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DarkPaladinmon: Christian Bale

Hikari Ino: Stephanie Sheh

Wildrook: Frank Frankson

Airnaruto: Jack Black

XProdigy: Jason Stantham

Nukid: Vig Mignogna (Edward)

MistressofDawn: Hayden Panettiere

TLSoulDude: Joaquin Phoenix

DimensionDude: Doug Jones

Ranger24: Kyle Hebert



" I am the dove that shall cry when peace brings around the joys of humanity! I am the tiger whose roar shall break the elemental strides! Plus. . ." the guy said, then cut them off at the front of the wave*, laughing like a little kid.

" I called this wa-a-a-a-a-aAHAHAHHHHHHHH!"

Kiva skidded on his board over the edge, flipping over and whacked against the board, then spiraled into the water.

Banjomaru laughed from the sidelines and said," I think we're gonna need a second take . . . "


Doc: Matt Hullum

Sarge: Matt Hullum

Simmons: Gustavo Sorola

Donut: Dan Godwin

Church: Burnie Burns

Tex: Kathleen Zvelch

Tucker: Jason Saldana

Lopez: Burnie Burns

Grif: Geoff Ramsey

Caboose: Joel Heyman


" King Ryukoi," King said looking at DM. " I'm Scorpion's brother and the Sorcerer of Light."

" Older brother or just his big brother?" Goddess asked looking on at him.

" Big, moa," Moa said looking up at King.

" Die die die. . ." Phoenix cursed under her breath, fist clentched.

" Um, someone wanna try to keep her away from me?" King asked shaking.

" Man, puberty hit you like a ton of bricks," DM said looking up.

" Why ya gotta break bones?" King asked.

Phoenix was getting her Keyblade then. King gulped and yelped like a dog.

" Big guy's sensitive," Scorpion said, then asked, " WHAT THE?"

Phoenix lunged and hit him over and over with the Keyblade, which the others laughed at or ran from, making the situation all the more horrible.

" Can we cut?" Scorpion freaked as he tried to pull Phoenix off of his older brother. " HE'S FAKING! IT'S IN THE SCIRPT!"


Hurricane's Quill: Dave Wittenburg

BlackcatRin: Brina Palencia

Jean Kazuhiza: Drake Bell

AlyssaLioness: Hillary Duff

ErinBubble: Tara Strong

TSS: Crispin Freeman

DW64: Yuri Lowenthal

Shelby: Kate Hoffman

Jose: Antonio Banderas

Wandrex: Ted Lewis



" I got it!" Haru yelled running past Rook and Wandrex. He accidentally stattered sand onto them as he ran past. " I totally got it, DJ!"

Haru ran down about five more feet and caught a frisbee. " Go long!" He tossed it back and ran past the two again to more laughter.

Rook and Wandrex had gruesome grimaces on their faces as they heard the commotion and felt the sands. Both their eyes shot open and showed the purest fires or hatred.

Haru however tripped over again and spun in the sand sbefore hitting the sandhard, burying himself halfway as the others all laughed at the blonde. Dairo ran across and said," You alright theah buddah?"

" THAT is what you call a Sandy Blonde!" Wandrex and Rook laughed as haru undug himself.

" Gross . . .sand."

The others were still laughing.

" Yeah, yeah, keep laughing . . ."


Kiva Saafu: Christain Potenza

Banjomaru Atamaotaku: Brian Freud

King Ryukoi: Illich Guardiola

Janera Moeteiru: Denise Oliver

Mirasuka Reibei: Grey Delisle (Frankie)

Tanuki Tsuyoikaze: Grey Delisle (Mandy)

Scorpion Ryukoi: Vic Mignogna (Dark Mousy)

Dairo Miguziwa: Dee Bradley Baker

Haru Tsunami: Shaun Fleming

Ookami Sorari: Shizuka Hasegawa



" Sure Kitty, I'll help," Phoenix said almost sarcastically and grabbed the back of the cloak as Kitten began walking off.

Kitten sighed, unaware of the Unity girl's plan and closed her eyes. " Thank you, Phoenix, Deej, Moa. It's wonderful to have you three as great frie- AAAHGHH!"

She was dressed in a light blue bikini, but the top part had come . . . unsnapped, thanks to Phoenix pulling it off. as few boys nearby whistled as Dj and Moa turned bright red. Phoenix yelped and dropped the cloak as Kitten covered herself screaming still.

" That was NOT supposed to happen!" she yelled.

" See? See? NO lookie!" Dj yelled covering his eyes.

" Moa!" Moa did the same shaking.

Kitten ran off crying, still covering herself.

" This sucks!"

" dang it . . ." Kiva said as he covered his eyes, yet took a picture. " Hello website of Authoresses . . ."


Kitten Hachigamaguchi: Michelle Ruff

PhoenixoftheDarkness: Dakota Fanning

DarkGuitarGoddess: Emily Osment

Moa Nara: Michael Yurchak (Mora Nara: Jason Griffith)

ShadowDJ: Corbin Bleu

Lunatic121: James Arnold Taylor

AdventChild101: Bob Hopkins

JC619: Benjamin Diskin

Trisha Parker: Wendee Lee

Lilly: Angelina Jolie



" I'm sorry, but Kiva is one of the few people I can't even stand," TL growled. " What the heck is his problem?"

" From what I heard, he's a wicked smart kid, but he also skateboards and just dazes off," Hanabi said. " He's one hell of a fighter however."

" Yeah, and one stuck up son of a - " TL started but a katana pierced beside him. " HOLY JIZZ!"

" JESUS!" Hanabi said jumping into TL's arms.

TL growled and asked, " Is that even in the SCRIPT?"

" Yes, yes it is!" Kiva laughed. " Thanks Blossom!"

" You are SO F*cking DEAD! YOU SKATER?" TL yelled. " DEAD!"

" My cousin makes the same- are we still rolling?" Kiva freaked next to Blossom near the nearest camera guy, who nodded. " Aw crap . . . "


Roscoso: Johnny Bosh Young

Jiro: Kenji Matsuda

Hanabi Hyuuga: Colleen O'Shaughnessey

Ghost Rider: Nicholas Cage

Yukari: Kimiko Koyagumi

Kurumu: Misate Fukuen

Duski Malagne: Hadyn Panitierre

Katana: Kim Mai Guest

Deadpool: Ryan Reynolds

Real Guest: Julia Murray



" Okay guys, we're gonna take a five minute break here," a guy offset called.

The others, doing the scene where Ookami was going to be covered in syrup, were all relaxing a bit. Ookami was still trying to get it off.

" This is so gross . . . I'm still pretty right?" she asked with large glittering eyes to Charlie. (Aka, SM.)

He nodded and put his hand on her head. " Of course ya are, babe!"

He tried to pull it off, but . . .

" I'm stuck."

Meanwhile TL was talking with Dairo.

" So, you're a pervert, a rapper-wanna be and you're in love with a goth girl?" he asked.

" Yepper," Dairo answered drinking a soda.

" I mean, what's the point of all the otherwise offhanded humor you guys manage to do?"

" I can answer that," Haru said stepping over cleaning his ears of sand. " Don't ask . . . Anyways, the humor we enduse is mainly our efforts of maintaining our usual eccentricities and still managing to pull off our heroic gigs, and we all also believe that if we act the way we do with pranks, gags, and half-fraternized humor, that we can pull our courage to discover our inner potential when the time comes. However, we can never truly understand now when or when not to be serious. Thus is our conundrum. You catch all that?"

TL and Dairo were silent as the others around. Dairo spit out his soda.

" What?" Haru asked annoyed. " Blonde dude can't be smart? Yo! Camera-guy! You catch all that?"

The camera moved up and down.

" See? A blonde CAN be smart!" Haru hopped and laughed as he said, " A blonde can SO be smart!"


Drac: Derek Steven Prince

Street Master (SM): Joey Dedio

Blossom: Danielle Judovits

Kainu: Vanessa Ann Hudgens

Clyde: Jason Leibrecht

Will Wolfenhowler: Corbin Bleu

Wild Teen: Yuri Lowenthal

Inviso-Teen: Jackie Earle Haley

Land-Slide: Kharey Payton



It was already the more after of the afternoon as the judges started their rounds on the judgings. The sculptures were all precise and finished: a large chocobo, a male-like Adonis, a shell, a large lung dragon that was beginning to fall apart, an Agumon, a large sandcastle, and a castle in a mountain's top . . . . there was also an extra one, larger scale, of two certain Authors, one the Twilight and the other the Pokemorph, with one on top of the other doing-

" WHO'S THE SUICIDAL IDIOT?" Ranger yelled waving a handgun.

" DAMMIT WHOEVER THE F*CK DID THIS WILL F*CKING DIE!" Roscoso yelled with the Life Orbs surrounding him.

Kiva slowly snuck off, then in a full blast, ran down the dune of sand nearby, the two chasing closely after. Ranger was shooting him as Kiva laughed, and he fired back with a Yang blast. Ross managed to his his foot, but Kiva just ran on his hands as the chase went past the camera guy.

Kiva laughed into the camera.

" I know I may die, but it was WORTH it!"

" GET BACK HERE!" the two yelled and chased after.

They stopped in front of the camera.

" Temporary truce?"

" Temporary truce."

Then the ran off after the now declared dead Yang Sorcerer.


Johnny Lovelini: Mazen Elsadig

CallMeX: Kate Higgins

The Face: Derek Stephen Prince

Inu Kamitara: Kimiko Koyamu

Pain Monster: David Herman



Rejected Singers: Haru

Haru walked onstage and pulled out a mic. " Hey everyone!"

" Just sing!" Phoenix yelled.

" Alright . . . The devil went down to Georgia, he was looking for a soul to steal-"

" Stop, stop, stop," Lunatic groaned. " Why that?"

" because I'm part demon . . ."

Silence followed thereafter.

Lunatic took out a small bottle of holy water and splashed it over and over on haru, yelling " THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU! THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU! THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!"


Holly Tsunami: Dorothy Elias Fahn

Dollie Tsunami: Bridgette Hoffman

Molly Tsunami: Patricia Ja Lee

Merrissa Saafu: Tara Strong

Crow: Tim Curry

Lotus Bella: Michelle Ruff

Malick: Elijah Wood

Meredith: Brenna O'Brien

Nadine: Chantal Strand

Samantha: Kaley Cuoco

Johan Atamaotaku: Charlie Adler

Helen Tsunami: Tara Strong

Unknown Car guy: Dee Bradley Baker



Rejected Singers: Drake

Once Drake walked onstage, the others all began zapping him as he cursed and ran offstage. The metagang growled as they also attacked him.

" Why is HE here?" Air yelled.

" Yeah, . . . " Lunatic groaned.


Singing Voices:

DarkPaladinmon:Joey Scarbury

Hikari Ino:Taylor Swift

Airnaruto:Billy Joel

XProdigy:Dave Mustaine

TLSoulDude:Phil Collins

ErinBubble:Ashley Tisdale

AlyssaLioness:Helen Massey

Inu Kamitara:Brittany Spears

Kitten Hachigamaguchi:Nelly Furtado



Rejected Singers: Kitten and Inu

Kitten and Inu were singing 'Hit Me baby One more Time' by Brittany Spears and then finished their number by Kitten doing a backflip and laonding on Inu's hand, then the both of them posing with their hands out, palms flat, towards the crowd.

While the crowd applauded, the three judges were deliberating.

" it's a good act, but I have to say no," Phoenix said.

Lunatic was red oddly, and Air was covering his eyes,

" What?" Kitten asked shocked.

Inu growled and, Kitten still up, asked, " What's the big idea, huh? This because I'm GOOD Darkside?"

" Um, no . . . " Air gulped.

" Phoenix, you say it . . ." Lunatic begged.

" Fine . . . we can see her underwear . . ."

Kitten yelped and flew offstage quickly.

" NO ONE wants to see her Hello Kitty Underwear . . . not even me . . ." Lunatic fell over.

" NO guy alive, minus perverts . . . " Air gulped and still turned red.

Inu growled. " Then WHY look?"

" Her skirt was flipped over her leg! It's obvious to see and everyone would notice automatically!" Phoenix said. " I suggest either fixing the routine or just leaving."

" I choose the latter . . . "

Just as Inu walked offstage, Phoenix sighed. " Well that was as blunt as Haruhi herself . . ."

" Huh?"


Kiva Saafu:Joe Jonas

Banjomaru Atamaotaku:Kevin Jonas

King Ryukoi:Mason Musso

Janera Moeteiru:Pink

Mirasuka Reibei:Lil' Kim

Tanuki Tsuyoikaze:Christina Aguleira

Scorpion Ryukoi:Trace Cyrus

Haru Tsunami:Nick Jonas

Ookami Sorari:Mya


The groups were already leaving as D-Dude and Meredith were also parting ways.

" I promise I'll call you!" he yelled out to her.

" Likewise, D!" she smiled and waved back.

" Come on bro," TL said. " Most of us are burned to a crisp by now, and I can assure that . . ." TL looked PINK, on account of his skin being burned red underneath his white fur. " Anyone laughs, and they get a boot to the head . . ."

Ranger was gathering his guns together in his bags as he spotted Kitten. " You alright?" he asked.

" Sad to se my friends leaving, and I've been contemplating . . . I'm going to make you more nicer!"

(Record scratch)

Ranger's eye twitched and he said," Um, o-kay . . .? why would you do that?" he asked her slowly.

" Bcause! EVERYONE'S nice on the inside!"

There was an awkward pause afterwards of her sweet smile and Ranger's more than shocked expression. He then took off towards the parking lot, Kitten following.

" Rnger! wait! I can help you!"

" Poor kid's gonna get herself killed . . ." X sighed.

" Yep, but hey! give here a chance!" Advent laughed as he ran after. " AND I LOVE A GOOD CHASE!"

X groaned as he followed. " HEY!"

DP and King faced each other nearby, or at least tried to with King's tremendous height.

" This was actually fun, minus Haru and I fighting, Ookami being pranked along with Malick being drenched in water and blood, mira pranking X with Phoenix and Dawn, me being ATTACKED by Phoenix . . ." King sighed. " Otherwise, all awesome and fun DP."

" Yeah, and even D-Dude found someone to love, TL stage dove into a rabid crow with Skillet, Air won the Singing Contest, the gang got beaten on by the others, no offence-" DP started.

" None taken," King responded midway.

" And yet," DP finished, " This was better than having our brains scrambled by Drake, whom we all pummeled. Guess next year may happen?"

" If another time Haru's dad's getting a week-long time-share, then heck yeah!"

King boarded the M-Ship as Banjomaru activated it. It lifted off, Metagang and family, most, inside as it rose, and then shot off into the distance.

" See ya later!" DP waved as Hikari and him walked back towards the parking lot. " Those kids aren't so bad."

" They just need practice is all . . ." Hikari giggled.

The Authors were all leaving the beach.

" I say next year, we go to Miami!" Lunatic laughed.

The others all looked at him oddly.

" Shutting up now . . ."

" Miami is nice this time of year," Phoenix said thinking about it.

The group then left the beach, thinking of the great time they had this year, and what they would do for next year.

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