I could remember everything. I could remember Zooey and Paul's wedding. I could remember Betty. I could remember Sadie and Jen and Lucy and Emily and everything. But, most importantly, I could remember Owen. As I looked up at a woman, scratch that, my mother, I was overwhelmed. I'd never see anyone I loved again. I would never see Owen again. "Who are you, my little one?" My mother smiled. I decided then and there I'd be a good kid, so I laughed. "My sweet little one, you are so beautiful. I'll name you Marisa." Marisa. I liked the sound of that. It would be easier if my name was Liz, but I like Marisa. But then I realized that even if I did see Owen again, he'd never even dream of my name being Marisa. That thought was upsetting, but I did not cry. I didn't have to see my best friend ever again.

I giggled and ducked just as Silly String flew at the place where my head had been. "Mitchie! Kyle! Stop!" I sprayed my own can at them. "It's our birthday, Risa!" "It's our job, Rissy!" I ran to my 6 year old siblings and threw them over my shoulders. They punched my back as they fought to get down, but I kept running until I got to the trampoline, where I plopped them down. Mitchie giggled. "What're you laughing at? What are you laughing at?" I asked and tickled her. Kyle just pointed behind me. There was a guy about my age, 16 or 17, who had just tripped over some broken asphalt. I laughed too, but then I saw his face. Before I could stop myself, I was running towards him. He was already standing, so I flung my arms around his shoulders and hugged him. "Oh my God! I never thought I'd see you again! How did you find me?" I pulled myself closer to him. He held me at arms length. "What are you talking about?" "Don't you remember me? You caught me at the Well, and you always watched Emily, and you adopted Jen from me, and we were best friends, O!" "What? A well? Jen and Emily? I have no idea what you're talking about." I was so confused. Why couldn't he remember me if I remembered him so well?"Owen, it's me! Your best friend! You told Alvy about Dad's sweater! We went to Zooey and Paul's wedding!" "Are you okay?" I knew he ment if I was mentally okay. "What? I'm fine! Just, just why can't you remember me?" "Because I've never met you in my life. See ya." And he just walked away. I turned from the road, dejected, and looked at my siblings. They looked confused. The look on their faces, they just reminded me so much of Alvy's when Mom and Dad were upset when he tried to be funny after I died. Just that memory was too much for me. I just broke down and started crying. Why didn't he remember me?