Captured and Confused

Teresa Lisbon's feet hit the pavement after every step, light and quick. She was breathing heavier than normal, but that was to be expected. It had been awhile since it had been nice enough to go for a jog after work with all the rain and the cold breeze. She didn't mind the rain, it was wind and the rain together that made it uncomfortable.

It was a nice night, the moon and stars brightly shining and it wasn't quite cold enough for a sweater yet. She guessed she had already covered four miles or so, but wasn't ready to be done. She slowed to take a drink from her water bottle when she heard a strange noise. Whirling around she saw nothing, and though it was dark, the moon gave off enough light to see pretty well.

Deciding not to continue her jog, she cut through the park as a short cut. Many times she would suddenly stop or turn around, but the noise would stop and nothing would be there. Feeling like she was being paranoid, she continued. She turned onto the path that would take her to the street she lived on, and it seemed that the noise was in front of her. She sped up a bit and took out her phone.

She dialed the familiar number and hoped the other would answer.

"Jane," she whispered quickly when he picked up, "I think someone is following me. I don't have my gun. I…" was all she could get out before she hit the ground.

Hearing the phone hit the ground on the other end he shouted, "Teresa? Teresa, Are you okay?"

"Patrick…help…" was the last thing she said, and as she felt blood run down her face and pool in a sticky mess, she blacked out and lost consciousness.

"Teresa, dear, that was not very helpful. Oh well, they won't find you anyway. Soon you will be mine. She was picked up and carried to a car, where her hands were tied and she was thrown in back.

The phone was snapped shut and the connection lost. Patrick yelled in frustration as he dialed Cho's number and told him what just happened. They agreed to meet at the station ASAP. Cho called the others to inform them.

Patrick picked up a glass from the end table and found himself throwing it, without even realizing what he was doing. He closed his eyes as he heard the glass shatter into a thousand pieces and wondered if his heart was doing the same thing.

He grabbed his keys and headed for his car. He pulled out of his driveway and started down the street. He saw a car coming from the other direction coming towards him and about thirty feet away it swerved into his car. Patrick didn't even have time to react.

In a heap of twisted metal and debris, the last thing Patrick thought was, 'I am so sorry Teresa. I let you down. Every time someone needs me I let them down. Teresa, I am so sorry.'

Everything went black.

I have yet to know for sure where this story will go. If you have something you would like to happen just let me know and I can see what I can do. I own nothing, unfortuantely.