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"I got your page. I was just down there. Why'd you page?" Callie asked completely out of breath as she ran into the conference room, where Derek and the police officers had set up everything.

"Him." Derek said distractedly pointing to Mark before he returned to talking with a SPD detective.

"Mark." Callie said gently pulling him up.

He pulled back.

"Mark, come on. Right now!" She said pulling harder until he finally got up.

She noticed that he had a piece of paper clutched in his hand.

After she led a zombie-like Mark Sloan to the stairwell, she sat him down.

"Hey, she'll be fine, okay?" She said rubbing his arm.

"How do you know that?" He asked, looking at her. His ice blue eyes were brimming with tears.

"Because… well, Hunt was in the army and…. That's all I got." She said giggling and accidently snorted.

"You did that on purpose." He said laughing.

"It made you laugh, didn't it?" She said looking at him.

"Yeah." He said. "You know I was supposed to be picking out an engagement ring tonight." He said stopping laughing and starting to cry.

"Mark…" Callie said softly and pulled him into a hug.


Meredith walked into her husband's office already talking. "I just heard. Oh my God, this is bad, really bad-"

"Mer.." Derek said distracting her.

"God Derek. My PEOPLE, my PEOPLE are trapped with armed gunmen, I think I get to rant." She said.

A man stepped out from behind Derek.

"Ma'am. I'm Detective Moragan. I need to ask you some questions."

"Why? I mean this is stupid. My best friend and my sister are in there, why are you talking to me? What am I a suspect?" She asked. She was joking, but when she looked at the detective's stern expression and Derek's solemn one, she realized they weren't.

"Der-" She said looking at him.

"Meredith, please just go with the man! I have a hospital in crisis!" He said sharper and meaner than he meant to.

"Okay." She said softly as the man led her down the hallway and into a conference room.

"Sit down." He said.

"Um, okay." She said watching as he set the folder in his hands down on the table.

"Mrs. Shepherd-"

"Dr. Grey."

"Excuse me?" He asked looking up confused.

"My name is Dr. Grey."

"Okay, Dr. Grey." He said taking some photographs out of the folder.

"Can you identify these people?"

She looked, they looked like stills from a video camera.

"Well, that's Lexie Grey, my sister, and that's Alex Karev, and that's Cristina Yang, one of my best friends, and that's Owen Hunt her boyfriend."

He placed them on the table and took out more photographs.

"What about these people?"

"Oh, god. Are they dead?"

"Answer the question, Dr. Grey."

"Um, that's Dr. Reed and Dr. Percy and Dr. Kepner." She said.

"And is it true that Dr. Kepner was stalking your husband?"

"What?" She asked.

"Answer the question Dr. Grey."

"I mean she liked him. But it's not like I'm holding that against her or anything. I mean, he's McDreamy for God's sake."

The detective nodded and looked uncomfortable.

"Okay, now these are the perpetrators and the gun men.

Meredith looked at the first two. She didn't recognize them, then she looked at the next one.

"I… I…uh… That's Steve."

"Steve? You got a last name?"

"No, I don't remember. He was a one night stand."

"Okay." Detective Morgan said looking at her suspiciously as he wrote in a notebook. "And the last one?" He asked.

"Oh, God. No this can't be right." She said starting to get nervous.

"Dr. Grey, who is it?"

"Finn. Finn Dandridge. I dated him for a while a few years ago. But I don't-" She said trailing off.

"Okay, Dr. Grey, we're done here." He said standing up.

Meredith stood up as well.

"No, you need to stay." He said.

"What? Why?" She asked confused.

"Because you knew two of the perpetrators and one of the victims is obsessed with your husband, so you are most likely involved." He said and then walked away.