As shocking as it may seem, I don't own the rights to either Bioshock games. I'm just borrowing stuff from them. Also, I never completed the first game, so if I get any details of the canon wrong, just let me know, though this story will primarily be working with aspects from Bioshock 2, in which I am well versed.


Our story picks up with Eleanor and Delta rising up to the surface in Sinclair's bathysphere, Delta having taken the "good" path in the game. As such, Eleanor has been molded into a rebellious and spirited young woman with strong ethics and morals guiding her, and, like the game, the saved Little Sisters are accompanying them up. The bombs on the final walkway just detonated, with Eleanor teleporting to safety, and Delta receiving its full blast....

The hulking form of Subject Delta was thrown back through the water as the explosives Lamb planted detonated, tearing the walkway to pieces. He let out a tortured bellow, the scream warped by water and the mighty suit he wore, as he tumbled through the depths, arms flailing wildly, desperate for something, anything, to stop his descent. With triumphant joy, he felt his gloved hand take hold of a railing on the side of Sinclair's bathysphere, and a second later it began pulling him upwards with mounting speed.

The fringes of his vision were tinted with darkness and the rest was clouded by cascade of miniscule bubbles spawned by the escape pod's launch. His suit had kept him alive, surviving Lamb's final trap, but even then just barely. His time was quickly running out. As the bathysphere shot ever upwards, Delta swung his other arm upwards to take hold of the railing, every movement a fight against the pressures of the water rushing past. With inhuman strength though, he endured. He would get to his daughter. He needed to get to his daughter. With a will as metallic and unyielding as his suit, Delta swung his arms upwards once more, taking hold of a large handle, and began to climb the side of the bathysphere. He could see the glass dome of the cockpit coming into view, and he hazarded a look back at Rapture, Ryan's nightmarish hole that had transformed him into the monster he now was.

The city grew smaller and smaller beneath him, its lights casting the whole sea floor in an eerie glow. Persephone was sinking into the trench beneath it, bit and pieces breaking off as it did. Fontaine Futuristics, its hidden labs, and for all intents and purposes his birthplace, began to fade into the gloom of the ocean floor as the bathysphere travelled further from the ghostly lights, massive strands of kelp and mounds of coral hiding it from view. Rapture; it had taken so much from him, his old life, his memories, and even his humanity, leaving him a monster, a man grafted into machine. Even its only gift had been forced upon him; Eleanor. Returning his attention to the climb, Delta continued his ascent, a few more pulls bringing him to the exterior deck of the cockpit. Doctor Lamb was drowning.

The psychologist, so devoted, so single minded in her dream of utopia that she had been willing to use her own daughter as a mere tool for that end, was clutching at her throat as she tried desperately to reach the last pockets of air in the flooded space. Delta dragged himself over to the glass wall, putting as much distance as he could between himself and the precipice of the speeding bathysphere, and watched as the lithe, dark form of Eleanor in her suit kicked over to her mother's side, needle arm raised. For a second that seemed an eternity, Delta didn't know what his daughter would do, fully expecting her to impale the deranged woman. He was shocked to see Eleanor pull out a small mask and press it to her mother's face, and the doctor began to breathe. Delta forced himself upright, placing a massive gloved hand on the glass wall for support. His daughter swam over the moment she caught sight of him, placing a thin delicate hand on the other side of the dome, a layer of glass all that separated them.

The sphere broke the glassy surface of the calm sea waters, erupting like some sleek metallic fish, and Delta was thrown to his back, blinded by the first true sunlight he'd seen in over a decade. When his vision finally cleared, the hulking hollow man rose shakily to his feet, the simple act taking near all his strength after the ordeal. What he saw brought a smile to his masked face. It was a sunrise, a true sunrise after an eternity in the dark dank depths of Rapture. He returned his attentions to the dome of the cockpit and its occupants. Various panels and controls lined the sides of the area, and bits of furniture broken in the chaos, now floated about or rested on the metal floor. There was a door to it mere steps away from him, but the Big Daddy had barely enough strength to stand. There was a slight mechanical whirr and a hiss, and through the porthole of his helmet, Delta watched as the door rose up ever so slightly, an opening hardly a foot high through which the water within the cockpit rushed. Moments later, it was over, with only the occasional drip, and the door rose up fully. Delta's vision blurred once more, and his legs buckled. The behemoth of Rapture stumbled over, to the edge, leaning heavily upon a guard rail. Tilting his head back towards the door, he saw Eleanor emerge. The dark sphere of the Big Sister helmet was tucked beneath one arm, revealing her face to the world. Skin as white as porcelain met sunlight for the first time, and strands of short dark hair whipped about in the sea breeze.

"Father," she called, stepping towards him, broad, exuberant smile adorning her face, "we've done it! We-"

Her exclamations were cut short as the broken leg of a sopping wet chair met the back of her head. The girl crumpled to the deck ok the sphere, her helmet rolling back into the cockpit. Sofia Lamb looked down at her daughter.

"Forgive me Eleanor, but this is for your own good. Mommy loves you."

The doctor was soaked, dripping wet with cold seawater, but she walked forward with intent, showing no sign of acknowledgment to it. Delta bellowed in rage at the woman, struggling to stand once more, but faltering.

"You," hissed the doctor as she advanced, chair leg clutched tight and hands trembling, "you ruined everything. You have cursed Eleanor and these innocent girls with self awareness, damned them to the human condition."

Her bespectacled eyes narrowed as she continued forward. Delta wanted nothing more than to wring the life out of the woman, the true monster of Rapture, but could do nothing but stay upright, his body rapidly failing him.

"But worst of all, you took my daughter from me. You ripped her from me body and mind without a thought as too the consequences of your actions! You, Subject Delta, are an abomination, a twisted beast that Ryan's perverse dream spat out!"

The woman paused for a moment, giving a slight laugh.

"I know that I once told you I did not hate, gave no animosity towards you, but, " she laughed once more before her tone darkened yet again, "I suppose it always is easier to preach than to follow it. You may have thrust this life upon Eleanor, but you will not remain in it. I promise you that. No, you, Delta, are returning to the pit that spawned you. Rapture is a house of monsters, and you are remaining in it!"

Raising the broken bit of furniture triumphantly, the doctor swung it down upon Delta's gloved hand, his grip upon the railing his sole anchor to the bathysphere. Like a dying animal, the suited shell of a man gave out a bloodcurdling sound, a roar that echoed about his suit before imposing itself upon the world. Stumbling and flailing madly, the metal behemoth began to topple towards the edge, whipping arms about in a final search for a handhold. His fingers met flesh, and with grim determination, Delta clamped down, pulling Sofia Lamb towards the depths with him. The woman screamed as the pair fell towards the blue waters, but the Big Daddy's grip was like steel, his grip firmly fixed upon the twisted woman's arm. Two of Rapture's monsters met the waters with a splash, and, weighted by Delta's suit, began to sink. Twisting as they sank, the original Big Daddy held the woman beneath him, her hair and dress billowing out in the passing currents. He stared hatefully at her, clamping one hand down onto her neck. The doctor's eyes widened in terror her mouth opening in a silent scream, though mere bubbles escaped in the place of sound. Delta held his grip even as his vision blurred and darkened. If it was to be the end, he would have his revenge. Mother and Father sank down to a manmade hell, life slipping away from both.

* * *

Eleanor awoke with a groan, a wild thumping in her head she gazed around, seeing the dirty bare feet of Little Sisters. Rising shakily, she leaned herself against the glass dome of the cockpit. The sun was blazing in full morning glory, the last traces of the orangey red sunrise fading.

"Father?" she rasped, looking about the deck, but finding only her helmet. A small tug on her hand brought her attention down to the small crowd of sisters around her.

"Mommy and Daddy fought," she said between sniffles, small tears falling down her face. "They fell back down to the scary place."

Eleanor felt her heart leap into her throat.

"No," she whispered. "No!"

Brushing the sisters aside, she rushed over to where her father had laid, finding only puddles of seawater, a bent guardrail, a chair leg bobbing about on the surface, bumping into the side of the bathysphere with a metallic thump on every strike. Quivering, she fell to her knees, staring down into the water, her pale reflection looking back at her. Tears welled up and fell, splashing into the ocean like the drips of Rapture's leaky chambers.

"Father," she breathed, breathing ragged as she wept. "Mother, why?

A small hand tapped on her shoulder, and turning Eleanor faced a sister, one struggling against tears herself. The little girl handed her a cloth doll, one of the many crude likenesses they made of their protectors. Her tears beginning to stain it, she clutched the doll to her chest before taking the sister in a hug.

"Thank you," worked their way out of her lips between dying sobs, and the small family, now devoid of a father embraced, tears falling onto the deck like rain, before Eleanor ushered them all back into the dome of the cockpit. As she herded the last sister in, a glint on the deck caught her eye, walking over to it, she found her mother's wide glasses lying on the deck. Her eyes hardened, and she brought her foot down upon them with a crunch.

The door hissed as it closed behind her. She examined the controls, most damaged in the explosion and subsequent flooding. They could not dive, could not go back to Rapture, but the bathysphere was still seaworthy, its propellers still functioning. There was one place that it could take them; land.

* * *

Beneath the waves, Fontaine Futuristics sat in its spectral lighting, now poised upon the edge of a trench. Persephone's destruction had taken much of the cliff into the abyss with it, as well as chunks of the labs, the facilities now no doubt flooding. A large shadowy figure flitted between murky patches of darkness on the sea floor around the facility, turning away from the bright lights illuminating the sides of the building. Alex the Great dredged through the muck and silt, hungrily searching for a taste of the ADAM infused sea plants he thrived on. The gears of the deranged mutant's mind whirred away as he trawled through the depths.

Fine chap that Delta, he thought to himself as he swam along the sea floor, snapping at a fish that got too close, letting me live and all. He could have made Employee of the Month, yes, yes. Perhaps even management material. The mind of Gilbert Alexander had been broken long ago.

A sudden thump and its accompanying plume of dust snapped him to attention, and the shell of what was once a respected and brilliant scientist scuttled over to its source, on edge. He stayed in the darkness, the light stinging at his eyes, but it suited him just fine. It just made hiding his form all the easier. Climbing atop a mound of coral, he gazed in shook at what he saw.

Delta? No,no,no. This won't do at all. All that overtime he did and all.

Somewhere deep down in the blackened pit that had once been the conscience of a ethical man, he felt a stirring. Jumping down from his perch, Alex the Great dragged the metal body, long since separated from that of his nemesis, into the shadows before hefting it over a shoulder and heading towards the ruins of Andrew Ryan's dream.

Consider this your severance package boy, perhaps with a bit of hazard pay thrown in for good measure. Yes, that sounds nice. That will do quite nicely.

After a few minutes of searching, the madman found the object of his hunt; a chunk of the labs that had fallen away, opening them to the seas. Carrying his passenger in, what had once been Gilbert Alexander stalked the flooded halls. They were on the lower levels, and the mutant lugged Delta's form through the dank chambers before finally reaching a stairwell. Dragging Delta upwards, the shadow of a man hissed in pain as his eyes met lights upon breaching the surface. The water had not risen past the stairs yet, though it was slowly on its way to doing so. Gil saw the distinct green glow of a Via-Chamber in the distance, and knew his job was done as he pushed Delta up out of the water.

"Good luck old chap," he wheezed, "and thank you."

With that, the monster delved back into the dark flooded halls, quite intent on finishing his meal.

Recessed into the wall of a tiled hall, the Vita-Chamber sprung to life, glowing and whirring, until at last its doors opened with a hiss. Rapture welcomed back a familiar denizen as Subject Delta fell out from the chamber.

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