I trudged my way through the hallways to my dressing room, I had just finished a karate sketch with Nico and Grady, I swear I think I sweated off ten pounds, now the only thing that I want to do is go home get in the shower and crawl into bed, with the shower being optional. When I finally came to my dressing room I swung open the door and breathed a sigh of relief finally I could sit down and re- I looked up and gasped.

OH MY GOD! There on the couch half naked was my supposedly best friend Tawni Heart and my current (and, from the looks of it, soon to be ex) boy friend James. They sprang apart and hurriedly tried to straighten their clothes and cover themselves up. I clenched my teeth and glared at them what did they think? If they straighten themselves fast enough maybe I wouldn't believe what I had just seen?

"Oh no don't stop on my account, what I'm only your FUCKING GIRLFRIEND" I screamed, my hand gripping the door with surprising strength considering how tired I had just been. James sprang up from the couch and moved toward me, then stopped when I held up my hand and glared.

"Look Sonny this isn't what it looks l-l-like…. we were only… uh… we w-w-were…" James stuttered and gestured helplessly with his hands; he never was good at thinking on the spot. Funny, I used to think that was cute and now it just succeeded in pissing me off further.

"What James? What could possibly explain the fact that you were kissing her when you're dating me? I can't believe you two! You're supposed to be my best friend and you're supposed to be my boyfriend! Do you know how cliché this is? Do you know how betrayed I feel!" I yelled glaring at Tawni and James, James was still looking everywhere but my face and Tawni was opening and closing her mouth, doing a very good impression of a fish.

"Sonny I'm so sorry" Tawni whispered her eyes filling with tears which again made me even angrier, this may be irrational but dang it the only one allowed to cry and be hurt in this situation is me. She stood and started to come forward but I took a step back moving further out of the room.

"Tawni don't touch me right now otherwise I can't be held responsible for my actions" She backed off "You know what you can have him, I'm through with him any way, but as far as you and me don't ever talk to me again I don't talk to sluts." I turned slamming the door behind me and ran out running up the stairs to the roof forgetting how tired I was all I knew was I wanted to get as far away from them as possible.

When I finally got to the roof and took a deep breath, I realized I wasn't even crying, which is funny because I cry over everything, from a sad commercial to a lost dog poster, but I wasn't crying now after I found my boyfriend and best friend about to play hide the salami in my dressing room. I sighed and hung my head suddenly ashamed because deep inside I already knew why I wasn't crying, I had never loved James, and I had seen the way he looked at Tawni but just ignored it. We were never meant to be and I had always known that, I think I'm more upset over the fact that Tawni, my supposed best friend, would betray me like this. Truth is I could never love James; I was already in love with a three name jerk from Mackenzie Falls and had been for two years. I shook my head and laughed this is so sad here I am; an 18 year old girl and I still can't find the courage to tell a guy that I love him. This depressed me more; I hadn't even got to see him today, and that by itself made this day feel incomplete and horrible, finding out my boyfriend was a lying cheating scumbag and that my best friend was a backstabber was just icing on the cake.

I sighed and turned around and went to punch the button for the elevator, which usually I would never take because I hated small spaces, but my exhaustion had caught up with me. I wish I could talk to someone, my mom was in Wisconsin for another two days and I couldn't call her because of the time differences. It was almost midnight there while it was ten o'clock here. I obviously couldn't call Tawni and I'd rather be feed through a shredder then pour out my feelings to Chad Dylan Cooper. I walked in the elevator and pressed the PG (Parking Garage) button, maybe I'll just go home and watch a cheesy romantic comedy and fall asleep on the coach while eating a huge bucket of cookie dough ice cream, the elevator slowed to a stop and I mentally groaned ugh I hope it isn't James or Tawni trying to use the elevator or else-

The doors opened.


Today was a bad day. Rehearsals where bad, Portlyn was acting like a brat because I wouldn't go out with her and my parents decided that they were going to Tokyo today, because everybody knows random Thursdays is the best day to travel to another country. So now all I have to look forward to it going home to an empty house.

I didn't even get to see her

Truth be told that's probably why today felt so horrible, I never got to go over to the random's set and see my Sonshine. I would usually see her at lunch or on my break, but rehearsals went so bad that they shorten our breaks to 5 minutes and had lunch sent to the set. Any day when I don't get to see Sonny and have our daily fight feels so incomplete, and less….. sunny. Even when I don't see her she's constantly on my mind, when I'm on set about to kiss whatever girl I'm dating for the week on the falls her face will pop into my head, or when I'm dressing in the morning I don't think "do I look good in this" no instead I find myself saying "will SHE think I look good in this". Its torture being this caught up in a girl for this long and unable to do anything about it. She's dating that loser James Conroy; every time I see them together it makes me want to punch a wall. I sighed and hit the button for the elevator to go to the parking garage, I really didn't want to go home, but I really didn't want to party either. If only I could just see Sonny maybe then I could-

The doors opened

And there she was


Blue was the first thing my mind registered, it was also the second and third. Then I realized I was staring and composed myself. There he was Chad Dylan Cooper in the flesh. Very sexy flesh if I do say so myself, to bad I wasn't in the mood for his arrogance today. He smiled and I felt my heart flutter a little bit, stupid heart.

"Monroe" He said as he moved into the elevator. He propped himself up against the wall and continued to smirk in my direction.

"Cooper" I glared back. I hate that he can look so relaxed, here I am physically trying to stop myself from kissing that stupid smile off his face and there he is looking as if nothing and no one could ever bother him. The doors shut leaving us isolated in this 4 foot by five foot space and I immediately couldn't focus on anything else but him, his smell, his body, his smirk. This continued to annoy the heck out of me. Why is it that whenever he was around I couldn't concentrate, my heart started pounding, and I all of a sudden had the urge to giggle and straighten my hair and clothing. Stupid Hormones, Stupid boy.

"So Monroe I see that you stuck around to see me, that's sweet but you really-" I held up my hand

"Stuff it Cooper I'm not in the mood to argue right now so just shut up" He looked shocked but then he composed himself.

"Fine" He said, no longer smiling.

"Fine" I said back

"Good" He glared

"Good" I shot back

"So we're good?"

"Oh we're so go-"Just then the elevator jerked and I was thrown up against Chad which threw him against the wall, the lights shut off and we plunged into darkness.

Crap did I mention I was claustrophobic?

***Plot based loosely off Going Down by Donna Kauffman*****