Evangeline POV:

"Hey Dean, what-" My voice was cut off by a moan in the car. I walked closer, staring through the back window; it was Dean alright, with Anna. I contemplated on yelling at them, but my anger was to strong. I turned and ran, bolting through the trees of the forest, the only thought running through my head was Dean and Anna, I growled, curling my upper lip. It's time for payback, Dean Winchester, for all the times you've cheated, I'm gonna give in to temptation.

With that thought, I turned and ran through the bushes, running towards Dean, Sam and my motel room. I knocked on the door, waiting for Sam to open the door. When he opened the door I brushed past him, purposely slow as to rub my body against his. As I walked away, I heard his shaky intake of breath and I smirked, this plan was going easier than I thought. Walking towards mine and Dean's bed, I made sure to sway my hips more, leaning my leg up to remove my boot.

I flicked my hair off to one shoulder, unlacing and removing the boot, moving to the other one. At his stare, I innocently said, "What's wrong, Sam?" He shook his head, "Nothing."

Sam POV:

She was killing me. Even when she was removing her boots, she looked sexy beyond belief. It wasn't fair that Dean got her and I don't, I treat her much better. "What's wrong, Sam?" She asked, a picture of perfect innocence on her face. I shook my head, stop it Sam, "Nothing." She nodded and took off her jacket, revealing a cleavage revealing Tank top. Dammit, she should not be doing this, I have very little sexual control.

After, she removed her tank top, revealing a lacy black bra. She looked at me out of the corner of her eye, licking her lips. I couldn't take it anymore and I paced up to her, cupping her jaw, smashing our lips together. I groaned, Damn she could kiss. She gripped my hair as her tongue entwined with mine, grinding herself into me. I grabbed her waist, lifting her and wrapping her legs around my hips, pushing us into a wall. My left hand was next to her head and I grinded back, kissing her more passionately. Angel returned it eagerly, trailing her nails down my chest, earning a moan out of me.

I kissed the sensitive skin of her neck, biting the junction between her neck and shoulder as she whispered in a breathless moan, "I-I think you're wearing way too much clothing, Mr. Winchester." I pressed my forehead against hers, smirking, "Ladies first." She grabbed my shirt, pulling it over my head as I unclipped her bra, tossing it in a general direction.

I grabbed her thighs and carried her over to the bed, unbuckling her jeans and pulling them down along with her panties. Her fingers opened my jeans, pulling them down with her underwear. I didn't waste any time and thrust into her quickly, gasps and groans emitting from both of us. She was so damn tight, she was. Her mouth opened in shock, I don't think she's ever had something this big inside her. Ha! Dean was smaller, that made my night.

"Sam, go on. I won't break," She said to me, rolling her hips a bit. I groaned and pulled completely out of her, thrusting back in harder. I started going at a heavy pace, Eva matching my thrusts. Soon, her walls tensed- "SAM!" I picked up the pace, placing her legs over my shoulders. With a growl I came, breathing heavily.

Eva POV:

That's payback for you.

This fiction is for my Supernatural un-posted story. I just really wanted to write this now, it was in my head. I want to thank my best friend for writing the lemon for me! Thanks Abbs!