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Parn's POV

These guys have got to be kidding me.

"You guys plan on doing this by giving me pain?" I almost screeched.

"Yep!" Chiron yelled in my face.

"Exactly how does this help me?" I asked adjusting my glasses.

"Easy! You get in pain and with the girls' close contact, we'll figure out by your face!" I sighed.

"As long as you guys follow the same method or get more pain, I'll follow through." I said. Chiron nodded.

"How exactly are you going to give me pain?" I asked.

"Depends on how much you want to get hurt."

"The least." I answered quickly.

"Okay! We'll just have to choose what we're going to do and wait for them to come back." Chiron said.

"What are your guesses?" I asked. Chiron stopped.

"It's kind of hard. I mean those girls aren't easy to be able to predict between us." He said throwing a ball at the wall.

"Well now onto the methods. All I can think of that won't hurt that much is being thrown from a high height, a cut and being bruised." Chiron said. Great. I rolled my eyes.

"Hey, Ganymede. Do you mind getting bruised?" Ganymede shook his head.

"I guess Ganymede is getting bruised, Your getting thrown and I'm getting cut." he decided. I guess it's okay.

"How are you going to get cut?" Ganymede asked.

"I'll find out a way." Chiron said leaning on the wall.

"WE'RE BACK!" a sudden yell burst opened the doors. It even helped the plan. The yell was actually strong enough to throw us against the opposite wall. Who the heck has a yell that strong? We all got bruised and Chiron actually got cut from a shard of glass.

"I told you guys I'd find a way!" he pointed an accusing finger.

"You were lucky." I muttered. I then picked up my glasses. One of the lenses was broken. The other was cracked. That's how Chiron got the cut! My lens must of flown off into his arm.

"Where's Parn, Chiron and Ganymede?" Io asked. Lili pointed over to the door that used to be there. The girls looked over to the door. The door had broken off the hinges but was still in one piece. It had hit Ganymede in the face. The others saw us too. Aphrodite ran over to us.

"What happened to you?" she asked.

"We were blown away from a yell into the wall and the door broke off and hit Ganymede. Parn's glasses flew into my arm and his glasses are broken?" Chiron tried to explain. Io and Aries then came running in.

"What's wrong Aphrodite? We heard you in here!" Aries said with concern.

"The guys are hurt!" Aphrodite summed it up. Aries then nervously laughed.

"So I was the one that caused this? That's amazing! But are you guys okay?"

She's the one who had that yell?

" A little" We all managed to say. I just rolled my eyes.

"Let me help!" Aphrodite said.

"We'll help too!" Aries said forcing Io into it. Aries's eyes had guilt while Aphrodite's had concern. Io's had sincere eyes.

"Let me help fix your glasses later!" Aries said with a happy smile. Somehow, I'm sort of scared of what she's going to do with them….


I looked over to the other guys. Ganymede had a small smile and Chiron face was a little pink. Io got out a first aid kit. She wrapped Chiron's cut and removed my lens. Soon they were finished.

"Hey guys, can you help me?" I asked. They pulled me up.

"I think I might have figured it out." we all said.

"Io with Chiron.." I said.

"Aphrodite with Ganymede…" Chiron continued.

" And Aries with Parn…" Ganymede finished.

"What do we do now?" I asked. Then the Gemini twins ran in.

"What happened to you 3?" they both asked. Are they dense?

"We got thrown to that wall and I got hit with the door. Parn's glasses got broken and the shards flew off to Chiron's arm." Ganymede explained.

"THAT'S SO COOL!" They shouted. I think I can't move now.

" PING! " We all looked at Chiron. In his hand, he had his arrow staff with the Crystal of Truth on top.

"Lili! Can you get over here?" Castor asked/yelled. Lili came running in. She noticed the Crystal of Truth quickly. The others came in.

"Lili, any crimes being done?" Astrea asked.

"I think I read about a 5th grade boy being kidnapped." She answered.

"What's his birthday?" Regulus asked.

"It's November 30th, 1991." She said.

"When was he kidnapped?" Chiron asked.

"Last night." she answered.

"Name?" I asked.

"Masato Ishikawa" (A/N: I'm writing names in Japanese form.)

" Guided by the ruling planet and the sun, Chiron serves the owner of the star ring! Masato Ishikawa, Sagittarius's horoscope for yesterday: Try something new instead of the same routine, you might get injured! And what reveals the truth of the day is…"

"A red circle?" Lili guessed.

"Pi Pi Pi!" I opened my cell phone.

Can you solve this case? It'll be a tough one to crack! Your clue is


Good Luck!


Have I heard this before?



"I don't have a clue! What do these numbers mean?" Lili asked herself.

"Could it be a phonetic code? It would be 'Na I Go, Ni Yo' No, That can't be it. Maybe I should add the numbers up? Hmmm…" then I floated over to her.

"The sum is 82. The difference is 66. The product is 0 since there is 1 zero." I answered her. She clutched her head and screamed "This makes no sense! I'm at my wit's end!" she took out her phone with hope.

"Any more hints?" she asked. Her eyes widened and a smile formed on her face.

"THAT'S IT! E-mail!" she shouted. I had no idea what she was talking about.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"The buttons on a phone represents either numbers or letters, you see? If you push 1 once, you have an A. And if you push it more than once, you get different letters. That's how you write e-mail messages using a phone. I mean the 1st number 71 represents "Press 7 once" which gives you the letter "Ma" on Japanese cell phones. The next number 42 gives you "Chi." If you convert all the numbers like this….

Ma Chi No Cyu Shi N Ya Ma No Shi Ta

Flashback end

But this one doesn't work on Japanese cell phones. Maybe if I try another kind.

After minutes of trying….

136361711162436362 ( I used American cell phones :D)

13 = C

63 = O

61 = M

71 = P

11 = A

62= N

43 = I

63 = O

62 = N

Not much to go on.

"What did you guys get?" Lili asked again.

" Playground." Aries answered staring at the whole in the wall.

" Video Game." Io said glaring at Chiron.

" Enemy" the twins said.

" Nothing" Praesepe managed to say.

" Nothing at all." Regulus stared at his phone.

"Who did get anything?" Lili asked.

"I got something" I said. I was the only person besides the 3 or 4 people.

"I got 136361711162436362." I answered.

"Eh?" the others asked clueless. I guess they didn't watch outside of the ring a few months ago.

"What did it mean?" Lili asked remembering the case.

"Companion." I said.


"Yep." I said.

Petty: Now the 2nd case has started. I ran out of clues. But anyway, the victim is a friend/ enemy of mine. He's an actual Sagittarius. But basically, I just made his name Japanese and all.

Aries: What does "Doki" mean?

Petty: The way I used it in here meant basically a heart beat. It could mean a bunch of things. And also, Hai = Okay, Baka = Idiot, Dummy, Stupid , Arigatou = Thank you and Gomen = Sorry.

Aries : Can I borrow this?

Petty: Sure.

Aries: * Taps Crystal of Truth *

Io: *falls* Not again…

Petty: Just do it.

Io: Hai. R&R please!

Author, Relatives and Friend's Background (2)

Name: Steven

Age: 11

DOB: November 30th, 1998

Sign: Sagittarius

Talent: Video Game playing, getting hurt, anything with violence

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