Vacation with roses

It's bittersweet.

A break was just what I needed. Two full months and a half away from all my castmates. I may sound crude for putting it like this, but they weren't very tolerable at times. Zora, Nico, Tawni and Grady were all going to a different place for vacation, which made me very happy. You can't be on a vacation if you're with somebody from work, can you?

But then again there was my mom. And she wasn't very tolerable, either.

"Sonny, this is going to be so much fun!" She chirped a little too-excitedly, but I was excited, too. We drove down the bumpy concrete road towards the hotel where she thought we'd both be staying at.

"Yeah me too, mom. Listen though, I actually think I want to stay in a little house on the beach. You know, instead of the hotel. You can stay in the hotel, though, since you already booked it. And don't try to convince me not to, because I already booked the beach house too. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't want to stay with you," (That was exactly why), "it's just I want a house with a view."

"It's alright Sonny. You didn't have to run my ear off. You could have just said you booked another house." She laughed, pulling up into the hotel drive. "I guess I need to take you to the beach, then." She turned out of the curved drive away that was right in front of the huge hotel, which had no view what-so-ever. I didn't even know why she booked that place to begin with.

"Thanks mom, for being so understanding." I praised, because if I said one thing to annoy her, she wouldn't let me stay alone.

"That's my job. Speaking of job, are any of your castmates going to stay with you? Are you really going to stay alone?" She asked. Back to her old motherly annoying self.

"Nope. I'm staying alone. But don't worry, I want some time alone. Nothing against you." I reminded her. She still looked a little stressed though.

"Sonny, are you sure you want to stay alone?"

"Yes, mom. I'll be fine. Don't worry about me, please." We finally pulled up on the beach, which meant the time for talking was finally over. The beach house was a little further down the public beach path, but I knew nobody visited this beach often, because the sand looked fairly flat. I could see the wind picked up, because the palms trees surronding the beach were shaking back and forth, and the sand was getting blown all around, probably causing the sand to look flatter.

"Come visit whenever. But call first." I laughed, knowing she would drop in without letting me know.

"I will, honey. Have fun being by yourself." She said as I was getting out of the car, trying one last time to make me change my mind. But my mind was set, so I closed the door, waved to her, and headed down the path.

She drove off, and now I walked a little faster, because the wind was picking up even more now, blowing my hair all over my face.

I could see the shoreline, it was high tide. The waves weren't very huge, but that's just the way I liked them. The water looked clear and warm, calling my name and welcoming me, but already I was starting to feel lonely, just picturing myself swimming alone. But it was my choice, and not a very bright one at that, but maybe I would like being alone.

The beach house was painted a light yellow and blue, with a huge porch to sit and look at the waves come crashing in. There was a screen door and a regular door, so you could lock the door at night but feel a nice breeze during the day. I used the key I was give and walked inside, and was greeted by a huge tv and couch for at least ten people. The more I saw, the lonelier I felt. My cell phone rang and I jumped, not prepared for any noise in the dead-silent beach house.

"Hello, is this Allison Monroe?" The voice came on the other line. I knew it was the company that had rented me out the beach house, because the lady's squeaky voice was very familiar sounding.

"Yes, this is she."

"I tried to call you earlier, but you must have had your phone off. I just wanted to let you know that the beach house has two seperate sections to it. Which means, another person may stay there if they wish, and they will not be a disturbance. So, the second portion of the house has been rented out. I hope you don't mind, I was trying to call you earlier."

I was not even a bit mad. I actually was happy I was going to have at least one person for company, even if they were a complete freak of nature.

"I don't mind at all. Thank you for trying to call me. Have a nice day." I hung up before she said goodbye, because I was tired of her annoying voice. I threw my phone on the couch, along with my two suitcases I had been rolling.

"What now?" I sighed to myself, already bored. I was disappointed in myself. I shouldn't have booked the house alone. I could have at least invited Tawni.

Then a floor board creaked.

I looked in the direction it came from, which was down the hallway. I was too frightened to move, so I just stayed where I was, holding a picture frame that had a picture of a beach on it. It was already there when I came, so if I broke it on a burgular's head, I would have to pay for it. It probably didn't cost much, though.

"Is somebody there?" I finally called out. I barely heard it myself, though, because it was so high pitched.

I heard footsteps now, and I started taking large steps backwards, hoping there was nothing behind me that would make me trip and fall. The person emerged from the hallway, but it wasn't a burgular, it was worse.

It was Chad Dylan Cooper.

I could have screamed.

"Sonny? I thought I heard your voice."

He was smirking. That goddamn smirk that made me want to punch him straight in the face. He was happy it was me. He didn't plan this, no, he didn't plan this at all. But luck was his way, and we just so happened to be staying in the same beach house.

"Well, isn't this a coincidence? But before you go saying I set this up, I didn't." He added quickly.

I put down the photo frame, watching him lean against the hallway doorframe casually, as if this wasn't suprising to him at all. I could have thrown the frame if I wanted to, but I wasn't that bad of a person.

"Say something, Monroe." He watched me intensly, as I stayed frozen, staring at him back. I wanted to throw up. But I finally spoke,

"Please, just leave right now. Chad, I can't live with you for a whole summer. I thought I was going to be lonely without someone else, but now that I know it's you, I think i'll be better off." He looked angry.

I chose all the wrong words.

"Just for that Monroe, i'm staying. You know Sonny, you don't know me. Not completely. And if you think i'm just a heartless jerk who likes annoy you, i'll prove you wrong." He crossed his arms over his t-shirt clad chest, and I just realized for the first time he wasn't wearing a suit. He was wearing regular jeans and a white shirt, an outfit which did him good. But I still hated him. Well, strongly disliked him.

"How do you plan on doing that?" I asked, sounding more rude than I intended too. I knew he was getting enjoyment out of my anger, but he would get even more enjoyment if I was happy with him being here. So I decided on the first one.

"I guess you'll find out. I don't think this will be all that bad, Monroe. You'll see." Ha. Me and Chad in the same house for a whole summer? Better get ready for war.

"I'm not an easy girl to convince, Chad. By the way, you better stay on your half of this house. Or there will be hell to pay." Drastic times call for drastic measures. I never really did cuss, but I knew I would eventually, considering I was going to be in a house with Chad for a whole two months.

"Like what?" He mocked, knowing I couldn't hurt him in any way. I was weak.

"You'll see." I shot back, using his own words. I crossed my arms over my chest now, mirroring him. He rolled his eyes and walked away, back to his half of the house. I sighed and landed on the couch, burying my face into a pillow. It all happened so fast, I didn't even realize I basically just agreed to having him stay there. I should have put up more of a fight.

I didn't know what Chad was going to do, but I knew I had made him angry now, so he would probably try to get back at me. But he had also mentioned that I didn't know him, and he was going to prove me wrong.

Could Chad Dylan Cooper possibly be trying to win my affection?

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