A True BloodLine

Ch 1: Born in Blood

By: MikeJV37


Author's Note: This fic is a challenge from 'BloodLord Uzumaki' posted on his profile. No one has accepted it in 3 years, I just saw it and I've wanted to do a Naruto fic like this, so I took it up. Hopefully my ideas are original for what I do with it. Please R&R


----Kyuubi Attack, Konoha Hospital----

"Push Kushina.... just one more!!" Tsunade yelled.

Kushina screamed and gave everything she had left for a final push.

Tsunade smiled a minute later. "You have a son.... scalpel!" Tsunade said and held out her left hand, a moment later she grabbed the scalpel, but didn't even notice she cut her index finger. She cut the umbilical cord gave him a quick wipedown with a towel and a gentle swat on the butt, a moment later he cried, making her smile.

As Tsunade was changing her grip to move up and hand him to Kushina, like the other people in the room, she failed to notice a single drop of her blood fly from her moving hand, and by sheer chance, or maybe fate, went into the newborn blonde boy's mouth, making him smile.

Tsunade handed the baby to Kushina. "Here's your son Kushina-chan... do you have a name for him?"

Kushina smiled as only a new mother could as she accepted her newborn son. "Hai...." She said tiredly. "We decided to name him after a character in one of Jiraiya's books.... and don't look at me like that Tsunade..... his name is Naruto."

Tsunade sighed and shook her head a moment. "Okay, fine.... I can live with that, especially if he's anything like you were as a kid."

At that moment Minato appreared in a yellow flash, the concern on his face was replaced by a huge grin as he saw Kushina.

"Say hello to your son Naruto, Minato-kun.." Kushina said.

A monstrous roar suddenly echoed throughout the Hospital from outside.

Minato stepped up to the bed, kissed Kushina on the lips briefly but paasionately and looked at his new son. "He's adorable, he even has my hair and eyes...." Minato said tenderly, then swallowed nervously. "Kyuubi is attacking Konoha, nothing we've tried has any effect, within minutes it'll reach the walls and then thousands will die."

"Can't you do anything Minato-kun, I'm still too weak to be moved.... please, I don't want our son to die, there must be something you can do." Kushina said, slightly paniced.

Minato nodded sadly. "There is one jutsu I can use that'll work, but to use it I must sacrifice my life." Minato said sadly.

"I'll do it then, tell me what..." Tsunade said strongly.

"No, Baa-chan, there isn't time to show you.... and there's something else.... I'll need Naruto." Minato said and saw the shock and horror on Tsunade and Kushina's faces, it tore him apart but there was no other way. "The only way to stop Kyuubi.... is to seal it insde Naruto, only a newborn's undeveloped chakra coils will work, there's no other way. I'm truely sorry, but I will not ask anyone else to make this sacrifice, but I know he'll be loved with you and Baa-chan raising him." Minato said, his voice calm but still filled with heart-wrenched sadness.

Kushina hugged baby Naruto to her chest, tears streaming down her face. It went against everything she was, and she felt like her heart was being ripped from her chest, but she knew Minato better than anyone, he wouldn't ask if there was any other way. She kissed Naruto on the forehead, and gave Minato an absolutely stone cold glare that would of made Kyuubi cringe in fear. "You swear to me Minato Namikaze, on everything you love, that this will work and I'll get our son back, or I swear to Kami I'll hunt you down in the afterlife and drag you back here so I can kick your ass all over Fire Country!" Kushina said powerfully.

Tsunade flinched, even she was impressed by that.

"I promise." Minata said, then sadly accepted baby Naruto, and gave Kushina a VERY passionate kiss on the lips. "I'll love you forever Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze." He said, then vanished in a yellow flash.

Tsunade took Kushina's hand as her friend broke down in a torrent of tears. "Jiraiya will be with him, he'll bring Naruto back.... he won't dare risk having both of us chasing his perverted old ass, he knows we'd do worse than kill him if he let something happen to your son."

Kushina nodded and laughed a moment, despite her tears. "Minato-kun won't fail.... he's never broken a promise to me, you know how he is."

Tsunade nodded. "Minato doesn't know how to fail, if there's anyone in the world that can pull this off, its him. You rest, I'm going to check on Shizune and get Naruto registered." Tsunade said and turned to the nurse, the only other person in the room. "Take her back to her room, no one is to enter her room but me or Shizune. If anyone disturbs her rest before I clear her in the morning, they'll have to deal with me.... and I won't be in a good mood. Understood?" Tsunade said in a deathly cold voice. "Then you and I will have a little talk."

The nurse cringed in fear, she'd never seen fury like that in anyone, yet still restrained. "H,h,h,hai Tsunade."

Tsunade left the room.

----3 Minutes Later, Outside Konoha----

Standing on Gamabunta's head, Minato was finishing the hand signs. "When its done, you better get Naruto back to Kushina or you'll have her and Tsunade after you."

Jiraiya cringed at the thought. "Hai.... goodbye Minato." Jiraiya said sadly, then watched Minato finish his jutsu, a moment later Kyuubi froze, let out a blood curdling roar of agony then exploded. When the air cleared a few moments later he looked and saw Minato was dead and there was a seal on Naruto's stomach more intricate than any he'd ever seen before. It glowed a moment then faded away. Sighing sadly Jiraiya scooped up baby Naruto. "Take us back Bunta, I have some good and bad news to relay."

"I'll miss him. Whats the kid's name?" Gamabunta asked sadly.

"Naruto." Jiraiya said.

Gamabunta made a mental note of it for the future, then turned and leapt back toward Konoha.

----2 Minutes Later, Konoha Hospital, Kushina's Room----

"With you both dead Root will raise your demon brat as Konoha's ultimate weapon!" The ANBU said struggling with Kushina who was holding his wrists, but he was overpowering her quickly.

The kunai was moving toward her chest about an inch every 3 seconds, she had maybe 10 sconds to live. She was using every ounce of strength she had but knew in her condition it wasn't enough, even for an elite Jounin of Whirlpool and last member of the Uzumaki Clan. A tear ran down each cheek, she knew she wouldn't see her son grow up. It was something she hadn't done since she was a kid, and it would drain her remaining strength, but it was her only chance of survival. She closed her eyes, said a quick prayer, then sucked in as much as she could and screamed from the very botttom of her soul.

As the kunai pierced her left breast over her heart the door and surrounding wall exploded into the hallway.

The root ANBU instantly looked towared the door, despite a lifetime of conditioning to not panic, to feel no fear.... what he saw terrified him to his core.... Tsunade Senju,, Greanddaughter of the First and Second Hokages, one of the Legendary Sannin, the greatest med nin in the world, feared for her unequalled strength..... was staring at him in an absolute rage.



"CHECK ON KUSHINA!" Tsunade roared, jumped Kushina's bed then leapt out the hole where the wall used to be.

Shizune bit her bottom lip nervously, then ran to the bedside as she flashed through the hand signs for a healing jutsu.

Tsunade landed from her jump a block away, about 10' from the ANBU, his mask shattered, as was his jaw, lying dazed in a heap in the street. Her impact left a shallow 6' crater. She was quickly at his side, grabbed his collar with her left and yanked him off his feet. "WHO SENT YOU TO KILL HER?" Tsunade ROARED in his face with pure rage.

Surrounding windows shattered.

He shook his head no.

Tsunade grabbed his left upper arm in her right hand, and crushed the bone into millions of tiny shards. "There are over a hundred bones in the body, that was one." Tsunade said in a cold, sadistic voice, her mind and emotions now focuced on a single task.

He screamed in agony, but shook his head again.

"You had your chance to do this the easy way." Tsunade said in that same voice, then with her free hand reached down and grabbed his balls. '"I hope you got laid recently, because it'll never happen again."

His eyes got as big as saucers. He weighed his options at lightning speed and made his choice. "Danzo, Root wants the demon brat for a weapon!" He said as best he could with a shattered jaw.

Luckily for him Tsunade understod him, despite how unintelligible it would sound to anyone else.

Just then 6 ANBU appeared, 1 of them a woman with long purple hair to her waist, the leader a thin man a little taller than her with spikey silver hair, she recognized both immediately. "This garbage is a member of Root, he just tried to murder Kushina in her hospital bed under Danzo's orders, take him to Ibiki and tell that scar-faced sadist I want a full confession no matter what it takes."

The silver-haired ANBU in the Wolf mask twiched as 1 hand went to his weapon pouch.

"And I want him alive no matter what." Tsunade comanded, turned around and ran towards the Hospital at top speed.

"Take him to Ibiki, I'm going to the Hospital." The silver-haired Jounin said then vanished in a swirl of leaves.

----1 Minute Later, Hospital, Kushina's Room----

Tsunade leapt into the room through the open side of the room, visibly a little paniced. "Is Kushina-chan okay?".

"I'm fine you overdeveloped lush, Shizune healed me good as new, I won't even have a scar. I'm lucky I have big boobs.... but if I was built like you his kunai never could of reached my heart and I'd of killed him instead of fighting. Now give me a hug before I pass out you crazy bitch." Kushina said with a tired smile.

Smiling happily Tsunade ran over and hugged her old friend. "I hate this damn village, but there's no way I'm leaving you to raise my Godson alone."

There was a huge crash from just outside, and a moment later Jiraiya jumped in through the huge hole in the wall. "I think someone lost this, you women have to be more careful."

Kushina gasped loudly and held out her arms. "Lemme see him!"

Jiraiya walked over and handed Naruto to her as his face went solemn. "Everything went as planned.... he's dead." Jiraiya said sadly.

"I should flatten you for that Jiraiya.... but a Root ANBU just tried to kill Kushina." Tsunade said seriously.

"So that was your chakra I felt.... I take it he didn't get away?" Jiraiya said.

"No he didn't.... but I didn't kill him, I did worse, I sent him to Ibiki for a full confession." Tsunade said.

"He was better off with you." Jiraiya said with a smirk.

Everyone half surpressed a laugh.

Tsunade saw his glance. "It was that bastard Danzo, he ordered it.... that dried up son of a bitch just tried to kill Kushina and turn our Godson into some mindless weapon, care to join me for some.... fun?" Tsunade asked with a sadistic smile and cracked her knuckles.

Jiraiya knew Tsunade very well, he knew exactly what she was thinking. "You know how I feel about the old days.... but in this case I'll make an exception. Council Chambers?"

Tsunade nodded.

"I'll guard Kushina."

Everyone turned to the doorway and smiled, especially Kushina.

"Good to see you again Kakashi-kun." Kushina said with a tired smile, her eyes half closed.

Tsunade and Jiraiya smiled at each other, no one got by Kakashi, especially if it was personal, and in this case it was. They nodded to him and leapt out the hole in the wall.

"We need to move her to another room." Shizune said.

----8 minutes Later, Council Chambers----.

The huge double doors crashed to the floor, knocked off the hinges, standing in the doorway was a very angry Tsunade with her right fist still extended, to her left was Jiraiya, also very angry, which for him was very rare.

"I take it you have a good reason for this Tsunade?" Sarutobi said, as he was presiding over the meeting.

"DAMN right I do!" Tsunade said then stormed in stopping center room, her ki filling the room..

The civilian half of the Council was ready to run from the room screaming in terror.

"You've heard about Minato I assume?" Tsunade asked, not surprised when everyone nodded.

Jiraiya grabbed Tsunade's shoulder when he saw Damzo smile and she tensed up further. "Not yet, I'll handle this." Jiraiya said calmly, though he wasn't actually calm. "We just came from the Hospital, an assassin just attacked Kushina Uzumaki, a personal guest of The Fourth Hokage."

"She was an outsider and a whore trying to infiltrate Kohona through seduction of out former Hokage, she deserved to die, and we know Minato sealed the Kyuubi in his bastard son, he must be turned over to Root immediately. The asassin is dead I assume, then we'll never know who hired him." Danzo said calmly.

'Bastard is good, I'll give him that, he probably has a speech ready for anything he thinks will happen.' Jiraiya thought, then inwardly smiled. He glanced at Tsunade, and was very impressed she was able to restrain herself, but he also knew she was on the edge of losing it. Jiraiya smiled. "I didn't say Kushina was dead."

Gasps filled the room.

Jiraiya saw Danzo's calm expression crack. "As for the assassin, he's having a talk with Ibiki as we speak.... he's doing his best anyway, unfortunately he was badly injured before he was arrested."

"How badly injured?" Danzo asked, a very subtle nervous inflection in his voice.

"I shattered his left arm, his jaw, and probably broke some ribs when I kocked him through the Hospital wall.... he landed in the street a block away." Tsunade said with a sadistic smile, obviously proud of herself and doing nothing to hide that fact.

"And we know who hired the assassin, he told Kushina and Tsunade.... it was a Root ANBU, which you're in charge of!" Jiraiya said and pointed to Danzo.

Tsunade suddenly exploded from her spot, flashing through hand signs at a speed that defied description. "LIVING COFFIN!" Tsunade yelled as she grabbed Danzo's face with her right hand, now glowing with green chakra.

Danzo screamed in pure agony as his entire body violently shook.

Tsunade released him about 10 seconds later and he slumped limply in his chair. She looked down at him with a HUGE smile of satisfaction on her face.

"Tsunade, what did you do to him?" Sarutobi asked calmly, but some shock showed on his face.

"That was a special medical jutsu I created years ago, I didn't kill him.... that's too good for him. Before her son was born Minato and Kushina named me Godmother of her child, whicj makes her family. Have you heard of the Uzumaki Blood Oath?"Tsunade asked.

Sarutobi nodded and sighed. "I see.... so what did you do to him?"

"I locked him in an endless nightmare and supressed his consciousness so deeply into his mind he can never be recovered. There is no counter to this jutsu, I created it specially to be unbreakable by anyone. Physically he's alive, but for all intends and purposes.... he's brain dead." Tsunade said.

"I want the Council to know that I was named Godfather of thier child, and if anyone else wants to try anything, Kushina was legally married to Minato last year, the wedding was witnessed by me, Tsunade, and makes their son, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, heir to the Namikaze Clan Estate, as well as the Uzumaki Clan from Whirlpool, which Kushina, and now Naruto, are the only living members." Jiraiya said.

"Any objections to making this public record?" Sarutobi asked.

Most of the Council was stunned by this, the civilian portion whispered among themselves a moment.

"No objections." The civilian Council leader said.

"No objections." Hiashi said for the Clan Heads.

"We must find a new Hokage as soon as possible." A elder female Civilian Council member said.

"Forget it, I'm not the right person for the job." Jiraiya said.

"Anyone that even suggests my name I'll kill." Tsunade said coldly.

"I'll be Hokage again until a replacement can be found." Sarutobi said, then summoned 2 ANBU. "Take Danzo to ANBU Headquarters and put him in Section Eight. If that's all.... dismissed." Sarutobi said.

"Come on Tsunade, let's get a drink, I'm buying." Jiraiya said.

Tsunade's eyebrows went up in surprise, then she smiled. "I can't pass this up, you're on." Tsunade said then followed Jiraiya out.

----1 Week Later, Namikaze Estate----

Kushina smiled as she watched the second scariest Kunoichi in Konoha, a woman that was surpassed in battle fierceness and strength of will only by Tsunade, making THE most adorable little puppy sounds and faces as she tickled Naruto's chin with her fingers, which made him smile.

"I'll be wight back widdle Naruto-paru." Tsume Inuzuka said in a soft childish voice, then turned and in a blur of speed crossed the large room and had the claw-like nails of her right hand dug into Asuma's balls as she squeezed rather hard. "Laugh at me again and I'll forget who your father is, understood?" Tsume said coldly, her large fangs bared menacingly, then lifted Asuma up on his toes.

Asuma nodded immediately.

Tsume released and walked back to Kushina.

"I told you not to laugh at her." Kakashi said calmly, but inside was laughing his ass off.

Cough Cough "I'll listen to you next time, her ears are as sharp as her nose." Asuma said, wincing slightly.

"Not as sharp as her claws though." Kakashi said, smiling beneath his mask, then dodged a punch from Asuma.

Kushina giggled, she watched the scene from across the room. She turned to her left, baby Naruto cradled in that arm, and smiled.

"May I hold him?" Hanna Hyuuga asked happily.

Hiashi and Hizashi glanced at each other.

"Of course,, when are you due?" Kushina said then gently handed Naruto to her.

"About two months.".Hanna said. "You're just soo adorable I can't stand it." Hanna cooed at Naruto.

"We're ssorry for your lose, we'll miss him as well. If there's anything we can do for you or your son, just ask." Hiashi said.

"I insist, he was one of the few outside the Clan to attend my wedding." Hanna said.

"Thank you." Kushina said and bowed her head a moment.

"Are the whisker marks on his cheeks from...." Hanna asked.

"Hai, otherwise he's healthy." Kushina said.

"May I check him?" Hanna asked, smiled when Kushina nodded, then activated her Byakuugan without a word or hand sign and looked closely at baby Naruto in her arms for a few moments, then gasped and deactivated it.

"Is something wrong?" Kushina asked slightly nervous.

"His chakra coils are as large as a seasoned Genin's, and he has a second set or red chakra coils that are slightly larger.....it's only been a week, he shouldn't be this developed yet, even being what he is." Hanna said.

Kushina didn't know what to say, Jiraiya had told her this would happen, that he'd have huge chakra reserves and larger chakra coils than normal, but not to this extent this early. She scanned the room then waved over Jiraiya and Tsunade.

Both were at her side a moment later, they could see the concern on her face from across the room.

"Tell them what you just told me Hanna." Kushina said.


End Chapter 1