Dead Flowers, Always Become Brighter


Bella found she has cancer a month after Edward left. All her friends are out at college living their lives, while Bella is stuck in a hospital room. The only thing keeping her going is Jacob and the hope that Alice will see her with cancer and come back. But what was she expecting if she came? Sympathy? Pity? Find out as you look through the journey of Bella, struggling with cancer through her eyes.


That was the truth, I was battling cancer. Dr. Snow diagnosed me and then Charlie wanted a second opinion so Dr. Snow made the same diagnosis. I have pancreatic cancer. I was losing weight almost every other day and I was having abdominal pain. Charlie took me to the doctor and the doctor told me to go to the hospital.

I was dying from cancer, and as bald as I was, I found myself not being able to give up. Jacob Black was my inspiration, he made me feel good. He made me feel good; he made the pain go away, both from the cancer and from the heartbreak of losing Edward and the Cullens. I was no longer able to stay home; my new home was confided to a hospital bed.

I wondered if Alice had ever seen me go through this. If she did, was she really dumb enough to let me go through this without her? I needed her now more than ever, hell I was on my death bed, literally. If she wasn't coming she was officially the worst best friend a person could have.

I found praying for me to be strong and in a good mood spiked my recovery every once and a while. But it wasn't always the case. I also found praying for one of the Cullens to come back put me in a one in a million chance for me to see them.

I wouldn't even care if Rosalie came knocking on my door. I forgave her a long time ago, I didn't blame her. I would have been the same way or a little less tightly wound. But I didn't care anymore, I am dying and I'm letting everything play out in front of me. I was sick and tired of praying to a God that may not even exist.

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