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Terribly Mistaken

"So what are we going to do," James asked, taking a seat beside where his best mate sat on the ragged looking couch within the living room of his flat.

Sirius looked over at the messy haired man, brows furrowed, before looking out of the window he had been gazing out of before.

"What do you mean," Sirius asked, wanting to play dumb for just a moment, to forget why they were sitting here in the first place, when there was so much to be done for the Order, but his shoulders slumped, because he already knew exactly what James was talking about.

"We know it has to be one of them Sirius. We know it has to. There's no other explanation. No one else knows as much, can gain access to as much information. I hate to say it Padfoot, hate to even think it, because both of them are my friends, but either Remus or Peter is the traitor, and to be completely honest, I don't think Pete has the brains or the guts for this so…"

Sirius growled as soon as Remus' name left the stag Animagus' mouth, cursing fiercely as he heard the words that he was saying, before he lunged for his best friend, pointing his wand threateningly at the other man's throat as he loomed over him, looking ready to kill. "Don't go there Prongs. Don't you fucking dare bring Remus' name into this. Don't you dare sit here and narrow down the odds as if he's the only person capable of foul play. You know he would never…"

"Yeah Pads, and I also know that Peter would never. There are a lot of people that would "never" betray us. You know the funny thing about all of this business though? They still do. Good or bad, friend or foe, people we know are betraying us left and right, feeding our secrets to this fucking Dark Lord Wannabe. Why can't it be Moony just as soon as it could be a Malfoy?"

Sirius growled again, pressing his wand tighter against the flesh of his friend's neck. It gave him some sort of twisted pleasure to see the panic fill James' eyes, to see him finally realize that, yes, Sirius was ready to kill him, for doing no more than suggesting that his lover would betray him, would betray the whole fucking Wizardry world.

"P…Padfoot," James stuttered, suddenly trying desperately to put some space between his friend's wand and his rapidly speeding pulse. "Calm down…"

"No Prongs, do not fucking tell me to calm down. You're sitting there, saying Moony, the same Moony that you've known for over ten years, could be going behind our back and selling us out to the very person he vowed to help destroy, and you want me to calm the bloody hell down? Are you fucking insane, you tosser? You expect me to calm down after you practically compared Remus to a Malfoy? Has Evans screwed out whatever remaining brains you may have? I should kill you now, just for bringing his name up in this conversation. You should know he would never betray us."

"Don't bring Lily's name into this," James shouted, hazel eyes flashing fiercely behind his glasses as he thrashed beneath his friend.

"Oh," Sirius hissed, voice laced with sarcasm and bitter contempt, "So I can't bring you precious Lily's name into this argument, when I barely said a word against her, but you're free to bring Remus' name up and accuse him of the foulest sort of crime, right? Fucking Remus John Lupin, the best, most honest guy we've ever had the honor of knowing, and you just sat there a moment ago and said he could be the one betraying us to fucking Voldemort."

"He could be. Odds are that he is" James shouted, flinging an arm out to get the grey eyed man off of him.

Sirius held him down though, looking ready to fling his wand aside and just punch the messy haired man right in the face. "You're a fucking bastard. Do you know that James? You talk about brotherhood and trusting each other and standing by each other, and yet you're the one pointing your finger at the best mate any of us could have ever asked for. You've gone too fucking far this time."

Sirius raised his arm, with every intent of causing the man under him as much bodily harm as he could, but just as he was ready to lower his arm, to deliver the first blow, and blow that could possibly end their friendship, because how could they get past this, a thin, palely scarred hand wrapped around his wrist, tugging him backwards till he felt a thin yet lean body wrap around him.

"Calm down Sirius," Remus whispered, pulling the dark haired man up so that he could lean against his chest. He held his lover's trembling body against him, gently caressing lush, ebony locks, before turning to look at James, who was still sprawled out on the floor.

"Remus," James began wearily, standing up and brushing himself off.

Remus shook his head slightly, holding Sirius in place when he looked ready to jump James once more.

"It's ok James, I understand."

"No Moony, you don't…"

Remus smiled sadly, looking at his friend. "You think I'm the traitor, or more, you want to think that I am, because you want this whole business to be over with so that you can protect your son and you wife."

"Well, yeah, but…"

Remus sighed again, running soothing hands up and down Sirius' tightly clenched back. "I'm not the traitor Prongs," he said, brown eyes looking over to meet hazel.

James looked down, suddenly feeling ashamed. "You weren't supposed to hear any of that conversation."

"Then you should have had the conversation somewhere else, rather than in the flat I happen to share with my now seething boyfriend. Come on Prongs, you've always been clever, and sneaky too. Where's your head at," Remus asked, mocking his friend.

James flinched, unable to meet the werewolf's eyes.

"I'm sorry."

Remus laughed cruelly, looking away. "No you're not. You just wanted someone to blame, and who better than a filthy werewolf, right?"

James shook his head dumbly, even though he had been thinking the exact same thing moments before. "No… no Remus…"

"I'm not the traitor Prongs, and even if you can get people to think that I am, even if you can get me locked away, this won't end. Someone else is the traitor, and if you think about it, rather than trying to find the easiest solution to erase your fucking fear and distress, I think it's quite obvious who is betraying us," Remus muttered bitterly, not able to meet his friend's eyes.

James opened his mouth to speak again, to apologize, to… he didn't know what, but Sirius cut him off before he could, not wanting to hear another word of what he had to say.

Sirius gripped Remus shaking hands, kissing the trembling fingers, before turning to face James. "Maybe it'll be best if you leave Prongs."

"B… but Sirius, wait…"

Sirius shook his head, already pulling the distressed man in his arms towards their bedroom. "Get out Prongs. Neither of us want to see you right now. Just get out."

James sighed, tears filling his eyes and limbs trembling, as the door slammed right in his face.

Bloody hell, what had he done?