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Sixes and Seventeens -e i g h t e e n- The science of vertical challenged-ness


To you who scored more than eighty points in this test...


Kaoru sighed. It couldn't have been right, it wasn't right and there was no need to worry about it being right.

It wasn't right.

It couldn't possibly be right.

He gave a shaky laugh. Of course not! He hit himself mockingly on the forehead for being so stupid. Those tests were made by teenage girls for teenage girls. Of course it wasn't going to work for him under his peculiar circumstances. No way!

But then again, he thought, stopping in front of the public school that a certain made up, love doctor wannabe attended, it wouldn't hurt to get a second opinion...


"Kaoru?" Haruhi asked, "How did you get here?" She looked at the little Hitachiin with confusion.

"I walked," came the reply.

Something was wrong with his voice. It wasn't coming out like he wanted it to; nonchalant and uncaring like Boku-nii's. He couldn't make it like he didn't care. He was shaking, horrible thoughts swarming his innocent mind at the sight of seeing his big brother show affection to someone that wasn't him; to his big brother not even turning around when he called him; to his big brother ignoring him.

He shook again. Resistance against the shivering was completely futile.

"I can walk, you know," he continued, willing his voice not to shake along with his shoulders and knees. Why wouldn't Hika-kun look at him? All he wanted was for him to look at him.


He didn't want him to just look at him. He wanted him to smile at him, hug him like he was hugging Tanu-chan at that precise moment.

"You know that, right, Hika-kun?" he pressed, desperation leaking into his whine.

And Hikaru turned to him and smiled.

Kaoru's breath hitched.

His smile was so forced. It wasn't a real smile. A real smile looks genuine, like you are genuinely happy to see the person you're smiling at. His smile was fake and stupid and as useless as if he hadn't smiled at all and maybe Kaoru would've preferred he didn't even try to smile.

He wasn't happy to see him?

Hika-kun didn't want him here.

No that it was brought to light, didn't all Hika-kun's smiles look fake? When he asked for ice cream or when he wanted to play; he was always given such a faux smile. How had he not noticed before.

"Kaoru, did you come here all by yourself?" Big brother was asking the obvious with the equally obvious big fake smile on his face.

Big brother had never wanted him around.

"Kaoru? Are you okay?" Big brother was continuing.

Big brother didn't love him.

"Kaoru answer me!" Why was big brother even bothering to talk?

Big brother hated him.

"Hikaru! Stop pressuring him! Kaoru, are you alright?" Tanu-chan didn't love him either; did she? That was okay.

Kaoru jolted as he felt warm tears trickle down his face, staining his cheeks. Hikaru's eyes were widening, his arms stopping midway to touch his small shoulders. Haruhi watched in dismay as Hikaru's hand only just brushed off the corner of Kaoru's grade school uniform before Kaoru jumped, pacing backwards, slowly, stumbling.

"No!" Kaoru choked, shaking his head furiously, "Don't!"

Hikaru blinked again before smiling another one of those pathetically fake smiles; making Kaoru choke on his tears even more. "Kaoru, stop your crying, I need to tell you something important."

Kaoru shook his head again, backing out the door, ducking under his fringe. "Don' wanna listen!"

Hikaru stared slowly, waiting futilely for Kaoru to calm, but he didn't. "Come on, hear me out!"

"I hate you!"

The words came out before Kaoru's childlike mind could even comprehend what he was saying and he was out the door before he could even feel his feet move. He flew down the hall as fast as his small body could carry him, his balled up fists tugging at his eyes, willing the hopeless tears to stop.

"Kaoru!" Hikaru yelled after him, watching in dismay as he disappeared down and around the corner.

And, before Haruhi could tell him what to do next, he finally figured it out for himself. He ran.

( Your chest hurts when you think about this person)

Hikaru caught his breath, chasing around the corner, taking the next right running. Anywhere, everywhere, just to find Kaoru.

No...his chest was only hurting because he was worried, that's all...

( If this person is happy, you are happy )

Kaoru had flushed. Of course he was happy that Hikaru was happy.

Thats what twins do, right?

( When he smiles, you feel like crying )

Hikaru gritted his teeth, stopping as a girl he barely recognized pointed the way for him and he turned on his heel, having been going the wrong way.

He smiles at stupid things, so I get frustrated. It doesn't mean anything. It's only stupid because it wasn't him!

( You distinguish his voice better than other peoples )

"Kaoru, what are you doing?"

He tossed the article in the rubbish quickly, but not before it came to his mind that he was in a whole store full of people, and Hikaru was seven feet away.


( You think This person is respectable in many aspects )

Hikaru sandwiched his head between his two hands as he ran, shaking it desperately. No!

Respect was mutual. Kaoru respected him like a big brother even though the younger acted like the older so the older could respect the younger equally. They were twins; that was how it worked! This stupid quiz just couldn't be right.

It didn't know him. It couldn't know him.

( You want to become this person's strength )

'I thought I was!' Hikaru thought bitterly. But if Kaoru was running away from him, then he didn't trust him or something.

And he didn't like that.

He liked it the way it was before.

'Oh God...'

( To You who scored )

Hikaru ran to the main doors. One look at two guys hanging at it. Two nods from them and he burst through the doors.

( More than eighty points on this test )

'No no no no no, oh God, where is he?'

It wasn't true. It was a lie. He didn't want to believe it.

He kept running, and would until he found him.

( Congratulations!: You're in love! )