A/N: Hello, all! Here's the next in my Bad Touch Trio matchmaking TMAMT series :D The sequel to Desaparición, Leunung, and Rivalry. The couple this time… PrussiaxCanada! Established SpainxRomano, GermanyxItaly, and USxUK as background couples. I would highly recommend reading at least Rivalry first, because otherwise this chapter will probably be rather confusing.


Part 1

Hiding in Spain hadn't been the greatest idea that France had ever had.

Reason #1 why this hadn't been his best idea ever: Spain had the complete inability to keep a secret. Particularly over things like this. All England had to do to pump the information from the oblivious idiot was walk up to him after a meeting when France and Prussia had already gone and ask in his sweetest voice "So, Antonio, I was just wondering where France and Prussia staying right now. Do you happen to know?"

To which Spain had replied with a bright grin. "Oh! They're staying at my house in Costa del Sol. It's so nice right now! We're right next to the beach…"

Reason #2 why this hadn't been his best idea ever: Romano hated France. Therefore, when England had turned up on Spain's front porch with a grinning America and the explanation that "I'm here to beat that frog's face in," Romano had swung the door wide open and gestured them inside.

"Second floor, third door on the right."

England had nodded once and started walking toward the staircase, leaving America behind with the scowling Italian.

"Hey," America eyed the shorter male for a few seconds, "You're Romano, right?"

Romano flashed him a semi-irritated glare. Not appreciating the questioning tone in his voice. "Yeah…"

"Lovi~ who's at the door?" And Spain stepped into the door, his voice still as cheerful as ever as he rubbed at his eyes sleepily. Having just woken up. Even though it was almost noon.

Romano took the sudden presence of his…boyfriend, lover, whatever…as giving him the perfect opportunity to escape from both idiots. "England is killing France and I'm going to make myself a cappuccino. Don't expect me to make you anything, bastard." And he made his way to the kitchen without another word.

America had perked up at the mention of coffee. "Hey, hey, you're making cappuccino?"

Spain pounced on this opportunity to praise his constantly-cranky lover. "Ah, Lovi makes the best cappuccino~ It's really so nice to start your morning with a cup. Particularly when you stayed up late the night before having—"

Romano apparently had been listening from the other room. "Shut the fuck up about that, bastard!! Fine, fine, I'll make your damn cappuccino, but just so you'll shut up!"

Spain grinned even more brightly and practically skipped into the other room, America following at a slower pace, although still excited about getting coffee into his system. It'd been a whole hour and a half since he had his last cup!

It was amazing how little they cared about the fact that France was quite possibly facing his last day on earth at this very moment.

A fact that was emphasized by a sudden loud thud and shout that came from above their heads when Romano set the mugs on the table in front of the other two nations, flashing both of them a personalized glare that expressed that this was a one time thing and they'd better be fucking grateful.

"Ah, Angleterre, I was only—!"

And another thump. This time a bit louder…

And then a crash of something breaking.

"Ve~ what's that noise?"

Another reason that this hadn't been France's most brilliant idea ever. He'd not only brought himself to hide in Spain's house, but also Prussia. Which Italy had decided meant that it was a party, so he'd tagged along. Of course, dragging Germany with him.

And the only person on earth who was even worse at keeping a secret than Spain happened to be Italy. He was probably the reason why England had even known to come to Spain in the first place.

Romano flashed his brother a glare, although he reserved his nastiest for the German who had entered behind him. "France is being murdered, idiot."

"Ve~!" Italy's eyes widened in surprise and he immediately chose to seek comfort by attaching to Germany's arm, which only increased the venom in Romano's glare. "France-nii is getting killed!! Ve~ Doitsu!! We should go rescue France-nii!!"

America chuckled as he took a sip of his drink. Damn, he needed to come here more often. Romano definitely knew how to make a good cappuccino. Although it definitely wasn't as good as his own coffee, but you couldn't expect the impossible. "I wouldn't. Iggy seemed pretty determined this morning. Besides, I doubt he'll hurt France too badly."

And there was the sound of a vase breaking.

"We had a vase in that room?" Spain questioned, barely even blinking at the sound. He'd grown rather desensitized to the sound of pottery smashing. You got used to it after living with Romano for any amount of time.

Romano didn't bother to justify that question with a response. Partly because he couldn't really remember.

Italy looked rather concerned for a moment more before he was distracted by the fact that he happened to be in a kitchen. And everyone knew what a kitchen meant…


"Ve~ we should have pasta for dinner!" he exclaimed, skipping forward to the stove, leaving Germany in the doorway, apparently trying to decide between entering and possibly being trapped in this abyss of insanity. Or leaving and locking himself away in the library for the rest of their stay.

He was definitely leaning toward the latter. And probably would have left if an arm hadn't suddenly draped over his shoulder, a chin resting on the opposite shoulder.

"What's this about Francis having the shit beat out of him by Artie?"

America flashed the albino a definitely hostile look. Still not having entirely forgiven him for the whole 'pretending to date Iggy' thing. And not appreciating the fact that Prussia was using a rather familiar nickname for him. "Iggy's still pretty pissed about your little scheme…"

"Aw, sad." He replied with a smirk.

Germany flashed his brother a quick, slightly concerned glance at that remark. It wouldn't have been noticeable to most, since Prussia for the most part was rather good at hiding his true feelings. But he definitely sounded different than his usual self. Less cocky, more like he was only partly paying attention to his own words. Somewhat distant…

He blinked slowly, rather confused. What in the world could be wrong? His brother was never really concerned about anything…

Unfortunately, his thoughts were thrown off course when a body pushed Prussia aside, knocking his head into Germany's and causing him to start cursing in rapid German.

They hadn't noticed that the thumping had stopped until now, as England stepped inside with a rather smug expression stretched across his lips.

America beamed back. "Hey, Iggy. You happy now?"

"Quite." He nodded and then took a seat at the table. "Quite."

A/N: And the madness begins. Ahh, I love these guys so much. Don't you love how concerned France's friends are about him?

And for anyone who doesn't know, cappuccino was created by Italians. I consider it to probably be more of something that Romano would be good at making, since I don't think anyone would ever allow Italy near anything with caffeine. The world might explode if that happened…

And the decision to place then in Costa del Sol was totally random, lol. ;D It was the first thing that I could find when I googled seaside towns in Spain.

Finally, Changement means "Change" in French.