AN: Forgive me for any inaccuracies. I haven't watched this anime in months.

Yoko was actually heading into her room to collapse into bed when Viral crashed in through the front door.

The red-head only gave a little jump, golden eyes instantly narrowing to slants when she saw who it was and the current state he was in: Viral. And he was drunk.

She frowned primly and made a neat sidestep in the semi-darkness as Viral gave a slight stumble, almost colliding into her chest.

"You're drunk, Viral," she snapped at him disapprovingly and he squinted his reptilian eyes at hers, swaying. Even intoxicated, Viral had a strange, swooping gracefulness about him.

Kind of like Kamina.

Where had that come from? The woman shook the memories out of her head and made to grab the beastman's arm, but he jerked away. "I don't need your help," he slurred fabulously, looking around the room.

Yoko sighed. She was exhausted. It had been a long day and she wanted to go to bed. "What are you looking for?"

Viral looked at her like she had three heads. "Kamina."

The schoolteacher started. Had he read her mind?

"Where…is he?" Viral hissed to himself, crouching to look under her table.

Yoko put a pale hand on the same table to steady herself. "Viral, you know he's—"

"No, I have to beat him, Yoko. You understand, right?"

She stared at his back, barely processing the beseeching tone. That had been the first time he'd addressed her by name. So, what? He only remembered who she was when he'd consumed alcohol? Nice.

The pale-haired beastman was looking dangerously close to passing out and toppling over. Pushing aside these astonishing new developments about someone she felt she knew almost nothing about, Yoko bent down.

She caught Viral just as his eyes rolled back and lowered him gently to the floor, deciding at the last minute to cushion his head in her lap.

Yoko took this rare chance to actually look at her current partner in crime. Ever since Simon had left, Viral would stop by at odd moments like a busy uncle or traveling husband. It had been unusual at first but she'd gotten used to it and had actually come to expect it.

He really wasn't a bad looking beastman. He needed a haircut; that much was certain. Maybe she could convince him to let her cut it. And the jagged, razor sharp, shark-like teeth and almost-clawed hands…she wondered vaguely how that worked out in bed.

Blushing and letting out a shocked laugh at her own thoughts, Yoko silently berated herself. Who was she kidding? She was a freaking curse. Don't go there, girl.

"Kamina," he was hissing again, in his sleep this time. The showdown he'd never be able to have with his rival still haunted him it seemed.

Yoko blinked and gazed down at his furrowed brow, having a silent battle with herself.


The name took her by surprise more than the tone of voice it was spoken in. Tender, yet rough. Respectful, yet scoffing.

Yoko didn't hold back the tears she thought she'd been entirely empty of a long time ago.

"I know," she whispered, hand resting carefully on his forehead. Tears dripped onto Viral's chest. "I miss them too."


Viral listened to her soft sobs, feeling a mixture of relief and guilt. She was hugging his head to her chest quietly and some part of him wondered if she knew he was awake, missing them, and missing her.

AN: Reviews? I thought it was an interesting idea with Simon and Kamina out of the picture. And that other guy she kissed…haha.