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"You. Drive."

America barely had time to react when England suddenly tossed his car keys at him without any sort of warning besides the irritated bark. Thankfully he had pretty good reflexes, so he just managed to grab them before they fell onto the ground. He just gaped at the other nation for a moment, though, shocked that he was actually letting him drive. England never let him behind the wheel of his car if he could help it...

"Hurry up, git." England suddenly interrupted him out of his daze. He was standing on the passenger's side of the car, glaring at him irritably. "I'm drunk; I can't drive. So hurry up and take back to my room."

America slowly responded, walking to the driver's side of the car and slipping inside, glancing over at the other nation quickly as he attempted to slide the key into the ignition.

He completely missed the ignition, but it was a good attempt.

England looked...looked...It was hard to think of a word to describe how England looked. He was scowling, obviously not pleased with the fact that he'd been forced to leave the club early. The scowl really just made him look even sexier, though. And America's eyes were again drawn to those pouting lips, and specifically to that lip piercing.

He'd never kissed anyone with a lip piercing before...

No! America forcibly dragged his attention away from the other nation. No! He had to think about how he was going to deal with the Prussia problem. He couldn't be distracted by the fact that England looked incredibly sexy right now.

Said nation suddenly flashed him an absolutely scathing look, as if he'd somehow read his mind. "Hurry up. I could get home faster if I walked..."

America hurriedly responded to this, driving out of the parking lot and out onto the highway, attempting to ignore the other nation and not drive off of the road. Which was a lot more difficult than it really should be.

England, on the other hand, was openly staring at the other nation. Yeah, he was drunk. But not yet drunk enough to make his thoughts entirely incoherent.

It really shouldn't have surprised him that America would randomly show up at their night out. France had been a bit of a surprise. And Spain...And Romano...And Germany and Italy... Really, all of the nations needed to learn how to mind their own business. Although that was definitely the human side of them. Humans could never mind their own business either.

Still, he couldn't say that he was entirely disappointed that his night was interrupted by the American...

Since right now, they were heading back to his hotel room...

There really were a lot of things that you could do in a hotel room that you couldn't do in the middle of a club. Or you couldn't do in the middle of a club without getting thrown out so hard that you bounced...


And he jerked out of his thoughts, glancing over at the idiot. Wha—oh—they'd stopped. At the hotel. Wow, he must have been really been deep in thought to miss the entire trip over here.

America cleared his throat at this, almost looking nervous. "Um—we're here..."

"Help me to my room," England demanded, as he pushed his door open. He stumbled a little bit, but managed to keep from actually falling. Mostly because America grabbed his arm and held him up.

"You all right, Iggy?" the younger nation questioned, sounding slightly worried. England rolled his eyes in response. Of course he was all right.

America was a little nervous right now. He wasn't sure if he should leave England on his own, but he was worried that if he did take him up to his room, he might not be able to control himself from...um... divesting the other nation of those sinfully tight pants... And he was pretty sure that England would not be happy with him tomorrow if he attempted to take advantage of the fact that he was inebriated right now.

But England couldn't even walk in a straight line... And it wouldn't be heroic for him to leave the other nation alone without anyone to take care of him.

"All right, Iggy. The hero is going to help you to your hotel room." Then he could maybe call someone to make sure that nothing happened to him during the night. How much trouble could he get into inside a hotel room, anyway?

England snorted in response, but was actually surprisingly docile as he was helped down the hall and into the elevator. Then out through the doors and down another hall to the door of his hotel room, where America let him lean against the wall as he unlocked the door and pushed it open.

And England immediately pounced.

America didn't even time to react before he was knocked right onto the carpet inside England's room, where he lay—dazed—for a few moments. Until he heard the door slam shut and the lock click closed.

At that sound, he immediately sat up and stared in shock at the other nation. Who was leaning back against the now-closed door and staring down at the younger nation with a triumphant smirk.


"Iggy? What—?"

England took a step forward and knelt down in front of the other nation, covering his mouth with his palm. "Shut up. I don't want to hear anything idiotic coming out of your mouth, git."

Holy crap. The only intelligible thought that was going through his head right now was 'holy shit, Iggy is so freaking sexy'...

And he was acting surprisingly sober right now.

And then all thoughts completely disappeared as England removed his palm from America's mouth and replaced it with his lips.

It took America all of two seconds to respond, hands immediately sliding around the other nation's waist and tugging him closer.

He immediately began to kiss him as thoroughly as he possibly could, relishing the moans and sighs of approval that came from the smaller body. He'd make sure to kiss every bit of his mouth, to get rid of any trace of that French bastard. Because Iggy was his. Only his. This mouth was only going to be invaded by him...

America could now feel England's piercing against his lips... The metal was cool, the feeling rather odd, although definitely enjoyable. Maybe he'd ask England to wear piercings more often.

And suddenly the pressure against his lips was gone. He made a sound of disapproval at this, slowly opening his eyes to see England sitting on the large, king-sized bed that took up much of the rather large hotel room. Half-lidded eyes were staring at America with an incredibly sensual, lustful expression. An expression that plainly read 'come hither'.

Like he was going to say no to that command. America was across the room without another thought, lips pressing against England's again as he knelt on the bed and encircled England's neck with his powerful arms.

This was perfect. Finally his goal of seducing England...

And he didn't get to finish that thought. As the arms that had begun to snake around his neck tightened infinitesimally and—before he had a chance to react—he was thrown hard against something firm, but relatively soft.

The movement startled him enough that he couldn't react for a few seconds, his eyes taking a few moments to adjust. When they finally did, he was greeted with the image of England leaning over him, an attractive smirk apparent on his lips. And he slowly also became vaguely aware of the fact that England happened to be sitting on his stomach, effectively restricting his movements.

"You've been wanting this for a while, haven't you?" England questioned, his voice rather mocking. And that smirk was still there... America was reminded of the stories that he'd heard from some of the other nations. About England's pirate days. He wondered if this was the sort of expression he would have held back then.

He didn't trust his voice right now, since it would probably do something embarrassing like squeak if he tried to say anything. So he just nodded, receiving an even cockier smirk in response.

England leaned down again, lips ghosting against his. "You're an idiot, Alfred. A complete idiot." And then their lips were brushing again in a gentle, adoring kiss. America managed to move his arms enough to capture England's waist, keeping them pressed against each other until England lifted his head and continued rather breathlessly, "A complete idiot that I'm rather madly in love with..."

America grinned at that, fingers digging into the small of the other nation's back. "And you're a delusional, grumpy old man who can't cook and is way too fucking sexy for his own good." He knew that he was going to get yelled at for that remark—or at least for the first part, so he hurriedly captured those lips with his own again.

Operation Seduce Iggy was apparently a success. Although he hadn't actually planned this part out... And England seemed to be the one taking charge. Still, a hero knew how to improvise when necessary.

And this was a good time to learn how to improvise. When you had a ridiculously sexy England sitting on your stomach. Staring at you in that way... Even America could read the atmosphere in this sort of situation. And it was starting to excite him.

England didn't seem like he quite wanted to move right now, however. As he just continued to sit there and stared down at the other nation, fingers distractedly running along his chest, feeling his muscles through his McDonald's T-shirt. England couldn't wait to strip him of that article of clothing.

"Iggy?" America started to question. Before he quieted at the glare he received from the other nation.

"Quiet. It's nice to actually have a relaxed moment for once." The fingers that had been sliding along his chest suddenly moved toward his hair and America sighed in contentment as he felt a set of thin fingers run through his blond strands.

It didn't take long, however, before he grew impatient with this. Sure, he liked cuddling and doing this sort of thing with England sometimes...But he'd been trying to get the other nation into the mood to actually take their relationship to the next level for what seemed like forever. And right now, he didn't want to wait any longer.

This was probably going to tick off the other nation, too, but he could deal with that later.

And with that, England suddenly found himself lying back against the sheets, a very excited American staring down at him with bright, lust-filled eyes.

"You really need to stop teasing me."

England rolled his eyes in response. "And you need to learn some patience, git." Not that he really needed to complain, as he was quite happy with the way things were proceeding right now.

America smirked and shrugged slightly. "Your fault."

"And how is this my fault?"

"You're wearing something like that." Their lips met again and America played with the lip ring for a few seconds, licking and biting at the piece of metal, receiving unintelligible responses from the other nation that made him bite harder. "You knew that it would drive me crazy."

"You weren't even supposed to be at that club, git."

"I had to be a hero and rescue my brother from the evil clutches of Prussia!" Which reminded him; he'd need to start planning out some new way to deal with this dilemma, since the whole 'follow them to the club and stop them there' idea hadn't worked.

However, he could start thinking about that later. Right now, he had more important things to worry about.

One of which made him smirk down at the male lying beneath him. "You never told me something, Iggy."

"What?" England looked a little irritated at this remark. Since America was engaging in a chat with him, instead of doing something much more productive and enjoyable.

America smirked, fingers running along the chains resting over England's hips. He liked this outfit. England should wear stuff like this more often. As long as he was the only one to see him in it, as he definitely didn't want the other nations to see England looking so incredible. The American took his own sweet time answering the query, England's scowl darkening as the seconds crept by. "Simple, Iggy..."

And suddenly his lips were right against England's ear and he whispered, in his huskiest and most seductive voice, "You never told me where your tattoo was."

For a moment, England didn't respond, eyes widening slightly in surprise. Before they suddenly narrowed again and he smirked back up at the other nation, arms again wrapping around his neck. And then he whispered into the other's ear, breath hot against America's already overheated skin.

"Find it."


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