King Gator's story.

A teenage like Alligator was in a dark place, and hungry too.
He was wondering where to eat, but nothing was here or there.
But a can was there, but it had no food. Nothing to use it, so he put it on his head.

A little while later, his stomach was growling.
But now, he saw a couple of rats. They were surching for something of course.
But they didn't know he was their. So he took a jump on them, grabbing the tails of the rats.
He ate both of them whole. But he was not sastified yet. He wanted to eat more rats.

The Gator was hidden underwater, finding more rats to eat.
Then, he bellowed as he saw more rats,
The rats were surprised by the gators' appearance. They ran as they could, but they weren't so fast enough to be eaten.
He was so fast, the rats were scared. by his giant appearance.

The rats had one thing to do...
They bowed to the gator, as if he was king.
The name King Gator suited him, he thought being king would be awesome.
His First order? To find more food.

King Gator was full for the first week of his job being king,his height was as tall as a teenager, and wide as a car.
He now had a rock with ten bones in the fill.
King Gator was in his throne room, sleeping. But it was interrupted by his stomach growling.
He now heard his servents bringing in another victim to eat, this time it was a man with black clothing.
In a off screen bite, his lips covered in blood, he coughed up bones and a purple ring, he put one of the bones into his nose. And the ring one of his claws.
He was being really fatter then he was back then.
The room he was in was really big with flames all around the room. And a giant deck up above him when the rats were going to give him his food.
Next he went back to his throne room.

The next day, something dropped on his stomach, it was some kind of necklace. Somebody from the surface must of dropped it.
But he was no Mr. Nice Guy. He wore it.

His sleep was interrupted by a woman's voice, it seemed like she was singing.
King Gator really liked, but somehow she stopped.
So he was thinking of singing.

Next week, King Gator was a bit fatter.
And something that looked like a hat fell down,
Maybe he'll wear it later.

King Gator saw another Victim, this time a young woman.
In another off-screen bite, his mouth in another blood.
Now even more fatter, he slapped his tail in delight and made some bones fall down.

Now he laughed as he ate some more victims.
He heard news of dissapearing people that he ate, never knowing where they were,
Nobody knew it was him, he bellowed.

He ate another woman, this time he caughed upped a red ring, putting it on his other claw.
King Gator was being more jolly whenever he ate people.

A month later, his bell rang again.
His servents opened up his door, swimming in his water.
When he got on his bone rock. He saw a dog and a little girl.
Two in one day special was all in his mind.

"You look a lot like a tasty New Orleans K-9 Gumbo!"

But just then, the dog's howl, in his mind sounded beautiful.
He wanted to sing with him.