It's funny, how a child's reaction to one thing is so dramatic. And it differs so much to how a teenager or adult will brush the same thing off, with total nonchalance. Is it because children cannot deal with their emotions? Or because older people do not want the burden of feelings, so they hide them? Maybe, children can express themselves so much better, than any 'grown-up' can imagine...


At Sixes and Seventeens-S t a r t- Sweet Nothings, Ain't So Sweet


This is just one of the few times, I'm so very thankful that Hikaru couldn't be bothered reading...


'I'm sorry. You were just so...cute there..., Kaoru'

'Dont be stupid! I could never dream of a better brother than you, Kaoru!'

'Ah, but you didn't complain about it last night, Kaoru, did you?'

Kaoru blinked. 'We need a better script?'

His twin brother, who was sitting beside him on their bed, nodded. 'The fangirls are getting bored Kaoru. We've been at it for over two years! I'm surprised they were still swooning ages ago!'

'B-but, the whole act has been working fine!'

Hikaru tutted at his brother's ignorance. He was usually the dumb one. Then again, Kaoru could've been toying with his patience....again....

'Well, ask Kyouya-senpai. He says the profits are down. We really don't wanna be the cause of that-,' Hikaru leaned in, yanking Kaoru's chin up, almost like they did in their act, 'Do we...,Kaoru?'

Kaoru shook his head dumbly, almost like their act. Hikaru grinned. 'We gotta get cracking then!'

Kaoru nodded, reaching for the notepad that served as their script book, which was at the end of their bed. As he reached for it, he felt the other side of the bed rise, which meant Hikaru stood up. The younger twin glanced up just to meet a pair of identical eyes.

'Good look with the new script Kaoru! I'm gonna get lunch!'

Kaoru was just about to protest, but Hikaru had already left. Sighing, he grabbed the notepad, purposely picking up the wrong one. he opened the other notepad, stealing a glance at the script book. Well hey, it was a Saturday. He had all afternoon to do it...


Kaoru snapped the notepad shut as Hikaru walked into the room again, sandwich in hand.

'Whassss yhuu don?' he mumbled, his mouth full of sandwich.

'Nothing,' Kaoru stated quickly, knocking the notepad off the bed. Hikaru cocked his head to one side.

'Whas - that then?' he asked, swallowing his lunch mid sentence.

'I said nothing,' Kaoru snapped lightly. Hikaru looked at him.

'Does it involve reading?'

'I guess?'

'Not interested,' he stated, brushing the crumbs off his jeans.

Kaoru didn't reply. Hikaru looked up at him grinning. 'I mean, you made me read books and stuff when I was trying for Haruhi...that should last, a lifetime or something, ne?'

The younger Hitachiin just nodded for the sake of it. It was true, that since he had Haruhi, he had no need to try and do stuff to impress her all the time, but.....

Well, Kaoru wasn't one for complaining when Hikaru's laziness was a benefit to him.

The older Hitachiin grinned. 'Think of any ideas yet?'

Attention span-zero. 'Not really...'

Hikaru looked thoughtful for a moment before saying thoughtfully, 'We could always just up our game a bit...'

Kaoru wasn't sure where this was headed. 'Up...our game?'

Hikaru snapped his fingers dramatically. 'Yeah! Its possible that the girls are just bored because we give impressions the whole time, but never actually do a proper scene!'

The younger was still clueless to where his older brother was headed.

He leaned in closer to Kaoru. 'We could....go further?'

He squeeked slightly as Hikaru's face got a lot closer than it ever did, even in the act. Hikaru didn't notice his brothers discomfort. 'So? How about it,' he neared again, 'Kaoru?'

Kaoru's palm collided with Hikaru's forehead, as he scrambled frantically to the other side of the bed, his face heating up. Not....even to put a...nail file between us......Oh God.....

The older watched his brother thoughtfully, rubbing where Kaoru had pushed him away.

' never kissed anyone have you?'

'For your information, I've kissed loads of girls,' Kaoru snapped.


Shut up mind...

Great...I'm arguing with myself...

And losing....


His brother laughed. 'Aw! You're seventeen tomorrow and you've never been kissed! Sweet!'

The younger glared. 'I have!'

Hikaru smirked. 'Sure you have. Anyway, how about it?'

Kaoru dared to glance up at him. 'Ne, they'll probably get so worked up that they'll go into a fangirl coma or something....'

He laughed. 'I guess you're right....'

Kaoru looked up at his brother. Its a good thing Hikaru wont read....


It was night...and Kaoru was left with only his thoughts.

No matter what. No matter what happens.....

Hikaru's happiness comes first...

Little did Kaoru know, that Hiakru being happy for the next couple of days, was an impossibility...


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