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IchixRuki RenjixTatsu

Closet Case

chapter 2

Tatsuki had been watching Ichigo and Rukia have sex around the school for the last two weeks. What did he see in her, that Tatsuki didn't have. They had known each other since they were little. Ever since Rukia had gotten to school, Tatsuki had felt Ichigo's friendship slipping away. Didn't he see her as a girl?

Rukia always was resistant, when they started but easily got into the flow. Tatsuki was amazed that besides her no one else had caught them. During PE she had to take equipment back to the shed, and happened upon them in the back of the school. She stopped immediately, just watching them. She was mad and excited all these feelings rushing and building in her including, jealousy and longing. She meant to talk to them about it the next day but had had such an intense orgasm when she masturbated that night, she had decided against. The days that followed, she looked all over trying to find where they were, when they were out of class together.

Today they were at it again, this time in the locker room. Ichigo was laying on a bench and Rukia straddling him, was sitting on top of his cock. He had her shirt open pinching her nipples and she was rolling her hips calling his name. Tatsuki's fingers were wet with her own juices, her legs were open and she was pinching her nipples. The sound of their breathing was turning her on. The sound of them rubbing, stroking Rukia's wet clit was audible, too.

"They're at it again, huh?" Tatsuki froze, at the deep voice coming from behind her. Her hand was still in her panties. She pulled her shirt closed and slowly pulled her hand from her underwear. She kept her wet hand in front of her. She tried to look over her shoulder as discretely as possible. The transfer student Renji Abarai, was leaning against the wall smiling at her. She turned back to the cracked door she had been looking through, pushing up open and ran out.

"Hmph." Renji smirked.

She was looking behind her, sporadically, to see if he was following her. When she ran into what she thought was a tree but it was Renji. How'd he get here so fast?

"Hey, slow down. I'm not gonna tell anyone." He said, holding her shoulders.

"Get you're hands off me!" Tatsuki yelled, swinging wildly and trying to slap Renji with the hand that she had been pleasuring herself with. He grabbed her wrist, holding her arm. She looked horrified and thrilled as he stared at her and smelled her fingers then put them in his mouth and sucked them. She was breathing hard, her face red as she snatched her hand back, unable to move a brief moment, her clit tingling, and ran back to class. He didn't follow her that time.

After school Renji was in front, talking with Ichigo, Chad and Uryuu. He saw Tatsuki when she came out and kept watching smirking at her. She tried to avoid his gaze, her heart racing.

"Have a good night, Tatsuki." Renji called to her, as she was saying good bye to Orihime. She immediately ran off.

"What's with her?" Ichigo asked.

The next day, Tatsuki sat glued to her seat as Ichigo followed a few minutes after Rukia when she was sent to pick up papers from the office. Renji who sat across from her by the door was staring at her. He raised his eyebrow at her as she watched Ichigo leave. He nodded his head indicating for for her to go with him. She turned around blushing closing her legs tight, her clit on fire and tingling again. He was always around wherever he went over the next few days, like a phantom, that always got her pulse racing.

During PE, Renji was on the bleachers as Tatsuki ran around the track. He was leaning back, arms up, reclining with his legs open. He had on a pair of sunglasses so it looked like he was looking at the sky. When Tatsuki was running, she felt in control so Renji's presence didn't bother her. He didn't move the whole time she was running, even when she was cooling down and heading to the showers. She had half way expected (or hoped) for him to come into the showers, but he didn't. I guess his taunting is over, she said to herself heading to the main building with her bag.

"I like athletic girls." She dropped her bag hearing his voice behind her. "No wonder you're a star athlete." He walked over to her, helping her pick her things up. She was fumbling, completely flustered.

"You smell good." She looked at him shocked. He put up 2 fingers to his nose and smiled. She gasped falling back and moving away.

"Hmph. " He stood up looking down at her, shaking his head. "Fine, I'll leave you alone." He handed her her last book and turned to leave. Her heart was beating, but she couldn't speak. Stop him, Stop Him!

"Wait!" she choked out.

"Hmm?" he stopped and turn.

"Ahh." she didn't know what to say. Renji smiled.

Renji had Tatsuki back into the men's shower, there were no classes for the guys that day. He was bent over his hands around her waist kissing her. Her arms were around his neck. They were kissing deeply, there tongues shooting in and out of each others mouths.

Renji slid his hands from her waist to her thighs then under her skirt grabbing her ass. Tatsuki moaned and didn't stop him. He squeezed her cheeks and eased his fingers under her panties to her bare skin. He was bending down trying to get a better hold of her, pressing his hard cock into her abs. He was moaning, panting loudly, the sound of their wet kisses echoing.

"I want to taste you, Tatsuki." She gasped. He slid down her body and between her legs. He lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties. He looked up at her. She had her head turned blushing. He lifted up one leg and put it on hid shoulders and sunk his mouth on her, she was like a water fountain. She moaned and grabbed his hair. She tasted delicious to him, so pink and tender, sucking on her hard clit. He stroked her thighs as he tried to sink his head further between her legs. There was a noise at the front of the building. Renji stopped when Tatsuki let go of his head.

"Someone's here," she whispered. He stood pulling her skirt down and stood in front of her. He went to the shower entrance and peeped around the corner. He turned back to Tatsuki smiling. He wiggled his finger at her motioning for her to come to him. She looked around the corner and saw Ichigo kissing a struggling Rukia.

"Ichigo, stop."

"Why?" he said pressing against her and pulling her panties off. He lifted her up and slid her down on his erect cock. He moaned and kissing her, wrapped her arms around his neck.

Renji looked down at Tatsuki. He'd given up on Rukia and went for the next best thing. He put his hands on Tatsuki's shoulder sensuously massaging them. She was mesmerized watching Ichigo and Rukia, she barely noticed Renji behind her. His hand on her breasts kissing her on the neck. She kept watching with her hand reaching back stroking his hair as his hands roamed over her. She was only brought fully back to him when he had put his hand under her skirt and stuck 2 fingers in her pussy and he was wiggling one into her ass. He had lubed up his finger in her wetness and was shoving the finger in her ass. She was shocked and aroused. She couldn't move trying to open herself up to him, he bent her over lubing her ass up with her own juices again and stuck two fingers in her tight ass. She had to cover her mouth so she wouldn't cry out. Renji was working in an out of her tight button he had one hand holding her cheek open.

Renji leaned over to Tatsuki's ear, "Rub your clit." She took her free hand and rubbed her snesitive spot, it was wet and slick. Her finger ran eaily over it, an orgasm quickly came one her. Renji pumped deeply in her, feeling her spasm as she had a super intense orgasm. She bit her lip, hard, to stop from screaming out. Renji slowly pulled out his two fingers out of each of her entrances and she turned around to him smiling. He kissed her. She put her arms around his neck.

"Pick me up." He raised an eyebrow smiling and did as he was told. Pulling out his cock and slowly impaling her with it. He began pumping into her, she closed her eyes rolling her head. She was imagining herself with Ichigo, trying to feel what Rukia was feeling.

"Look at me." Renji said, in her ear. "Look at me!" he said, intensely, stopping his movement. She opened her eyes.

"Look at me! Not him." He said, again, anger raising in his face. She looked innocently. "Or I'll stop." He was serious. She looked at him, in his eyes. He restarted slowly again. He stared closely at her while he thrust into her, her mouth open, panting. She was rolling her hips, once more.

"Say my name."

"Ahh, Re-Ren..."

"Say it!" He demanded, with a thrust.

"Renji!!" she whispered loudly.

"That's Right." he said slowly grinding into her, and licking her on her neck. Ichigo and Rukia in the other room were finishing up. Rukia's moans echoed through the shower. A loud "OH FUCK!" came from Ichigo, then low panting. But Renji was focused on Tatsuki. She was whispering in his ear.

"Oh, Renji, its so good." and stroking his hair.

"Tatsuki, I'm gonna cum. Are you ready?"


"I'm gonna cum inside you, okay?"

The pleasure building in him, as he dug his fingers onto her ass, gripping.

"Ok," their moans got louder in a crescendo of pleasure in Renji erupted in Tatsuki's, he had to put his hand over her mouth for getting to loud.

"Ah, Renji." She smothered him with a kiss a she came on him, body spasming.

"Whoo!" he said , his brow sweating as he set her down his stiff cock sliding from her. The cum spilling on the collapsed on the floor his legs giving out. "Thats better than watching huh?" She kneeled down beside him, laying her head on his shoulder.

"We don't have to go back to class just yet, do we Renji?" She pushed him down on his back and straddled him.


"Looks like Arisawa and Abarai didn't make it back from PE today." Ochi sensei said, nonchalantly then going back to her lesson..


the end

I was going to continue this story but now Im just going to do a whole new story with with an idea sparked by LOVEMYDOGS82... RukixIchixTatsuki love triangle, Cumming soon.. XD i had to say it