The war between cryptids and humanity had begun. All over the globe in every country and on every continent an army of destructive and dangerous power was terrorizing the people of Earth. Many were running, screaming in terror. Others had been gravely injured and death would be interment if no one got them medical attention. News reports from all over the globe poured in trying to make sense for the reason behind the attacks. All that was certain were the once famous TV celebrity was in fact a terrifying monster leading the charge in Washington D.C.!

The Secret Scientist and Epsilon's Agency were spread too thin trying to contain the mess. Forget about covering it up, nothing would make the people of the world forget this! None of their specialties had prepared them for a full scale world wide invasion and their forces were too small and spread out to combat the disaster properly.

For example Mizuki and his pet were fighting in Tokyo against a group of Hai Riyo, creatures with dragon heads and giant bird bodies. The normally docile and protective group of cryptids were ripping up buildings and trying to snack on the residents. The police had joined forces with Mizuki, after some rather in depth explaining, and were trying to herd the creatures into a cage, but they weren't going. In fact the more they tried to contain them, the more they fought to be free!

"Kami, this isn't working! None of our weapons can pierce those feathers! It's like trying to drill through diamonds!" one officer complained, as he tossed his weapon aside in frustration.

"We can't and won't give up! It is our sworn duty to defeat these monsters and that is what we're going to do!" His captain yelled at him.

"Captain, I'm going to try and bring them down. Watch my back! Kai, let's go boy!" Mizuki ordered his tiger. The duo leapt into the air. Kai managed to land on one of the Hai Riyo's wings. The cryptids feathers made have been as hard as diamond, but they were slippery then a snake skin. As the white tiger struggled to get a grip on the creatures wing it lashed out with one its giant claws. Kai swatted at it with his puny paws, but roared in pain as a deep gash appeared in his flank. With fire burning in his eyes he bit down hard. The creature let out a roar and started dive bombing towards the pavement. Kai leapt onto a passing flagpole just as the creature smashed into the ground. That was one down, only about a dozen more to go.

Elsewhere Dr. Bara, Cheecho and his team were in South America combating cryptids from Mayan mythology that had been sleeping for centuries until Argost rudely awakened them for his own evil purpose. Dr. Bara was trying to use his dream charm on the four primordial world birds: Cotzbalam, Camazortz, Tecumbalam, & lastly Gucumatz. The birds were the size of a large RV and had dull feathered bodies with rainbow wings and massive talons and large beaks. They kept diving bombing the group trying to rip them to pieces like they had done millenniums ago to the ancient Mayans.

"Watch out! I'm starting to wish we hadn't scared off Zak! He's the only one who can get these creatures to calm down!" Cheecho yelled, rolling out of the way. He fired some drill bits from his geology equipment into the Camazortz tail. The giant bird let out a screech of pain as blood started squirting from the wound. Its friends so the attack and went after Cheecho. One of his men pushed him out of the way and ended up breakfast for both Tecumbalam and Gucumatz who ripped him in two.

"Diego! No!"

"Cheecho! Keep it together! The fate of the whole world is more important then one man! We need to slay these beasts pronto!" Bara bellowed at his companion. Pulling out a dream talisman shaped like a giant bird leg with a black pearl clutched between its talons. Chanting a spell, the black pearl lit up and beam of dream energy blasted out casting a net of protection over the group. The four birds ripped and smashed against barrier trying to get at the humans. Every time the quartet attacked the barrier the weaker it got. If they didn't figure out something soon they were going to die.

It was the same story with every other Secret Scientist group all over the world. In Europe Cheveyo and Odelie were having difficulties against the Zmag Oghjeni Vuk (former ruler turned fire breathing werewolf with saber shaped birthmark) and the Yale (a creature the size of a horse, the body of a goat, with the tusks and tail of a boar). Neither the astronomer nor meteorologist knew how to handle something like this. In South Africa Dr. Paganastan was covering her bloody right eye. The sixty foot long stumpy legged half snakehead fish and horse creature with hypnotic eyes and crocodile teeth had attempted to drown her. She had deliberately injured her own eyes to break free from its grip. In New Zealand Epsilon and his agents were getting their asses handed to them by the Parata, a giant eel/dragon with an enormous body and mouth it used for creating whirlpools. None of their high tech weapons were any use against the behemoths

"Epsilon, nothing we do harms the beast! What do you think we should do?" One of the agents asked, after the Parata nearly drowned the small group.

"I….I…..I'm unsure what to do! Nothing like this has happened in the entire history of the Agency before. I do not have a solution to this conundrum," Epsilon admitted, startling the group. Never in a hundred years had their best field agent been unable to come up with a strategy to win.

In Washington D.C. Miranda, Beamman were up against a wall literally as the two smelly and ferocious Skunk Apes pinned the two scientists to the side of the Lincoln Memorial. The two of them had been fighting off some of Skree who intended to dismantle Beamman's ship. The Beamman had tried to electrocute them, but their feathers had insulated them from the charge. Before Miranda or Beamman could react they had been violently ejected from the ship. Hovering in the air on the back of a giant Thunderbird was Argost using his dark powers to manipulate the cryptid army into killing hundreds.

"This…is…not…how…I….pictured my death," Beamman gasped, unable to reach his laser beam.

"We're….not…going…to….die!" Miranda wheezed, as she managed to get a hold of her teleporting gun. Flipping a switch for maximum distance she aimed it at the two creatures. One Skunk Ape tried to knock the device away, but it was too late. The device crackled to life and zapped the two creatures to the other side of the country. As they caught their breath they saw that D.C. was being overwhelmed by cryptids ranging from giant Mokele Mbembe to Thelgeth (headless hairy man-eating monsters from Navajo legend). Argost himself was riding the back of a Fire Drake, the creature that killed the hero Beowulf and was heading for the White House. "I hate to say this Arthur, but I don't think we're going to win this one."

"I refuse to bow down and let Argost take over the world. Come on Miranda we can do this. We don't need Doc and his family, heck we don't need Kur to win this fight!" Beamman yelled at her, dragging her to the feet. The two ran after Argost dodging in between the rampaging cryptids. The army and the police were shooting at missiles, guns, anything they had. Animal Control was running for their lives as Skree, Allegewi, Algerian Sea Centipede, Vlata River Sprites, Cherufes, Mokele Mbembes, Migas, Mississauga Blob continued to rampage and destroy the Mall.

Argost was laughing, his green glowing eyes connecting him with his entire army. "That's it my beauties destroy this wretched place! Slaughter the humans! The Era of Argost's has begun!" He was still laughing when his Megatooth Sharkskin cloak caught on fire. As he struggled to put out the fire he saw the Saturday family fast approaching. Doc was piloting the Gryphon his targets locked. Flanking him on either side were Van Rook and Doyle tossing concussive grenades and shooting lasers. Riding on the back of an Ahool was Drew and she was aiming for blood. "ARGOST! YOU'RE GOING TO DIE!" Drew shouted, unleashing another blast from her sword. The streaming fire dragon wrapped itself around the Yeti trying to burn him alive. Argost hurled the garment to the ground and activated his power. His green eyes lit up and surged around his body forming a protective barrier blocking any further attacks. "

Nice try Madame, but your weak weapons won't penetrate this force field!"

"That doesn't mean we can't try! You're going to pay for killing our parents!" Doyle shouted. Ignoring Van Rook's warning to wait, Doyle rocketed forward. He fired several shots from his wrist mounted laser trying to make a dent in the field, but it just absorbed the laser. Argost's snapped his fingers and the energy traveled backwards through the air and blew up his jetpack and laser beam. Tossing of the faulty equipment Doyle began hopping across Ahool's backs until he launched himself on Argost. The former TV personality and mercenary were locked in battle as they plunged towards the Reflecting Pool. "WHY? WHY did you murder my parents? What did they ever do you monster?" Doyle demanded as he slammed Argost's jaw.

He winced as the bone was stronger then he expected and it didn't accomplish anything, but damage his own hand. "They were simply in the wrong place and the wrong time Mr. Blackwell! My kind had been killing curious humans for centuries in our quest to take our revenge on Kur and humanity," Argost growled. Faster then the eye could he sliced open the jugular vein. Blood was spewing everywhere and Doyle was starting to loose conscience. "Ironically if I had slaughtered your sister instead of your parents then I would have prevent the return of Kur and stolen his essence without trouble. Oh well no time like the present to correct the mistakes. Good bye Mr. Blackwell, tell your parents I said hi,"

Argost hurled the near dead body towards the ground. Miranda used her gun to teleport his body to safety. As everyone rushed to check on Doyle condition, Argost landed on top the WWII memorial on the side of the pool. He was laughing and hooting in joy. Thanks to his powers he knew that his army was winning the war. No one could resist them. Soon humanity would be wiped out, all cryptids would have to submit to his rule and finally the Yeti would control the whole world like it should have been eons ago. "It's over! You have nothing left that can stop me! Abandon all hope and accept your defeat and I might spare your lives!"

"Why don't you shut up and submit to us?" A voice echoed across the Mall. The voice caused everyone and everything to halt in their tracks. Slowly they turned to look up on the roof of the Lincoln Memorial. Astride on the back of the Feng Hwang (Chinese phoenix with a pheasant's head and peacock body) was Zak Saturday! He was wearing battle armor forged from the skins of the fallen Illuyankas, an ancient three headed dragon from Mesopotamia the original Kur had slain. The hide was so thick nothing could penetrate it. On his head he wore a silver and gold crown that wrapped itself around his Nagamani, which was pulsating blue. His scales now covered his hands and his hair was down to his back. The most startling change, besides his glowing snake eyes, was that he was a whole foot and a half taller. In his right hand he carried an armored Claw with equally protected Kitchi-At'husis and Cercrops and in his left was his dagger. Zak slid off the back of the creature and was joined by his companions; Wadi and BG. Popping out of the woodworks were several cryptid, Nagas, and human allies.

Wadi looked a little different. She still wore the traditional Hassi clothing, but now she also had on gold arm bands, orange vest, and snake crown. She was a bit taller and her limbs were more lithe and flexible. BG was standing next to her growling protectively howling at Argost daring him to go after Zak. Wadi was carrying a weapon as well. Instead of her yo yo she now held a silver dagger in her right hand.

"Greetings and benauve young Kur. I'm surprised that you're still alive after the blows I left you back in Bhogavatie. Ah and your little girlfriend is alive. I guess that means your snake mate is dead. How I hated that Rani Naga after what she tried to kill me!"

"Silence you bastard Argost! You may have killed Rani, but her essences lives on in me," Wadi warned.

"Your reign of evil is over Argost. My past self was too lenient letting your kind live before. This time I plan to finish you off for good!" Zak informed his arch enemy. He nodded his head at Wadi and she used her new magic to turn the Reflecting Pool into a giant scrying pool. Everyone watched in wonder as images of Ulraij and his people assisting in Tokyo. Wadi's father was winning the battle in Middle East. Frances, who was no longer blind and was accompanied by a Calygreyhound (antelope body and head, eagle talons and ox hooves), were helping his "father" and agents win their fight. Tsul' Kulu had Munya running for his life. All their human allies along with Rana, Hara, and Rohini were containing/freeing Argost's army. Assisting them were Grootslangs, Bunyips, Nagni Vatus, Jersey Devil, Calopuses, Jinshin-Uwo, The Kumaris, The Hassi, Koerakoonlaseds, Ahools, Atmospheric Jellyfishes, The Fouke Monster.

"It's not possible! How in the world are you freeing my army from my control! You know nothing of your power or you past! You are human child! There is no way you could have gained enough allies to oppose me! Everyone is afraid of you!" Argost screeched. His green eyes were ablaze in fury. At the moment he was connected to every single member of his army. Every cut, every slash he felt, every emotion he would feel and it was magnified a thousand times inside him.

"That's were your wrong Argost! Unlike you I don't use my powers to control and force people to do things they don't want to do. I don't terrorize citizens or destroy cities. For months now I have been using diplomacy to gain friends who agreed to stand by me in the final battle. You're reign of terror ends now. I swear by the blood of my beloved Rani that you will die here! Attack!" His orange eyes glowing so brightly they blotted out everything else.

His army didn't need to be told twice. The Nagas descended upon the mall going after the Mokele Mbembes, Migas, and Mississauga Blob. This was their revenge for the death of their queen. The Nagas led by Anand jumped into the water and started dragging the Migas deeper into freshwater. The creature was putting up a fierce fight pinching them in half, but they kept it up. Finally they tied up its legs. As the small group surfaced they saw Thaman put the ice, literally, on the Mokele Mbembes and the Mississauga Blob. With those beasts under control they turned their sights on defeating a new foe, a deadly Raska aka evil spirit that ate humans.

Wadi was in her element as she rode on the back of BG. The two them were resembled an ancient battle princess riding into war, which was exactly what she was. Using the knowledge left behind by Rani, Wadi used her new lithe body to twist about and plunge her dagger into the sides of cryptids such as Vulpangue and Utukku alike killing the bloody human killers with the silver in her knife. "Come on BG we have to save the Secret Scientists!" Chanting a spell in her native Hassi she increased the speed of BG and they took off as fast as the wind.

Beamman and Gray were encircled by a bunch of ravenous Glawakus, a fearsome creature from lumber jack folklore. These giant half panther/ half bear creatures use to terrorize the lumber jacks, eating anyone who tried to cut down their trees. They were famous also for attacking live stock. At the moment they were eying the two scientists like they were prize bulls. One Glawakus slashed Beamman's laser gun in half and the other one nearly bit off Gray's foot. Miranda fired her gun, but it sparked and sizzled before blowing up in her hand.

"Oh no the power core destabilized. What are we going to do now Arthur?" "I think we better start praying that our end is swift and merciful less," Beamman stated as sarcastically and depressing as he could. The pack of Glawakus growled in delight as they pounced for their prey only to be stopped by a ton of red fur.

BG tackled the leader and started rolling around scratching, biting, and tearing for his throat. The rest of the pack went after Wadi, but she was ready for them. Her new lithe and snaky body slithered and danced just out of the way. Twirling her yo yo above her head she aimed and flung it at the one charging at her like a bolo tying it up. The next two that came at her found themselves bleeding from cuts to their shoulders. Singing the song of the Hassi she used the river water to semi drown the next four who attacked. As the last trio came after her Wadi focused her magical powers to create an invisible pen trapping them. A victory howl from BG let her know he had won his fight to.

"Are you alright you two? Those Glawakus were pretty tough. I say now were even for the Eterno incident."

"Okay little girly last time we saw you, were a thief and didn't have any of these special powers. What did that monster do to you?" Beamman demanded before he was tackled by an angry, threatening BG who didn't like people who badmouthed his master. Even Miranda looked cross at him.

"Zak is not a monster! Incase you haven't noticed my beloved is trying to save the world not destroy it. The monster is the bastard Argost who wants to eliminate all of humanity. It's up to us to help him win this war by defeating him once and for all. The first step to do that is to secure the Flute of Gilgamesh from Argost's clutches before he decides to use it against my King," Wadi informed him.

"Didn't Drew mention that musical instrument could kill the spirit of Kur?"

"Don't even think about it Arthur. We were wrong about Zak and now we have to make up for our past mistakes. Alright Wadi was it? Do you know where this flute is exactly?"

"No, only that Argost has it and will use it as a last resort to kill Zak. It's dangerous for him because he stole his powers from Zak Monday. They may not be the exact same thing, but they are close enough to suffer from should he use it.

Zak was locked in deadly combat against Argost with his family backing him up. He had to maintain a safe distance to prevent the effects from antimatter and matter mixing. Van Rook and Doyle attacked first from above with their grenades, but Argost crushed them with his bare hands. Doc and Drew tried to cut him down to size, but he sent a green energy blast at them knocking them into Fisk and Komodo who were rushing to help. The blast left cuts and burns all over their bodies

"MOM! DAD! Your fight is with me Argost not them! Zon, give me a lift!" Zak commanded. Zon swooped down and scooped him up in his ride. "You may have my abilities, but you know nothing about how to use them! Cercrops, Kitchi-At'husis take his eyes out!"

"With pleasure Zak! I've been meaning to get that Yeti back!" Cercrops snarled his mouth barred.

"I wonder if Yeti tastes like rats! Time to find out!" Kitchi-At'husis cackled. The two familiars were absorbing the power from the Hand of Tsul' Kulu. When they were in striking distance they used the absorbed power to stun Argost long enough to bite down on his face, just missing his eyes by a fraction of an inch.

"ARRGGGGGGGG!" Argost bellowed. The two familiars were not letting go no matter how much Argost tried to shake them off. If anything they bit down harder drawing blood. The Hand of Tsul' Kulu was latched onto Argost forehead. Zak was sending his powers through it trying to nullify Argost's own.

"ENOUGH!" The Yeti hollered sending a backlash of antimatter energy through the cable. The pain was so intense Zak lost his grip on the Claw. His weapon and familiars went sent flying towards the White House. Gathering up his energy he hurled a similar attack that disabled him in the Antarctica at Zak and Zon.

"Zon! Drop me and save yourself!"

"What?!" "Just do it! I'll be okay!" he shouted leaping free from Zon's harness. "I really hope I got this spell mastered. Aerial Flight! Give me wings to soar!" A pair of golden wings appeared on his back and he flew towards his target, his dagger crackling with magical energy and his Nagamani glowing with an inner fire. "I'm going to kill you!"

"I don't think so Kurling! You're going to die first!" Argost replied. He jumped on top of the teenage king and tried to suffocate him. Zak drove his dagger into Argost's chest missing his heart by inches. All around them the world started to dissolve as matter and antimatter destroyed one another.

"If they stay locked in combat the whole world will be destroyed!" Doc warned.

"ZAK! Get away from him now!" Drew cried. Suddenly the air was filled with a haunting melody and orange sound waves were striking both Zak and Argost. Both of them fell to the ground in agony. "What… what is going on?!"

"That tune, its killing them both!" Van Rook exclaimed. "Look over there!" Doyle shouted, pointing to where Beamman, who had found the fallen instrument, was playing the tune. Miranda, Wadi, and BG were racing towards him to stop him, but they were to far away. "If he keeps playing that Zak's going to die!"

"Beamman stop!"

Beamman ignored them and kept playing inching closer. He wouldn't take a chance that Argost or Zak would survive and destroy humanity. In science sometimes you eliminated the threats no matter what the consequences were.

Zak was withering in pain as the music tore apart his soul. Working through the pain he let his spirit take over a nearby cryptid, a nearby Kere (shaggy, aggressive white furred unicorn from Tibet). Lighting fast he charged Beamman spearing the Flute and flinging it to the ground crushing it under his hooves. Only then did he return to his body in time to see Argost retreating.

"Dammit! He got a way! Better check on the rest of the troops," he muttered. Activating his powers he let him mind touch every one in his alliance. He was talking out loud to them as his family and friends ran up to him.

"Ulraij don't engage the Kraken or the Kelpies without back up from the islanders and the Kudan (a bull with a human head three eyes and honest) to back you up! Have people attack the underbelly! Don't let your city serpent kill it! Bindi tell you're people to back up and then come up from behind with the Nyarvirazi (a female shape shifting lioness from Rwanda). You're going to need her claws and speed to tackle the Nuckaleeve into the lake! Rana, Rohini our forces in South and Central America are having difficulty with the Pihuechenyi (winged vampire snakes from Chili) and the Tawadi (Venezuelan hawk spirit). See what you can do about that. Hara I need you to go help Wadi's dad in the Middle East. The Hassi are up against the Dahak, (three headed dragon whose body is made up of millions of tiny scorpions and lizards.) They're going to need more assistance if they're going to corral that beast. Francis, you and your pet need to have the atmospheric jellyfish distract the beast and then move in! Man commanding an army is tough."

"ZAK! Oh my baby, I was so worried about you. Don't you ever run away from me again! Don't even try to make excuses young man!" Drew said, hugging her son tightly.

Mom…to…tight. Can't…. breathe!"

"Drew let him breath. Zak I'm happy to see alive and well, but what were you thinking? Running off and joining forces with the Nagas? Why didn't you stay home? I could have convinced the other Secret Scientist you weren't a threat," Doc berated him.

"Oh really Mr. Scientist? As I recall they blew up the side of the house to get at the kid just because we didn't want to freeze him. We might not have like the choice he made, but it was the right one in that situation," Doyle said.

"Yeah, especially since this dude wanted to kill Zak along with Argost. Some scientist you are," Van Rook added, carrying a tied up and gagged Beamman who was yelling furiously in his gags. If he had lasers attached to his glasses he would be firing them at Zak.

"This was the easiest catch I've ever caught. You Secret Scientists aren't much of a threat. Nice to see you kid."

"Pleasure to see you Van Rook or do you prefer the title godfather?" Zak teased. Suddenly he was tackled by a red blur that turned out to be BG with Wadi on his back. Wadi jumped off and started crying and kissing him happy to see him alive. Anand arrived with Miranda on his back and Thaman was holding the Claw and two badly injured familiars. "BG I'm okay I'm okay! You can let me up. I'm sorry I worried you my beloved. I should have taken in account about the Flute. Argost wouldn't have just ditched it. Are you okay?"

"I'm still adjusting to my new personality traits, but I'm okay. My heart nearly stopped when I saw how much pain that Flute caused you. I should have gotten to it first. Are you okay my King?" Wadi asked with concern.

"Wadi what's gotten into you? You're not acting like yourself," Drew said confused.

"Let's just say I've gone through my own puberty change. Anand you can put Ms. Gray down now."

"Of course my queen. My Lord Argost has retreated to Weird World to gather his strength, abandoning his army. Our forces have managed to push them back towards their native habitats. You're lieutenants and friends have captured the stranglers and restoring orders. I'm also happy to report that Munya is no more. Tsul' Kulu has taken him out of the picture."

"Good job Anand. Which means the final battle with Argost is coming. Thaman, I know you're against it, but I can't win this fight unless you release the seal and allow my full cryptid form to take control."

"My liege I war you again! There is no guarantee that you'll be able to return to your humanoid form should you do this. There must be another way then allowing you to do battle alone with Argost."

"Who says I'm letting my son battle Argost alone? If he's going to Weird World we're going with him!" Drew exclaimed brandishing her fire sword. "Argost has to pay for what he's done!"

"Drew you can't let anger guide your anger."

"Doc he killed my parents and tried to kill Zak! He has to pay!"

"With that attitude you're going to get yourself killed Drew. I wouldn't want that."

"I agree with Van Rook sis. We'll go after Argost's together and as family take him out. Isn't that right Mini Man?"

"No, Doyle this is something I have to do on my own. I had prophetic dream last night. Should any of you accompany me to Weird World I none of you will make it out alive. Argost plans to kill you and then take my powers for himself. Trust me when I say that this is one fight I have to settle by myself."

"Zak, no I won't let you do this by yourself!"

"I'm afraid you can't stop this Mrs. Saturday. It has been his destiny since his birth. Argost can only be defeated by Kur in one on one battle with no interference. I can't promise you that your son will survive this fight, but I can promise you he'll stop Argost once and for all. You just need to believe in him," Thaman told her. Doc held a crying Drew tightly and his cryptid sibling tried to comfort her, but they knew nothing, but Zak's safe return would. After fixing the claw and healing his familiars he prepared to go meet his end. They all blessed him and gave him comforting touches. Then Thaman chanted an ancient Thai spell and pressed his scaly hand on Zak's forehead. A surge of new energy coursed through his body. "Remember once you activate the transformation there is no turning back. You may never be human again. Also don't get to close otherwise the anti matter and matter will try to explode. You know what to do?"

"I do Thaman. As your King I'm ordering you if I don't make it back alive you are to help Wadi with her new powers and lead the Naga and the new regime towards my goal. No buts about it just do it. Family, I love you all and I hope to see you soon. Miranda zaps to Weird World!" Five seconds later Zak was in Weird World.

"Zak, I'm scared, what if your plan fails?" Cercrops asked.

"Then I use I guess we have no choice, but to use the back up plan won't we?"

"But we don't even know if that could work! Zak's it's never been tested! We don't want you to die, now that we finally started calling you by your real name!" Kitchi-At'husis wailed.

Zak had no chance to retort as they came under attack by Argost. He was no longer wearing his clothes but in his natural form and he was huge. Green energy bathed his entire body. He wasn't even bothering to talk anymore having reverted to his primary instincts. Running on the side of the wall he came charging for his prey, fangs barred and claws out. Zak extended the Claw and pole vaulted over him. Spinning his weapon like a baton he whacked Argost in the back of the head. The Hand of Tsul' Kulu latched on trying to rip off Argost skull, but it was too thick. Zak had no choice, but to retract and grapple for the ceiling to escape. He swung from tile to tile avoiding energy blast. The closer Argost got the more Weird World started coming apart at the seams. Zak let out a scream of pain as an energy blast tore through his armor and cut a five inch hole in his side. He was in a lot of pain and he tried to heal himself, but soon he was under attack by Argot!

"ARGGGGGGG! GET OFF ME!" Zak screamed, blindly reaching for his Claw, but it was just out of reach. Argots ripped his armor shredding it pieces. Once Zak's armor was gone and his flesh exposed Argost began biting him! Blood was spewing everywhere and the Nagamani was pulsating crazily trying to heal his wounds.

"I'm going to carve your heart out and eat it you Kur! Once I've digested your heart the true power of Kur will at last be mine!"

"I DON'T THINK SO ARGOST!" Zak shouted using his magical powers to telekinetically lift the Yeti off his body and throw him through not one, not two, not three, but four walls! Zak stood up clasped his hands together in prayer fashion. "I was hoping to avoid this, but it can't be done. The only way to end this is to invoke the power of my past self. To abandon my humanity forever and embrace my cryptid side in one shot chance at killing you. Seal of Kur Release: Human Cryptid Exchange!"

Zak was lifted into the air by an orange cocoon of light and power. Pain shot through every part of his body. Creaks and groans could be heard as body parts rearrange themselves. Cries of agony echoed off the walls as the magic that held his cryptid DNA in check unlocked itself allowing it full reign, Within seconds Zak was no longer human. Instead he looked like his old Naga form, but with dragon wings, tail, and talons. He was a mix of his old past life and his new one.

"Finally you show your true form and not that pathetic disguise you wore! This is for all my ancestors who couldn't finish the job sooner!" Argost shouted using his own powers to transform him into a twenty foot tall Yeti. He bellowed and Kur roared spewing fire from his nostrils. Kur flapped his massive wings and took the skies destroying the roof of the building.

Taking a deep breath he let loose a stream of fire that Argost countered with an ice ball. Kur dodged the attack with an aerial ballet coiling his snaky tail around Argost right arm constricting the blood flow to that arm. Argost bit into the tail and it snapped right off, but the damage was done. The arm was useless. So like King Kong, Argost got on top of the remains of his home and started throwing punches at Kur. Kur responded by raking his talons drawing blood. Switching tactics Kur used his super elongating neck to land a bloody bite to the head taking out Argost's eyes! Argost bellowed so loudly it was heard world wide.

Blindly he reached out and latched onto Kur. The tricky Yeti pulled out his annelids and attached them to his under belly. Kur took to the air trying to shake his passenger, but he held on tightly. More and more power was sucked out of Kur. Finally he had reached a height of three thousand feet when the last of his power was sucked into Argost. "At last the power of Kur is all mine! You are finished! HA HA HA HA HA! WHAT? What's happening to me? This doesn't feel like power?" Argost screeched as his body was literally being torn apart from the inside.

Kur's eyes glowed orange locking onto Argost's blind ones. Kur's voice whispered inside his head explaining the truth. "I knew you would take my powers and I knew that if you did I would die and the world would be in danger thanks to a dream. So I deposited the majority of my power into my familiars during their attack on you. I used the last of it to force this transformation. What you absorbed was my positively charged magic, it's similar to matter and when mixed with your antimatter body you will blow up. To ensure your death I'm going down with you. Good bye Argost!"

At the peak of Kur climb he dive bombed towards the ground. It rushed up towards him faster and faster. He dug his talons deep into Argost skin keeping him from escape. The explosion happened as they collided with the remains of Weird World. It was over the threat of Argost and a war was gone.

Zak Saturday was fully human again and back in his traditional outfit. He was hover in the air, his eyes closed and a look of peace on his face. He was waiting for a white light to take him to his final reward when the way was blocked by the orange glowing outline of a monstrous dragon.

"What? What's going on? I thought I was dead?"

"No, not yet. You are on the edge of death. The explosion forced you to revert to your full human form. Your familiars are injecting your powers back into you as you requested. Your family, friends, and subjects are waiting for you to wake up. But the choice is yours."

"Choice? What choice is there?"

"The choice to continue living knowing that a vast majority of people will never understand you. That you will always walk to road half human and half cryptid. You must also be ready to face the very real possibility that your dreams of a peaceful coexistence between humans and cryptids may never pass. Finally; the chance that you will once again be called into action to save the world. It's more than a normal 13 year old should have to deal with. Are you willing to take that risk?"

"I was willing to die for those dreams. I'm willing to live with them too. Send me back," Zak said.

"Very good my future self. I knew I chose wisely for my incarnation. We will meet again."

Zak woke up on the airship surrounded by family and friends. He was completely human again and everyone was cheering that he had finished off Argost. Reports from the news came pouring in as the cryptids were dealt with. Zak knew he had a long road ahead of him in creating a peaceful world for both his people, but he was willing to do it. It was his destiny.