loving person. She'd given hugs often, constantly told people she loved them, and even would say good-bye by blowing a kiss. Nowadays Juliet couldn't really do many of those things. And, well, truth be told, there weren't many to whom she felt close enough to feel comfortable giving a hug or tell she loved them or blow a kiss. Every now and again, when she was hyper and happy enough, she would slip, but it was rare.

This camping trip was definitely thrilling her beyond comparison. She wasn't entirely sure why she was laughing and enjoying herself so much, but she was. In fact, she wasn't sure if she'd stopped smiling since Gus and Shawn had picked her up a couple days ago. And now it was finally coming to an end.

Juliet had to admit the car ride home was just as much fun as the rest of the trip, teasing and joking with Gus and Shawn the entire time. But as soon as Gus pulled into her driveway, the smile on Juliet's lips slipped a bit. With a sigh, Juliet grabbed her bags beside her and stepped out the car.

"See ya at the station tomorrow!" Shawn called as she walked up her porch. Juliet stopped and smiled at him.

"Bye!" she called back. Involuntarily, she reached up to her lips and blew a kiss.

All at once, time seemed to slow. Her hand was outstretching, finishing the blow, and her stomach turned to rock. She had just blown a kiss to Shawn. To Shawn, of all people. Swear words started flying through her mind as she waited in dread for Shawn's reaction.

He blew a kiss back, grinning. Juliet blinked, a smile twitching back onto her lips. Okay, yeah, that shouldn't have surprised her. After all, it was Shawn. In the back of her mind, she still wondered what in the world he was thinking but… on the surface, she really didn't care. He blew a kiss back.

Juliet turned back to her door, practically floating inside.

He blew a kiss back.

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