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Grab a can of whipped cream and find a bald guy. Spray it on his head.

Not finding anyone that was bald, Kiba shaved off Neji's hair while he was asleep and then sprayed whipped cream on his head. Neji was NOT happy.

Attempt to drown in a kiddie pool…

Hidan had a great time watching Kisame flail around in three inches of water.

TP as much of the town as possible.

After killing his family, Itachi went ahead and TP'd the Uchiha complex. That was his true crime.

Run around singing Queen's We Will Rock You.

Lee mostly got odd looks from people, but only he and Gai actually got the pun.

Beat your chest and run around screaming like Tarzan.

Jiraiya was from then on known as the Ape Sannin.

Randomly throw things into neighboring apartments.

Naruto got hit in the head by the newest copy of Icha Icha Paradise, and then Kakashi came in through his window to take the book back.

"Sensei! If you're gonna hit me with it, at least let me read it!"


Ride around in a Barbie jeep with a Barbie in the front seat. Act like you're talking to her and say, "Let's bust this joint!"
After his first defeat, Orochimaru came back to invade Konoha with an army of Barbie dolls. Both sides took great losses; but in the end, the Barbies' high heels were their own downfall.

Hold a bag of frozen veggies and shout, "Fear me and my evil army of frozen carrots!"

Once again, Orochimaru was defeated. The upside was that the carrots did wonders for his complexion.

Go into the bathroom that is of the opposite gender as your self and open the stalls saying, "Ooh la la!

Konan was not happy. After she finished beating him up, neither was Deidara.

Go around town giving gifts to everyone you see. Don't let them give it back.

Naruto got a teapot, Sasuke got an oven mitt, Sakura got a ski mask, Chouji got broccoli, Shikamaru got a motivational poster, Ino got a wrapped up – not to mention furious – Sasuke, Hinata got a golf club, Kiba got a flea collar, and Shino got… sunglasses!

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