Six children. One dog.








God only knows how many problems.

Save the world.

Try not to die.

Run for your lives.

Grow up in a cage.

Stay focused and on task- there's only room for so many mistakes.

Fight your enemies- even though you may not know who they are yet.

But that's just for beginners. Now is the time to take a stand. Against insurmountable foes, and innumerable obstacles. Against seemingly unbeatable forces, and carnage of heart, mind, body, and soul.

Blood, sweat, tears, twisted variations of all three.

The storm before the calm.

Against all odds, these six children and their dog, will fight.

Six children and a dog, who call themselves The Flock.

Six children and a dog who will defend the innocent, and the non-innocent, because no one deserves to be subjected to the kind of torture they've had lived with.

Six children and a dog, who knew that they very well could, and most likely would, die because of the cause they were fighting for.

Six children, and one dog, who will change the world.