I was just watching the new Phineas and Ferb episode… and I felt so sad for Ferb… =( He never gets the love.

Anyway… Moving on!

…Or not. My sister just discovered that if you blow on the side of the dog's face, she will lick you. We have too much time. WAY too much time.

JUST SO YOU KNOW: This was hastily thrown together and not my best by any means. This was just for fun. =D

When one is bored, one does things they would not normally do. That explains why Percy was intently flipping through a book. I'm not saying Percy doesn't read, but I AM saying he doesn't do so often or likely willingly. Which explains my opening.

When one zooms in on this scene, one would find that the book is entitled "What's In A Name? Over 1500 Names and Their Meanings". A very self-explanatory title.


Percy groaned. The dentist's office could not get any more boring. Especially when it's your mother in the chair. Meaning that Percy was the one stuck in the waiting room, trying to avoid the glares from the woman at the desk. Why was it that women sitting behind desks were always glaring at you?

Trying to avoid the rapture eyes of the woman-behind-the-desk, Percy quickly picked up the first thing he could… a book. Well, as long as it kept him out of trouble. Percy opened up to a random page.

It was a list of names and definitions. Percy shrugged… and scanned the page.

"Greg… Gregory… Gretchen… Grover…"


End Flashback

Percy's attention was captured. It was entertaining to see how well his friends' names fit them. Grover meant grove-dweller, and gardener. His suggested character quality was prosperity. That fit him. Now that Grover was a lord of the Wild, he couldn't get much more prosperous or plant-loving.

Hmm… Annabeth, Annabeth… Huh. Annabeth wasn't in there. There was Annabel, which meant "full of grace", but no Annabeth. He'd have to look her up later.

Tyson wouldn't be in the book, but Percy checked anyway. Nope. No Tyson.

Sally… Sally. Meaning: Princess. Suggested character quality: God's princess. Well, Poseidon did offer to build her a palace…

Charles (1) meant strong and manly, Malcolm meant disciple of Columbia and teachable spirit, Travis meant diligent spirit, Selena meant the moon and reflector of light…

Hold on, what's this?

Percy had landed on page 180. In the middle of the page was this word: Percy.


Literal Meaning: THE PERCEPTIVE

Suggested Character Quality: SEEKER OF WISDOM

Suggested Lifetime Scripture Verse: Psalm 111:10

Seeker of wisdom? Gods, he hoped Athena didn't know this.

The end. I saw this and had to do it.

(1) Charles. Charles Beckendorf. Duh.

Sorry for those I didn't list: Annabeth, Tyson, Clarisse, Connor, Katie… You just weren't in the book. (By the way, this IS a real book.)