The Yellow Flash of Kiri

Chapter 1: A new beginning

Terumi Mei literally stormed out of the Hokage's office. She was angry, no she was downright furious. She had traveled to Konoha to seek money, weapons or even soldiers for the upcoming civil war she was going to lead. It hadn't gone as she had planned.


Mei was waiting patiently in the waiting room when she heard the voice of the Hokage's secretary call her.

"Terumi Mei, the Hokage will see you now." The static voice called over the loudspeaker. Mei grinned as she walked into the office of the village's leader. She turned to see an old man in his 50's or 60's. She recognized this man instantly. He was the Professor, the proclaimed god of shinobi. He was not a man to be taken lightly do to his old age.

"Hello Hokage-sama." The Chipper women bowed.

The Hokage looked to see a young woman with long auburn red hair. She had some of it held with a blue ribbon at the top of her head while a long bang completely covered her right eye. She also had on a long dark blue dress with fishnet under it. She had light green eyes and the Hokage couldn't help but spare a passing glance at her generous 'assets'. She looked to be in her early or mid 20's.

"Hello, Mei Terumi is it?" Mei nodded eagerly in response. "I understand you have come on important business?" The aged leader questioned, earning him another eager nod. "Do tell…?"

Mei cleared her throat, ready to begin her explanation. "Well you see, it has come to my, along with many others, attention that our Mizukage, Yagura, is being controlled by another individual. The genjutu seems to be unbreakable and the only way out is to start a civil war. I have grouped together a large part of Kiri, lead by myself, Chojuro of the seven swordsmen and Ao, one of my loyal friends and also a hunter-nin." The dual-bloodline girl explained as she inwardly frowned. She had also hoped that her long time friend, Momochi Zabuza, would help her lead the army as well. He had been too impatient and attempted an assassination attempt on the Mizukage as soon as Ao verified that he was under a genjutsu. He was followed soon by Kisame, who had also tried to overthrow the government. "We were hoping Konoha could supply us with weapons, men, money or other supplies. We will also be changing the certain 'traits' that give us the name 'Bloody Mist'." Sarutobi nodded and rubbed his chin in thought. He took a long puff of his pipe.

"I see…Well I do believe what you are doing is right…" Sarutobi started, causing Mei to nod her head anxiously. "However I cannot supply you with anything at the time. Konoha is currently dealing with its own problems regarding the Kyubi attack." Sarutobi sighed at the shocked expression of the young lady in front of him. "I'm really sorry and if it had been any other time…" The old Hokage started only to be interrupted.

"I understand Hokage-sama. I shouldn't waste anymore of your time." Mei practically spat out as she stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

Flashback End…

This brought Mei to where she currently was, walking down the road thinking over what course of action to take next. 'This is going to be more difficult than I thought…With Raiga, Zabuza and Kisame all gone that only leaves Chojuro left as anti-Yagura Swordsmen. Stupid Konoha…now this is going to be so much more complicated…' The auburn haired woman looked up to see a small blonde haired boy enter into a shop. She didn't know why she was looking but all she knew is she couldn't look away. She focused Chakra to her ears so she could hear what was happening.

Naruto walked up to the counter, hoping to buy himself a meal with the money he had saved up from the Hokage's monthly allowance while he was at the orphanage. He looked up to the old woman who was sitting at the counter.

"Could I please buy two loaves of bread and a gallon of milk?" The young blonde asked wearily. He had a white shirt on with an orange spiral on the back. He also had on a blue pair of shorts. The feature that intrigued Mei the most was the three whisker-like marks adorning each side of his face.

"Sure that will be…" The old woman started before she looked down to see who it was. She immediately frowned and glared at the young boy. "Oh, what the hell are you doing here? Get out of my shop you filthy vermin!" She then proceeded to chase the young boy, who couldn't be more than five, out of the store with her broom. Mei let out a low growl at this. She then appeared in front of the woman in a swirl of water.

"If I may ask why would you deny a customer, a young boy no less, food he was willing to pay for?!" The green eyed woman asked as she picked up the much older lady by her shirt. The older woman gasped for air.

"He's a filthy demon, that's why!" She responded with venom in her voice.

"What could a sweet little boy like that do that is demonic?" Mei asked as she raised a single eyebrow.

"Unfortunately we are not allowed to speak of that sweet little boy's deeds." The old woman gasped out as Mei dropped her on her butt and took off after the young blond.

Naruto was walking down the street with his head down. That had been the third shop today he had been denied from. He had even had enough money! He angrily kicked a rock off the ground as he continued to mop around. Maybe living away from the orphanage would be worse than he originally thought. Naruto, unfortunately, was not watching where he was going and accidently smashed into a humanoid figure. He immediately scurried to his feet to see a very beautiful lady standing there.

"I'm sorry. I guess I wasn't watching where I was going…" Naruto sheepishly rubbed the back of his head as he mentally prepared himself for some sort of punishment. To his immense surprise the woman merely smiled.

"Don't worry about it. I couldn't help but see that you weren't allowed to buy from that store back there. Why is that?" Mei questioned curiously.

Naruto looked downcast at this. "I don't know. There never let me get anything from any of those stores…that was like my fifth today!" Naruto whined loudly. This caused the unknown lady to frown.

"Why don't you tell your parents about this?" She inquired.

Naruto seemed to look even sadder at the mention of this. "Well…I don't have any parents…"

"Don't you live at an orphanage than?" Mei asked.

"Well I did, but they kicked me out so I've been living on my own for the last week. I think I'm going to ask oji-san for an apartment or somethin'." The young boy responded. Mei's eyes widened tremendously at this.

"Don't you have any family at all?"

"Nope! But Oji-san is kinda like a grandpa to me." Naruto responded with a wide smile.

"Who is the 'Oji-san' you keep talking about? Why doesn't he take you in?" Mei got down on her knees and looked the young boy in the eyes.

"Well he is really busy and stuff. He is like the village leader I guess…" Naruto responded carelessly. Mei was now thoroughly shocked. The Hokage had taken a liking for a measly orphan.

"But one day I'm gonna be a ninja too, and then everyone will start respecting me!" Naruto cheered as he pumped a fist in the air.

"Do you know how to gather chakra?" Mei looked to the frowning young boy. He shook his head 'no'. "Well how about I show you, I'm sorry I didn't catch your name?"

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto! Who are you?" Naruto asked excitedly.

"My name is Terumi Mei. It is nice to meet you Naruto." She then flashed him a caring smile. "To gather chakra you have to close your eyes and look deep inside yourself. You need to keep searching until you feel a little spark. You then must pull at the spark until it floods through your entire body. It is easier to start in a Ram Seal." Mei explained as she showed Naruto how to make a ram seal. Naruto nodded and put his hands in the seal and closed his eyes in concentration. Mei then waited, and waited, and waited, and waited until she was about to give up. All of a sudden chakra seemed to explode out of the young boy. It seemed to swirl around him in a protective manner.

'Impossible…He has nearly genin level reserves and he isn't even in the academy yet...It also seems he has trouble controlling his chakra…' Mei carefully studied Naruto's chakra output.

"Did I do good?" Naruto asked.

"Yes Naruto you did very well. I didn't expect you to have near this much chakra." Mei explained, causing Naruto to smile at the praise.

"Sweet! So I'm gonna be a good ninja?" Naruto asked.

"With lots of practice you could be." Mei responded, causing Naruto to jump up and down in excitement before he settled down and asked Mei a question.

"Are you a ninja?"

"Yes I am. I am not from Konoha, however. I am a ninja fron Kirigakure. Kirigakure no Sato is a large village in a small island country known as Water Country." Mei explained. She would admit that in the hour or so she had known the kid he had really started to grow on her. She knew he would make a fine ninja some day. She all of a sudden had a brilliant idea.

"So Naruto how do you like it here?" She asked seemingly out of no where.

Naruto hesitated before answering, "Well no one is really nice to me but the Hokage…And I don't have a place to live or much to eat. But Oji-san said that someday I can grow to be a super strong ninja here!" Naruto finished with glee.

"So how would you like to come with me to Kiri? You won't have to worry about living alone anymore and no one will be mean to you for no reason. Also I can train you so you can be a super strong ninja there." Mei explained.

Naruto went wide-eyed at this. To actually live with someone who didn't hate you for once, to not have to dig through the trash to get food, to not have to see all the cold glares everyday…It would be nice. He then remembered the smiling face of his grandfather figure. He seemed lost in thought for a few moments. "I'll do it. But can we tell Oji-san first?"

"I'm sorry but we can't tell him otherwise he might stop you from going. You don't have to come with…" Mei trailed off at the end.

"No, I want to." Naruto replied firmly as he grinned broadly at the bloodline limit-wielding woman.

"Do you have anything you want to bring?" Mei asked, only for the young blond to shake his head. "Than let's go." Mei stood up and made a couple hand seals. She then whispered something to herself. Naruto all of a sudden looked like a small brown haired, brown eyed boy who was dressed well.

"What happened?" Naruto panicked, looking around wildly.

"Don't worry, it's just a genjutsu. I can deactivate it whenever I want." The older woman reassured the young Jinchuriki as he nodded and they got up and left. She was stopped at the main gate by the chunin guards.

"Halt. State your business for leaving." The chunin asked.

"My son and I were visiting my sister who lives in Konoha. We are now heading back to our home, which is located in the land of water." Mei lied. The guard nodded, obviously believing Mei's lie, and motioned for the two to leave. After they were a couple miles away from the village Mei deactivated the genjutsu as she scooped Naruto up and took off at a sprint towards her agreed meeting spot.

"So Naruto, tell me about yourself." Mei asked as they were running through the woods.

Meeting Spot…

Ao and Chojuro sat huddled around a fire as Mei jumped down from the trees. Ao seemed to be insulting the under confident swordsman, as usual. They both turned to see the Magma/Boil user with a young blond kid in her arms. Ao raised his only exposed eyebrow.

"Who is the kid?" He asked.

Chojuro then looked over. "Um…Did you, pick him up in Konoha?" He asked.

"Indeed I did. He seems to have an almost genin level reserve and is only about six years old. He also is not well liked in his home village so I decided to bring him along." Mei explained. Her two companions merely shrugged. They knew when Mei Terumi was set on something it was going to happen, one way or another.

"How did the, um, meeting with the Hokage go?" The shy, clearly younger, man asked.

Mei growled. "Not well…It appears we will not have the backup of Konoha. Apparently they are still recovering from the Kyubi attack 6 years ago…" Mei explained, causing her two companions to growl as well.

"Fucking bastard." Ao spit out as he unconsciously activated his Byakugan. He glanced over at the young boy to see he did indeed have very large reserves for such a young kid. He saw a small red light and tried to focus in further. He then noticed there was a small amount of this red chakra floating in Naruto's chakra network. Most of it was built up in his abdomen.

"Mei." The hunter-nin asked.

"Yes?" Mei answered.

"Are you aware that this young boy has a second source of chakra inside of him? It seems not only thicker but more potent than normal chakra as well." Ao explained, gaining the attention of Chojuro as well.

"Is that possible?" Mei asked. Ao just looked at her like she was stupid.

"Actually it reminds of Yagura…The Chakra is much brighter and red in color though…" Ao went on. Chojuro widened his eyes at this.

"What did you say his birthday was?" The young swordsman asked wearily.

"O-October 10th…" Mei gulped.

"And what day was the Kyubi attack on?" Ao finished.

"October 10th…That's why the boy's chakra seems so familiar…He's just like Yagura…They are both Jinchuriki." Mei answered, lightly stroking the sleeping boy's head. "This young boy contains the Kyubi no Kitsune…" Mei finished as she visibly paled.

"No this is good! Now we have our own Jinchuriki to even the score with Yagura!" Ao exclaimed and Chojuro looked happy as well.

"You don't get it…Konoha is going to come looking for such an important person…" Mei reasoned, sounding worried.

"Well what are we going to do about that?" The seasoned Hunter-nin asked rhetorically.

"They are not going to find him. From here on out Uzumaki Naruto is no more, dead. He is now Terumi Naruto." Mei stated in a completely serious manner.

"Um, Mei, I don't think that is a good idea…The Mizukage and whoever is controlling him is bound to look into someone you adopted." Chojuro offered.

"True. That is why I am going to say I found him in a small town in northern water country. I'm going to say he was abandoned as a young child. I've kept the fact that I have a bloodline secret long enough. How hard could this one be?" Mei asked with a small smile on her face. She was completely confident in everything right now. She didn't even worry about anything, not the Konoha-hunters, not the mist revolt coming up, not even parenting the young boy she had now adopted in everything but paper. Right then and there the young boy in question's eyes fluttered open.

He yawned. "Morning." He mumbled out towards Mei.

"Good morning Naruto. I'd like you to meet two friends of mine." She pointed at a man wearing a classic Kiri-Hunter uniform. He also had short hair and large earrings with an eye patch over his right eye. "This is Ao." Ao nodded at the young boy. "And this," She pointed at a young man wearing a long striped shirt with the Kiri symbol used as a sort of badge. He had on sun glasses and earmuffs. He also wore pants that were gray camouflaged. He had a large two handled sword on his back. "Is Chojuro." Said man smiled at Naruto, who in turn smiled back.

"Naruto I have a question for you…" Mei mentally prepared herself for the task at hand. "Would you like to become apart of my family?"

"Are you saying…?" Naruto asked, not wanting to be wrong.

"Yes…I would like to adopt you." Mei explained, feeling as if a large weight was lifted off her shoulders. Naruto just sat there for a moment, absorbing the shock. Yesterday he was a lonely orphan who didn't seem to belong and today he would finally get a family. He responded with a quick nod. Mei smiled at this.

"I hope someday I can be like the mom you never had." The red haired woman said to Naruto as he drifted off into a dreamless sleep, repeating the word 'Mom' over and over in his head.

The next day…

Naruto awoke to the smell of fish assaulting his small nostrils. His mouth drooled at the smell of actual food. The young blond soon found himself sitting besides the man with the weird eye patch, Ao. He seemed to be starting a fire. He turned when Naruto arrived and merely nodded at the young boy.

"Where is everyone else?" Naruto questioned loudly.

"Mei went to get supplies from a near by town and Chojuro is trying to catch us some breakfast." Ao answered. "They should be back soon." Sure enough, within 15 minutes Mei arrived back at the camp. She didn't seem to have any supplies though.

"Where's the stuff you bought?" Naruto asked, confused.

Mei chuckled at this. "I put it all in here." She answered as she took out a small scroll. "This is a sealing scroll, you use these to store items in with no extra weight added on."

Naruto's eyes widened at this. "Sweet! Will I be able to do that?" Mei nodded. Just then Chojuro arrived with five fish on a stick. He started to cook it wordlessly. When it was done he gave one to each of his travel companions. Naruto started to dig into his food like he hadn't eaten well in weeks.

'He probably hasn't…' Mei concluded sorrowfully.

When everyone was ready for breakfast and the fire was smothered Naruto decided to speak up.

"How far is the mist village?" He asked.

Chojuro answered this in his usual shy voice, "Um, Kiri is about a weeks travel at a steady pace. I will create a water clone to carry you." Naruto then nodded as the water clone picked him up. It turned out his idea of a steady pace was a lot different than the Kiri-nin's, because soon enough the three ninja and one clone took off with blinding speed into the trees.

"After enough ninja training you will be able to move at these speeds as well." Mei answered Naruto's unasked question. Naruto nodded and was again captured by the sights of all the trees blurring by.

One week later…

Naruto was completely lost. They had been traveling through mist for what seemed like days. Mist, mist, mist and oh yeah, more mist.

"Are we almost there?" Naruto whined for the seemingly hundredth time.

"Yes." Mei muttered impatiently. She by now knew the way to Kiri like the back of her hand, even through the thick mist. The mist had its ups and its downs. It was a bitch to travel through but it kept foreigners away quite well. Soon enough the mist seemed to clear to reveal an enormous city. Naruto thought it looked so much different than Konoha. The city was made mostly of cylindrical buildings, looking very odd to the blond haired boy. There seemed to be one very large, very odd building in the middle of the city. It had the emblem for 'Water' on it just as the Hokage tower had the emblem for 'fire'. Naruto also noticed there were several large mountains in the back.

"Welcome to Kiri, Naruto." Mei smiled brightly at the young boy, who smiled back.

Mei, Chojuro and Ao were all thinking different thoughts. Mei's were along the lines of 'How am I going to take care of a kid?' Ao's were about something about the Hunter-division. Chojuro was thinking about overthrowing the Mizukage and changing Kiri. They all had agreed to oversee the young boy on his training and to help him grow up. He would make a damn fine ninja with his reserves and the fact that he contained the strongest of the nine biju.


A frantic Dog-masked Anbu burst through the Hokage's door, startling the old Hokage.

"Dog, what is the meaning of this?" Sarutobi muttered menacingly. He had just gotten to the good part in his Icha Icha Paradise.

"Sir! Uzumaki Naruto has gone missing." Dog sputtered out, causing Sarutobi to drop his pipe in shock.

"Are you sure? Did you check the orphanage? Ichiruka's ramen stand? The Hokage's monument?" The silver haired Anbu nodded to each and every suggestion, having already checked there.

"How could this happen?" Sarutobi muttered as he rubbed his temples. "When did this happen?"

"The last time anyone has seen him was one week ago today, sir."

The aging Hokage sighed. "Kakashi, please take off your mask." He ordered.

Kakashi complied, revealing a standard Konoha headband covering his left eye. He had grey, gravity defying hair and dark black eyes. He had a black mask covering the bottom of his face and neck. "Hokage-sama, I'm worried. What if something happened to him? What is someone killed him?"

"Nothing like that happened. If someone had killed him the villagers would be celebrating. Also you know as well as I do no one dares to touch him with the penalty I have made…This leaves two options…He was kidnapped…or he left on his own free will…" Sarutobi stated, not knowing which option he would have preferred. On one hand, the only people who would kidnap him would be someone who knew about the Kyubi, or someone who knew about his parentage. Both were well kept secrets. On the other hand, if Naruto had left on his own free will…Hiruzen would have known he had failed the young boy.

'Minato…Have I really failed this badly? You would be ashamed of the way this village treats your son' The Sandaime thought.

"Create a team consisting of any Anbu or jonin you know who are not against the boy. Find out where he went, summon Pakkun if you need to. You will return Naruto by the end of the week." The proclaimed God of Shinobi ordered with all his authority, intent on righting his wrong.

"Hai!" Kakashi bowed as he replaced his mask and disappeared in a classic leaf body flicker.

Sarutobi then started out a letter. He would need his students help for this…After all, Jiraiya did have one of the best spy networks in the elemental countries.

Front Gate, twenty minutes later…

Kakashi stood in front of a small group of Anbu and jonin. He looked at his group. The first member was a newly promoted Jonin named Tenzo. He had an artificially planted version of the Shodaime's Wood Release. The second person was his longtime 'rival', Maito Gai, also a Jonin. The next person was the leader of the Aburame clan, Shibi. The last member of the makeshift squad was a Jonin named Sarutobi Asuma. Kakashi nodded to each member and summoned Pakkun, his nin-dog.

"Can you track a scent Pakkun?" Kakashi asked.

"Sure, do you have anything I can smell?" Kakashi handed the little pug a small strip of clothing off of Naruto's shirt. Pakkun nodded and pointed towards the direction he was headed.

"All right team, move out!" Kakashi ordered as Pakkun took off, followed closely by the group of elite ninja.

'Minato-sensei…I won't let your legacy escape us!'

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