Here's a slightly pointless story for all of you wonderful readers. I'm having a bit of trouble coming up with a plot for my other story, so I wrote this!
I got inspired by reading "333 Ways to Get Kicked Out Of HQ". It'll mainly be the Rookie 9 plus team Gai, but there will be random appearances of others, too. And there will probably be Naruto Abridged references here and there. (This chapter is for DarkCrimsonShadowBlossom!)

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Try on superhero costumes and walk calmly around town.

No one noticed any difference when Gai dressed up as the Green Lantern. But when he made Neji dress up like Superman… things got ugly.

Randomly hug someone and yell, "I love you mommy!"

Kiba had to go into rehab for a month after calling Sasuke his 'mommy'. Poor Akamaru was mentally scarred by the whole experience.

Set up a dancing competition

Let's just say that they don't call him Gaara of the Funk for nothing.

Run through town singing, "I KNOW A SONG THAT GETS ON EVERYBODY'S NERVES!!"

Naruto broke his own record for 'Most Attempts to be Killed in 24 Hours'. The last one was 47 assassination attempts, but this time Sakura lost count after 78.

Go up to some old geezer and say, "Grandpa! You're alive! It's a miracle!!"

Kakashi went on a full-on rant that his hair was silver not grey. He then went to the closest pharmacy and bought a tub of anti-aging cream.

Go up to an ANBU and in an official tone say, "Code 3 at the Hokage Tower" and see what happens.

After watching two ANBU almost trip over their own feet while sprinting towards the Hokage Tower, Shikamaru and Chouji got cleaning duty the whole week. Chouji didn't get to eat any barbecue either, and Shikamaru was muttering about how 'troublesome' it was.

Throw a fake rubber snake into some lady's face and watch her freak out.

Shino was labeled as 'the next Orochimaru'. He even got his sunglasses confiscated.

Walk up to Ichiraku Ramen and ask for pizza.

Naruto never talked to Hinata again after she said that she wanted pizza instead of ramen. The shy girl was devastated yet impressed at Naruto's devotion to ramen.

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