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Aries's POV

Today was usual in the star ring, just us 13 doing whatever we want. I was sooo bored. No cases with the Aries, no need for me. I couldn't tease anybody cause nobody was a good target. Regulus get's too dramatic over it, Antares is going to remember what I say forever, Demeter get's upset and cries easily and the rest I can't use. So much atmosphere in here. Then I heard some kind of weird noise. My eyes grew wide. I looked outside the ring and saw Lili. Nothing special. Everybody stared at me. I just cocked my head a little. Everybody did the same thing as me after a moment. I couldn't really tell what was going to happen, but something BIG is going to happen. Then all of a sudden I glowed red. The others glowed different colors, Ganymede glowed blue. I was about to look for others but I got sucked out of the ring. When I woke up, Lili was staring at me wide-eyed. I looked at myself and screamed. Nothing wrong at all, it's just happens to be that I'm now a actual human who's 13 while the others are 13 year old humans too who are knocked out on the floor. Right, nothing wrong at all. Are you kidding me? When I get summoned out of the ring, I am my usual spirit self! And we're not all summoned out at the same time too! Everybody else started waking up. They all had different reactions though. Ganymede didn't care. All of the girls were happy. Regulus had a dense face. Parn didn't even notice. Too busy with his nose in that book of his. The twins were playing with each other and messing around, and you can figure out what the rest are like. I couldn't help but look at the star ring, the star ring was now a different color. Instead of blue it was orange now. (A/N: just so you know, I don't know what color the star ring is, I saw it was green, but it was on the green volume, so I wasn't so sure. So I'm making it blue!) I tried to grab my crystal of truth to do some horoscopes but I found out that it was gone! I talked out loud so anyone could answer.

"Is anyone else missing their crystal of truth?" everybody started checking and most of them started to panic. When Lili's mom came opening the door she just nodded. I looked over to where Lili was, she wasn't there. I went downstairs and I noticed something, I could fly and float still! I saw Lili and Lili's mom talking. I made my ears real big to listen.

"Mom! What are we going to do with them now?"

"Well, they'll have to be able to blend in while we try to find a solution. They are staying down in the basement. I'll get the futons ready while you tell them the news, okay?" Lili just nodded. I quickly floated back upstairs where the others were. They were doing what they usually do in the ring. Then I heard Lili rushing upstairs. She opened the door with a sweat drop going down her head. She sighed.

"You guys are going downstairs, and you're sleeping on futons. When you're downstairs, we have some important news for you!" wow, first time I saw her serious. But me, sleeping on a futon. Don't they have a guest room or something? I pouted.

"Can I have a bed?" she shook her head no. I fell anime style. Lili put on her star ring and we all floated downstairs.

Parn's POV

I put my book behind me and stood up. I was enjoying my book too. Well, minus one fact. The fact dimwits were around me still! I nodded. I don't even care for being out of that star ring and now I am? I sighed. Aries dashed down the stairs and left a trail of smoke behind her. Now that she mentioned the crystal of truth being missing, I can't help but think about it. I looked at my clock. Even though I don't have my crystal of truth now or anything, I should still check the time. 5:58pm. When I started floating downstairs I looked around. Lili's house wasn't that bad. Too small though. I floated over to a nearby chair away from everybody else. Everybody started mingling and playing around the second after they landed on their futons. This was going to be a long while. I rolled my eyes. Lili's mom started talking.

"Since you guys are out of the star ring and have nothing to do, you guys are going to high school with Lili and Hiromi now." I nodded. She was right, I didn't have anything to do, I just didn't want to go.

Demeter's POV

This might help me. I could help Lili more on her clothing, after all, I do have to correct it all the time. Lili's mom had already registered us up. After a nice dinner made by Hoshizawa-san, me and the other girls followed Lili. She seemed really depressed all of a sudden. The guys were led by Hoshizawa-kun. Once we reached Lili's room, she told us to choose another outfit than the ones we wore already to sleep. There were so many cute outfits! I helped the others too. I ended up picking a light pink frilly night gown. Antares chose a aqua blue (not aquamarine) layered night gown. (A/N: I ended up giving them all night gowns. Sorry but I just thought I can't put them into pajamas like I would with a 10 year old.) Astrea chose a bright yellow sunny night gown with a matching yellow headband. Io chose a red and white layered night gown. Aphrodite chose a hot pink frilly layered night gown. Aries chose out a dark red frilly night gown. Praesepe chose a dark purple frilly layered night gown. She got a matching white headband. I thought they all looked cute! We all changed into the night gowns and went down stairs. I was surprised the boys weren't here yet.

Chiron's POV

This guy did not have anything I could wear! When I walked in, I fell down anime style. This guy did not have anything orange! Or anything clean. - The only orange thing was a orange T-shirt. Luckily it was clean. I chose grey shorts with two red stripes going down on each side. Regulus just washed his clothes and added a different pair of brown shorts. Parn chose a light green t shirt with long dark green sweat pants. He had also gotten his glasses removed thanks to the twins (Castor and Pollux) and now he was freaking out saying he was as blind as a bat without them. The twins both got matching blue t shirts with long light blue sweat pants. Ganymede got a white t-shirt with a weird shade of green shorts. When we finally got downstairs after tripping, (all Parn's fault) we saw the girls were already done playing "Old Maid". I spotted Io glaring at me. I shot a glare back to her. We all sat down.

"Why don't we play a different game?" I whined. The guys nodded with me.

"Fine" Aries said. "you guys get to choose." In the end, we decided to play the game, Stinking Rich.(A/N: Do not own the game.)

Time Skip: After the Game - Results (Because everybody likes this part)

"Commoner" Ganymede said.

"Poor" Aries said.

"Rich Men!" Castor and Pollux said.

"Everyman" Parn said.

"Nobleman" Aphrodite said.

"Destitute" I said shocked.

"Stinking Rich!!!!" Io yelled. She jumped for joy. I wanted to crawl under a rock.

"So that means, Chiron has to be my slave for a whole week!" she said playfully. I shouldn't have taken the chances of this game. Great, more torture! I just wanted power and money.

Morning, Aries's POV

I raced over to the table to eat some breakfast. I got rice soup. I quickly ate it and started to wake the others. I went to the restroom to change into my usual clothes, a yellow jacket down to the bottom of my chest, light brown khakis, a red shirt and red shoes. I tied up my black hair with a yellow hair tie. I ran to the others. They were all eating breakfast except for Castor, Pollux and Parn. Parn looked different without his huge glasses.

"GIVE ME BACK MY GLASSES YOU FOOLS!!!" Parn said trying to chase them. He fell a lot. I sweat dropped. The others started changing into their usual clothes. Lili then came down. She still had that scar from the shot. I did a somersault out the door over the gate. The man was about to close the gate. Lili jumped over the gate. I swear, she might be more athletic than me. Parn had finally stopped chasing the twins and somehow managed to get through the gate. Io, Chiron and Ganymede were still stuck on the other side. Ganymede jumped over the gate while the others floated over it. When we arrived to the school, Lili separated from us. We went to the chairman's office. We got out uniforms quickly. I changed and so did the others. It was the same uniform Lili and Hiro had. We finally reached the class. The teacher from Lili's class called us in. Instead of introducing ourselves, she did it for us.

"This is Demeter Virgo, Virgo had just moved here."

"And this is Antares Scorpio, She had also just moved here, She had already earned a degree in dancing!" The class had it's ooh's and ah's.

"This is Regulus Leo, He had also just moved here."

"This is Parn Capricorn, Capricorn here had already earned college degrees in a lot of classes."

"And this is Astrea Libra. Like the others, Astrea had just moved here."

" This is Castor and Pollux Gemini. They had just moved here and are twins."

"This is Chiron Sagittarius. He had just moved here and has a job at a restaurant."

" And this is Io Taurus. She had also just moved here."

"This is Aries Aries. Aries had just moved here and had earned a many medals in athletics."

"This is Aphrodite Pisces. Pisces had also just moved here."

"This is Ganymede Aquarius and he had also just moved here like the others."

"Finally we have Praesepe Cancer. Cancer, like the others, had just moved here."

"Now all of you can have the seats behind Hoshizawa-san." We all tried to find good seats. We ended up taking 2 rows. I also was about to sleep but Parn whacked me with a ruler. I wanted to scream so much. At our free time, 5th period, we got to talk with Hiro.

"Hello again, Oikawa." Ganymede said. Hiro then figured it out.

"This has to be a dream again! There's no way that they are here!" he said. I looked over to Lili for help. She decided to explain what happened.

"They got sucked out of the star ring when it turned orange, and they became humans. And no, you're not dreaming." He understood. I decided to go against the most athletic person in the school at everything. At the end, like always, I won! The guy was now in his emo corner. Aphrodite was with Ganymede and she was blushing hard. Parn was reading a book. Chiron was trying to do what Io told him to do because of the Stinking Rich game. The others I didn't know.

Time Skip: After School

We were at Lili's house playing Stinking Rich again. Lili then rushed to us. She told us this,

"We got another case."

"How are we going to solve it with no crystal of truth?" Io asked. Lili said she didn't know. We heard the case, someone got poisoned. The name was Daichi Souma. His birthday was December 28th, 1988. (A/N: Present time is 2002 in this story.) So he was a Capricorn. Then Parn's Crystal of Truth reappeared. Lili pointed this out.

"I don't know why this happened."

"Well, we should check his horoscope."

"Wait, I can't it's the middle of the night, it's against my rules." he said looking at his clock. Then all of us girls besides Lili, did the move Lili used on him. He had a face that read, freaked out/shocked/surprised. The boys were either pitying him, or trying to hold their laughing at him.

"Fine! I'll do it! Sheesh." He adjusted his glasses. I had no idea why people did that.

"Guided by the ruling planet and the sun, Parn serves the owner of the star ring! Daichi Souma, Capricorn's horoscope for today: Better find a good shield, someone is out to get you due to hurt feelings. Key images revealing the truth areā€¦" he said. We all looked into the crystal of truth. It revealed white, pure, clean, angelic feathers. Now that we're all out, I get to help out Lili more!

Chapter 1 : The feathers of the Capricorn!

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