I Think We're Alone Now

Kurt dragged a very willing Noah to his car. A few of the more childish students wolf whistled and catcalled as they passed, but neither boy cared. Whilst their romantic feelings had grown out of initial lust, that lust still remained.

They both hopped quickly into the car, buckled up, and Kurt drove to the exit. He paused at the gate, turning to look at Noah with eyes sparkling with desire. "Where?" he asked.

"Mine. Mom and Hannah are out. Won't be back till late."

Kurt accelerated past the school and out towards Puck's house. The radio had come on when he'd started the ignition, an old Tiffany song:

Children behave, that's what they say when we're together

And watch how you play! They don't understand

And so we're running just as fast as we can

Holding onto one another's hand

Trying to get away into the night

And then you put your arms around me and tumble to the ground

And then you say

I think we're alone now

There doesn't seem to be anyone around

I think we're alone now

The beating of our hearts is the only sound.

The boys didn't miss the irony as Kurt hummed along out of habit. Puck's hands began to wander over Kurt's body, but were slapped away with a smile.

"It's hard enough to concentrate with you just sitting next to me. What are our chances of not crashing if you start doing that?"

"You're just so sexy when you're flustered."

Kurt smirked, "That's as may be, try to resist me till we get there."

"I'll try. No promises."

They sat in silence for the rest of the journey.

Look at the way we've gotta hide what we're doing

'Cos what would they say if they ever knew

Puck was out of the car before Kurt had even turned the engine off. He almost wrenched Kurt's door off its hinges before pulling the young teen out of the car and kissing him passionately. Kurt nearly responded, but pushed him away, saying "Puck! The neighbours!"

"Fuck the neighbours. I need you now."

Kurt moaned as Puck kissed his neck, the sensitive spot just by his ear.

"Noah... at least get inside first."

Noah pulled back with an expression of surpise and delight, and raised an eyebrow at him. "Here?"

"Inside the house, you moron, not inside me!"

Puck's disappointment was obvious.

"Once we're in your room, you can go anywhere you like inside me," Kurt whispered seductively in his ear.

This time Puck was the one doing the dragging.

As soon as he'd unlocked the door, Puck picked up Kurt and carried him fireman style to his bedroom, depositing him on the bed before kissing him. Kurt's arms twisted around his neck as Puck started undoing buttons.

"So many goddamn clothes." Puck muttered as he struggled with Kurt's third layer.

"It's Armani!" Kurt responded, scandalised. He was pleased to notice that Noah had at least attempted to fold them before putting them on his bedside table. Kurt quickly tore off Puck's own shirt before pulling him back down for a kiss. Their chests pressed against each other, the heat between them palpable. Kurt could feel Puck's hardness against his own through the fabric of their jeans as they ground together. Their breathing got heavier as their tongues twined together.

"Noah... need you now... take me..."

Puck ripped off their jeans in a heartbeat, tugging Kurt's black boxer-briefs off and discarding them. Kurt gasped as the cold air reached his cock. Puck paused a moment, surveying the boy lying beneath him.

"You are so beautiful." He bent down and kissed the smaller boy's chest. "And gorgeous," he continued to kiss down his chest towards his navel. "And so fucking sexy right now."

Kurt moaned again as Puck's lips touched his cock. The Mohawked teen's talented tongue began to move up and down him as Puck took his cock into his mouth.

"Oh Noah... yes..." He ran his fingers through the elder boy's strip of hair.

Puck used his left hand to caress Kurt's balls as he dampened the fingers of his right. He slipped his hand between Kurt's spread legs and gently inserted a finger, keeping the rhythm of his blow job fairly slow.

"Fuck..." The profanity slipped from Kurt's lips.

Puck increased the number of fingers and carefully slid them in and out, not wanting to hurt the younger boy.

"Noah... more..."

Puck scissored his fingers, stretching Kurt as far as possible.

"Fuck me... take me...need you."

"You sure?"

"Fuck, yes. Just do me now!"

Puck smiled as he manoeuvred himself so that he was resting on his arms above Kurt. He loved it when Kurt got snappy. He made sure he was well lubed by all the precum, then looked into the younger boy's eyes as he slid into him. Kurt's head rolled back in ecstasy.

"Ohhhhhh..." He felt so filled, and it felt so right. Their bodies seemed to fit together perfectly. Kurt could hardly believe that someone this sexy wanted him, needed him, and felt this damn good inside him.

Puck paused to allow Kurt time to accommodate him. Kurt's hair was messed, his cheeks flushed, and the look on his face was one of pure bliss. He had never looked sexier than he did right now.

Kurt moved his hips in an attempt to get Puck deeper inside him. Noah pushed his hips forward, then began to slide back out again, beginning to thrust, ever so gently, into the boy beneath him. They moved together, in perfect harmony, the feelings building up inside them. Puck slowly picked up the pace, Kurt reaching up behind him to grab the headboard behind him as he moved with more and more power. Puck had had sex so many times before, never once had if felt so right as this.

"I'm..." Kurt could hardly speak, words being overtaken by moans as he felt his orgasm building.

Puck managed to hold himself back until Kurt cried out as he began to come beneath him, unable to stop himself erupting into the smaller boy. Kurt felt himself fill up with Noah's come, warm and wonderful. Puck fell onto his side next to him, both of them panting. He pulled Kurt into a close embrace, who came back to himself and rolled onto his side. Puck rested his forehead against Kurt's as he held him close, not wanting the two of them to ever be parted. The younger boy fit perfectly in his arms.



"I love you."

Kurt smiled as he replied, "I think I love you too."

They fell asleep in each others arms.

The beating of our hearts is the only sound.

The End

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