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The last chapter….

A few weeks later.

"Sirius," Remus laughs, trying to push his enthusiastic boyfriend away from him, "stop. Now isn't the time."

"It's always the time," Sirius says, his voice thick with lust and sharp seduction. He pulls the collar of Remus' shirt aside so that he can have better access to his neck.

Remus tries not to get lost in the feeling of Sirius' mouth sucking and nipping at his bare skin. But it's distracting. And it feeling fucking incredible, that warm, wet heat like a path of fire along his sensitive flesh.

"Sirius," Remus groans, reaching up to grip fistfuls of Sirius' dark hair. He knows that he shouldn't, that it'll only encourage Sirius to continue his caresses and to go even further with them, but he needs Sirius to be even closer than he already is.

Sirius' laugh fans out against Remus' moist skin, causing him to groan again. "You don't really want me to stop," he murmurs, his breath like a caress all on its own.

Remus shakes his head helplessly. "Sirius… we agreed to meet James and Lily and Harry at the park by twelve o'clock."

Sirius chuckles darkly, seductively, and one of his slender hands slide underneath Remus' shirt to curl around his slim hip, where his trousers ride low. "We have plenty of time," he says, before running his tongue down the length of Remus' pale, scar splattered neck. He seems set on mapping out and claiming each of Remus' scars, and really, try as he may, Remus cannot do anything more than whimper helplessly and dip his head back to give his boyfriend easier access.

He shakes his head again, after a moment of trying to battle helplessly for control, and looks over his boyfriend's broad shoulders at the clock that is hanging on their living room wall.

"Sirius," he says, only for his voice to be muffled as Sirius wrenches his shirt up over his head. He tries to glare at Sirius once it's off, but the way that Sirius is looking at him, eyes dark with lust and a greater emotion that Sirius has seemed intently set on showering him with in the past several months, makes his breath suddenly catch in his throat. "We have to be there in less than half an hour," he finally chokes out.

Sirius' grin only grows broader, wicked and darkly seductive, as he pushes Remus down onto the couch. Remus is shocked for a moment, not having realized that they were so close to the furniture. "We have plenty of time," Sirius replies, voice like silk as he loams over Remus' splayed out form.

Remus can't really protest much after that, to Sirius' great satisfaction.

"We are going to be so late," Remus says, though it comes out weak and uncaring. He thinks that he owes it to himself, that part of himself that lived strong and not quite as unyielding as it should have been back at Hogwarts that… sometimes managed to keep him and his friends out of too much trouble. "Sirius, we really shouldn't…"

"Tell me Remus," Sirius says, his voice rolling over Remus like a heating charm, "would you rather leave now to spend the day with our annoyingly happy best friend and his family, or would you rather stay here for a bit, and let me suck you off before I fuck you?"

Remus whimpers as the image of just what Sirius is suggesting fills his head. "He's only so annoyingly happy because I've finally forgiven him," Remus protests. The protest sound weak to his own ears though, and he knows that it is the reason that Sirius laughs again before swooping in for a wet, sloppy kiss.

"It's still annoying," he says, once he has succeeded in leaving them both breathless.

Remus shakes his head. "It's not his fault," he tries to say, but is cut off as Sirius dives in for another kiss, this one just as wet and dirty as the last one as Sirius licks into his mouth.

"You don't really want me to stop," Sirius breathes out against his lips, voice riddled with amusement and overwhelming desire. "So just shut up Remus, and let me make you feel good."

"As if you're only trying to make me feel good," Remus forces out on a breathless laugh.

"Well, of course not," Sirius says, sounding amused. Before Remus can come up with a comeback, however, Sirius's hand trails down Remus' chest and down over his stomach to grip him tightly through his slacks. "But I've never heard you complain before," he murmurs, mouth trailing down his exposed chest to find one of his hard, pink nipples.

Remus moans, incapable of holding the sound in, and he throws one of his legs over Sirius' hip to drag him closer. "Just shut up and get on with it," he says, voice breathless with lust and sudden impatience.

Sirius laughs in triumph as he deftly undoes the button and zip of Remus' slacks with one skilled hand. "I knew that you couldn't resist me," he says, voice filled with pride.

Remus tries to glower at him, but it comes out weak when Sirius' hand slides into the slit of his boxer shorts to wrap around his cock. "You're just convenient," he says. "It's only because you're the only person around."

Sirius' eyes, or what Remus can actually see of them, grow darker, more possessive, and his voice comes out as more of a growl than anything. "As if you would ever let anyone else do what you let me do to you," he says, and throws Remus' leg off of his hip in order to yank Remus' slacks and shorts down his thin hips to leave him all but bare. Remus notices with fleeting embarrassment that he still has his socks on. It passes though as Sirius grips tighter at his cock, his hard, calloused hand chafing against his sensitive skin. "No one else is allowed to touch you like this," he says possessively, his thumb swiping against the slick head of Remus' cock.

Remus groans helplessly, thrusting into the touch. "No, no one," he admits, done playing games. He needs Sirius to touch him more. It's not enough. "Please," he pleads, his legs falling open wantonly. He knows that he must look a bit like a slut, with the way he's opening himself up to Sirius and displaying himself like this, but he can't help it. Sirius seems to leave him without control over himself.

When Sirius laughs again, Remus can hear the lust ringing clearly in the sound. "You're such a little slut," he says, his thoughts mirroring Remus'. He grins darkly, all teeth and wicked intent as his hand continues to run up and down Remus' cock, squeezing almost painfully tight on the down strokes and twisting his wrist on the upstrokes. "I love how I can make you like this."

Remus moans helplessly. "Please," he says, thrusting up into Sirius' hand once more. "Please, I need more."

Sirius lowers his head so that he can suck on Remus' nipples once more. "What's the magic word," he asks, with his teeth clamped down around Remus' nipple.

Remus growls in irritation. "Fuck me," he says, sick of Sirius' teasing.

"Are you sure," Sirius asks, still teasing Remus as he trails the hand not stroking his cock down to the cleft of his ass. "Is that what you really want?"

"Yes," Remus says, drawling out the syllables on a high pitched moan as Sirius parts his arse cheeks to expose his hole to the cool air in the living room. "Yes," he says again, helplessly, as Sirius begins circling his entrance with one long finger.

"Alright," Sirius says, and his voice sounds almost unbearably smug as he eases one finger, and then two, into Remus' tight entrance. Remus silently promises to bring Sirius' ego down a peg… after they finish having sex.

He throws both of his legs over Sirius' hips, groaning in frustration when he realizes that Sirius is still fully clothed. "Why aren't you naked," he asks, his voice filled with lust and a bit of confusion.

Sirius laughs. "Because I was a bit too busy getting you naked to worry about myself," he admits.

"Well come on," Remus says, voice almost frantic in his desire to feel more of Sirius' bare skin against his own. His hips rock back and forth, forward into the hand around his cock, then backwards into the fingers up his arse, as he speaks. "We don't have forever," he says, though he's already forgotten why they had been in such a rush before.

Sirius merely laughs before standing up and stripping himself of his clothing quickly, not even bothering with a strip tease. He even takes off his socks, though he doesn't take off Remus'. In fact, when his eyes trail down his boyfriend's legs and fall onto the stockings, his gaze seems to sharpen, and darken further, causing Remus' cock to jerk helplessly against his stomach, leaving a trail of precome behind in the already damp brown hair there.

Sirius leaps back onto Remus, straddling his lap now before Remus can have a chance to even miss the contact of their skin and Sirius' hands. He moans desperately, almost embarrassingly loud as Sirius grinds into him for a moment, their bare cocks dragging together pleasantly. Then Sirius flips them over so that it's Sirius who is sitting, and Remus who is straddling him now. He only has a moment to feel shocked before Sirius is sliding two spell slicked fingers into his entrance. He really is happy that Sirius insisted on learning that particular wandless spell.

"Oh Merlin," Remus groans, allowing his head to fall forward to rest helplessly against Sirius' shoulder. "Hurry up," he pleads, grinding down against his boyfriend's hand.

Sirius, surprisingly, complies, working fast to stretch Remus out, leaving the werewolf a frantic, lust crazed mess each time his fingers hit his prostate, before withdrawing his fingers and lining his own spell slicked cock up against Remus' hole. "You ready?" he asks, his voice heavy with desire.

"Yeah," Remus says, and lowers himself down onto Sirius' cock before Sirius can ask him again. They both moan loudly as Sirius is fully sheathed.

"I love you," Sirius says, voice filled with the emotion, and Remus barely has time to respond in kind before his entire focus is taken up by the fast rhythm that Sirius sets, jerking his hips upward as he all but manhandles Remus into moving up and down along his cock.

"Oh fuck," Remus says, his mind wiped clean of all thoughts but "Sirius" and "more" and "Faster, please."

Both of them come almost embarrassingly fast, Remus shooting off in thick, white stripes against Sirius' stomach and torso with a shout before he is feeling Sirius pulse within him and his come filling him. They both yell out each other's names as they come.

"Sirius!" he shouts, his entrance tightening around his boyfriend's cock.

"Remus!" Sirius shouts seconds later, his hips jerking violently as he comes, before he pulls Remus down for a frantic kiss.

Sirius all but collapses against Remus' boneless form as they bask in the aftermath.

"Wow," Remus says weakly, still panting.

Sirius laughs breathlessly. "Well, I think that we're good and late."

Remus just chuckles as he buries his face into Sirius' hair. "You never gave me that blow job you promised," he says, suddenly remembering.

"Greedy," Sirius jokes, before flopping off of his boyfriend and onto the couch beside him. They both just slouch there for awhile, not quite cuddling but almost. They may have fallen asleep if it wasn't for the sound of the floo suddenly flaring to life and their best friend's voice filling the living room.

"Oi," James shouts, not having seen his friends yet. "What the bloody hell is taking you wankers so long? You were supposed to be at the park over half an hour ago!"

Remus and Sirius scramble for their clothing, Sirius amused, Remus embarrassed, but there isn't enough time. James comes into their line of vision and his eyes widen behind his glasses as he sees them. "Oh fuck," he whispers, turning his head away. "Come on guys, couldn't you have waited till tonight? We had plans."

"Some things just can't be held off," Sirius says, slowly pulling his clothing back on.

James wrinkles his nose as he casts Sirius a glance and is confronted by Sirius' come covered torso. "I am not going anywhere with you guys while you smell all sweaty and like…"

"Sex," Sirius chimes in, grinning lewdly.

Remus blushed fiercely as he pulls on his own clothing.

James groans and yanks a hand through his hair. "I swear Padfoot," he mutters, flaming red. "Times like these I almost wish you two hadn't forgiven me. I could really do without the naked encounters."

"Humph," Sirius jokes, as Remus is torn between wanting to laugh and wanting to dig a hole for himself to lie in. "You know you love it. And anyways, you know you're glad Moony finally forgave you. You would have been beside yourself if he hadn't."

"Yeah," James admits, smiling broadly as he turns to face Remus. "I am glad you forgave me. But I'll be even gladder if you two get your asses moving so that we can go meet Lily and Harry. Go shower. I'll wait out here."

Remus and Sirius both laugh as they move to comply.

"And no shower sex!" James shouts out.

Ah, the joys of having his cockblocking best mate back, Remus thinks, and walks into the bathroom with Sirius.

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