Hetalia 52 came out, and I realized that I was in desperate need of some CubaxCanada fluff.

So here you go.

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himuruya

It was always sunny here.

It was sunny at times up at his house, true, but it was never this type of sunny; never that moist, tropical sunshine that brings to mind oranges, coconuts, and beaches.

Canada leaned back against Cuba's shoulder and stared up at the blue, cloudless skies.

He sighed with contentment. He had a lovely day, a bowl of ice cream, and his best friend. His annoying brother was far away, probably arguing loudly and obnoxiously with Russia or someone at the moment. Cuba wrapped an arm companionably around the blonde's shoulder and grinned. "¿Estás bien?" he asked, in his low, husky Spanish.

"Tres bien, mon ami," Canada replied in his own language.

Understanding was complete.

It was always sunny here.

¿Estás bien?= Are you good/okay?

Tres bien, mon ami= Very good, my friend