Hello all! Hope you like this new story, it will have some minor (very, very, very minor) torture, later in. But the rating probably won't rise above K+. Reviews, as always, are welcome and encouraged. Thanks.

"I didn't expect to see myself in this kind of situation so soon. I figured I'd at least get a year before I'd get captured again."

"I guess you're in high demand."

"Looks like you are too, McGee."

"You flatter me."

"Sarcasm doesn't compliment you. Cheer up, at least we're not dead."

"There is that." Tim turned to look at Tony the best he could. "You know what?" Tony turned to try and meet Tim's eyes but didn't achieve much more than Tim had.


"I can't believe I'm the one saying this but, this reminds me of a movie." Tim could almost see the smile curling upon Tony's face.

"Let me guess. Indiana Jones? The Last Crusade?"

"Yeah. But can you guess which part?" Tony laughed dryly at the question.

"Are you serious? Probesters, give me a hard question. Harrison Ford and Sean Connery tied to chairs, back to back in Nazi territory. Great scene. Well, Sean Connery's in it. Of course Harrison Ford doesn't exactly hurt that either."

"Can't forget the German woman."

"Oh, yeah. She was amazingly hot. This makes me Sean Connery-"

"Which makes me Harrison Ford."


"How's your head?"

"That's a bit off topic McGoo." Tony tried his best to deflect. Tim tilted his head toward Tony, and Tony caught a glimpse of a concerned expression painted on Tim's face. "It hurts a bit, but that's what happens when someone hits you with a frying pan." Tim grimaced with sympathy and then pain as his own head throbbed. "You?"

"The same." Small black spots danced in his vision as Tony and he accidentally bumped heads; he closed his eyes to quell the slight nausea that rose inside of him. Tony probably wasn't faring much better, because he quieted for a few minutes. Both men composed themselves the best they could before talking again, unwilling to let the other see any weakness. Tim finally spoke up,

"This doesn't look good."


"What do you mean 'nope'?"

"It means I agree with you McHard-of-hearing."

"You never agree with me." Tim could see a half smile ghost onto Tony's face. "You don't agree with me. You're just playing with me."

"Ah, McGullible. I couldn't miss that golden moment- McGee, listen." Both men froze, their heads facing toward the sound. Tim swallowed as soft footsteps echoed toward the door. They could hear a slight ringing sound as something metal was tapped on the concrete floor outside. Both men turned to each other, trying to look each other in the eyes. The rope put a hamper on that though.

Tim managed to stifle a yelp as something brushed his hands, which were tied behind his back. A finger poked his palm, Tony; he realized and flushed slightly in embarrassment. "A voice whispered to him, "Good luck, Tim."

"You too, Tony." He whispered back. They both stiffened as a key was inserted into the lock and the handle turned. Out of the corner of his eye, Tim saw Tony slip his mask on. Tim turned grimly to the door and mirrored Tony, slipping on his own blank mask. He had never been tortured before, and everything about this situation screamed imminent torture. Last time he had been lying on the ground, away from this sort of thing. And now he sat in the line of fire.

The door swung open.