A True BloodLine

Ch 2: Blood Lines

By: MikeJV37


----Aug 3, 11:43 AM, Namikaze Estate, Training Area 1----

Naruto: age 5

Standing outside of the 12' circle in her black battlesuit, minus the red armor plating, right arm bare and holding a wooden sword, her waist length red hair in a ponytail, she smiled at her opponent in the center of the circle. "One more time, and trust your instincts you only get one strike, be sure only hit the real me." Kushina said then made the hand sign. "MULTI-SHADOW CLONE JUTSU!"

9 more Kushina's appeared around the circle and all 10 began running around it at blinding speed.

Standing 20' away Tsunade watched intently. Naruto was in his normal sleeveless black shirt, black wristbands, black pants and shinobi sandles, all thinly trimmed in red, and holding a wooden sword with both hands. She was still impresed at how calm and focused he was, especially since they'd been doing this for almost 4 hours and she'd struck him dozens of times. He was so close to completing Kushina's latest exercise she could feel it. She'd seen the pattern Kushina was currently using that morning and knew he had to have it nearly figured out. Right on time the first attack came, Kushina attacked with a horizontal slash from his left that he ducked, then immediately raised his sword overhead, pointing behind him to block the second attack then leapt back 4' to avoid an overhead slash from the third Kushina, holding it in front of his face, then dropped into a split and tilted his head to the right an inch to avoid a thrust from behind that had aimed at his chest then smiled as he'd also flipped it upsidedown with his lower left hand as the pivot, regrabbed it as he thrust the point of the wooden blade up behind himself and struck the fourth Kushina directly between her large breasts with an audible 'thunk'.

"Am I a Shadow Clone or the original?" That Kushina asked calmly, no emotion in her voice.

"The original." Naruto said calmly.

"Are you sure?" Kushina asked.

"Hai, you match the others in every way, including smell, but there's one thing you can't hide that I first noticed last time." Naruto said.

Tsunade let out a quiet sigh, she'd been expecting something new to happen very soon..

"And what might that be?" Kushina asked, still in the same position she was when Naruto's blade struck her, and was still pressed into her chest..

"I can feel your blood, the others don't have it." Naruto said calmly.

Kushina was only slightly surprised, in the last year he developed several very unusal abilities not related to Kyuubi. Tsunade had finally found a reference to some of the abilities Naruto was displaying. With help from Tsunade, Jiraiya and Sarutobi they knew it was a Bloodline-Limit of some kind, but the only term that applied hadn't been used in thousands of years.... vampire. "Right." Kushina said, stood and dispelled her clones.

Naruto pulled off his blindfold, stood, turned, gave her a bow, then smiled, jumped up and hugged her.

Kushina smiled, caught him and returned his hug with several kisses. "I'm so proud of you Naru-kun."

Naruto leaned back so he could see her face. "Proud enough to make me your special ramen?" Naruto asked only a little excited.

"I guess.... go get cleaned up for lunch, then we're going to have a serious talk about this new ability." Kushina said, the last part seriously.

Naruto hopped down and nodded. "Hai.... Kaa-sensei."

"Our training is over for the day, call me Kaa-san, or at least mom.... smart ass." Kushina said with a smirk.

"Hai....kooshy-san." Naruto said then turned and ran off.

Kushina clenched her jaw a few moments as Tsunade got close, giggling..

"He'll be gone another five days, you'll have to wait." Tsunade said.

Kushina nodded. "One of these days I'm going to castrate that son of a bitch for telling Naruto that story." Kushina said.

"He spends most of his time training, you can't blame him for wanting to have a little fun occationally. I promised not to tell him, not Jiraiya.... and do I need to remind you what you were like at his age?" Tsunade said with a smirk.

Kushina tensed up a moment then sighed and slumped. "Point taken, if I had half his ability when I was five I'd of been a real terror, I could of pranked anyone in Whirlpool and gotten away with it.".

"Besides, you get off easy Kushina-chan, you know what he calls me." Tsunade said. and cringed slightly. "I'm still not fond of hearing him call me Baa-chan, but it beats the hell of the other nickname, at least he only does it one day a year, and I had to bribe him to get that." Tsunade said..

Kushina giggled a moment. "You have any of that sake left in your room?"

"Yeah, half a bottle." Tsunade said.

"I'll split it with you over lunch." Kushina said.

Tsunade smiled, nodded and saw the subtle shift on Kushina's face. "And don't bother asking me what that bribe was, I won't tell you." Tsunade said. 'I don't want you cutting any of my favorite body parts off either.' Tsunade thought.

----Sept 1, 7:35 AM----

Naruto: age 6

Naruto crossed the Main Hall to the front door where his mother, Baa-chan and Jiraiya-sensei were standing, all with a smile. He knew what was coming, but since they were at home he didn't mind. He stopped in front of his mom, put down his bag and held out his arms for her. As he predicted she picked him up, hugged him tightly and went all whimpery about her baby leaving home. "Mom, you are so predictable sometimes.... but at least you did it here instead of the Academy Main Gate... you'd ruin my image." Naruto said sounding like a teenager, but when you're as smart as he was that was expected. 'I wonder if Shikamaru goes through this with his mom? Kami I wish I was stupid sometimes! Well that's what I get for being a genious wth an overprotective mother.... but I wouldn't want her any other way.' Naruto thought and smiled.

"I know, but I can't help it.... just remember what I said about your katana, be very careful if you use your abilities.... and I don't need to remind you what could happen if you use your red chakra in public." Kushina said seriously.

Naruto nodded. "I do, and I shouldn't need it at all.... compared to training under you, Baa-chan and Jiraiya-sensei this'll be easy." Naruto said and gave her a big smile.

"Smart ass.... just be good." Kushina said.

Naruto smirked and nodded, then moved to Tsunade.

Tsunade got down on her right knee so she was at his level. "We know you've got a temper like your mother and I, and you'll be the strongest thanks to my training, don't let either get out of control, and if you ise any of those abilites on anyone without a very good reason...." Tsunade said and glared at him a mment. "Make us proud, show'em how great you are and don't show off.... much." Tsunade said, the last word quietly.

Naruto nodded when she glared at him, then smiled briefly before he hugged her. As usual he felt a small rush of power.

Kushina sighed quietly and rolled her eyes at Tsunade. She'd heard Tsunade say 'much, and that they knew she had.

"She rolled her eyes at me didn't she?" Tsunade asked, and smirked when Naruto nodded.

Naruto moved to Jiraiya, who was even more predictable to him than , he knew what Jiraiya was going to say almost word-for-word.

"You'll be top student without even trying.... I want you to make me proud and be a ladykiler like me and your father...." Jiraiya said and flinched when he heard her cough. "Well, like your father before he met your beautiful forgiving mother." Jiraiya said, the last line slightly nervous then smiled at Kushina who gave him a glare.

"I'll make plenty of new friends." Naruto said, then winked at Jiraiya with his right eye so his mom and Tsunade wouldn't see him. "I better get going, I'm meeting my squad at the Academy Gate." Naruto said with a smirk.

"You and your squad better not cause any trouble or you won't see them for a month." Kushina said.

Tsunade smirked as she held in her laughter.

Naruto nodded, picked up his bag and took off for the Main Gate of the Estate.

Kushina waited until he was clear. "Did it happen again?"

Tsunade nodded. 'I think I know why now, but you aren't ready to hear it.' tsunade thought.

----7:45 AM, Academy Front Gate----

Naruto walked through the Front Gate, ignoring the other kids and parents for the most part, and stopped a moment to scan the courtyard. He had his usual black outfit on, with 2 exceptions. The first, and most obvious, was his new jacket he'd found waiting for him on the back of his usual chair that morning when he entered the dining room for breakfast. It was black and sleeveless with red trim, a large red swirl dominated the upper back, the shoulders had red fringes webbed with the same armored mesh many older shinobi wore, like his favorite aunt, Anko. You couldn't see it, but the jacket had several layers of the armored mesh woven into it and was reinforced with several powerful seals by Jiraiya. He had on 3" wide, half inch thick, black metal wrist bands and fingerless, armored, black, shinobi gloves. The other change was sticking out the collar behind his head and right shoulder, the hilt and handle of his new katana. His bag hung at his left side. filled with his books and various supplies, not counting the 2 pouches on his belt..Findng his squad, the friends he'd grown up with, he headed over to them, his face calm as always.

First to jump up and greet him, as usual, was Tenten. "I love your new jacket.... (squeal) is that a new katana?" Tenten said excitedly.

"Good morning to you to Tenten." Naruto said dryly.

Tenten blushed slightly. "Sorry, good morning Naruto-kun." Tenten said.

Naruto chuckled as the other 2 girls got close. "You can see it later Tenten, I promise." Naruto said then gave her a quick hug when she pouted sadly. "Morning Hinata-chan, Ino-chan.... what do you say Ino?"

Ino walked up close and circled him, pausing a few times to examine the jacket. "Doesn't look right, maybe a nice bright orange." Ino said seriously.

Naruto crossed his arms over his chest and glared at her. "You better be joking you know what everyone will see hanging from the flagpole."

Ino swallowed nervously. "I was. I love your new jacket, we'll definitely set the standard. That's some of Hotaru's best work, I love the back, and those red fringes just make it pop, very cool!" Ino said happily, not trying to think about her undergarment hanging from the flagpole.

"I agree with Ino-chan, I love your new jacket Naruto-kun." Hinata said with a smile.

"Cool jacket, subtle and effecient, I'd expect nothing less. We have time for a game of Shogi if you don't mind some humiliation first thing in the morning." Shikamaru said casually.

Choji laughed then munched some chips.

"You remind me of father's beetles." Shino said in his usual monotone voice.

Ino shuttered a moment. "Don't compare Naruto to your bugs Shino.... creeps me out. Do it again and I'll soak your coat with perfume!"

Shino looked at Ino, and raised both eyebrows high. "You wouldn't."

Ino put her hands on her hips and smiled deviously at him. "Try me bug boy."

"Knock it off Ino, you know what that'll do to his bugs." Naruto said.

"Something is eating my roses in my garden at home, you save my roses, keep my flower garden pest free and not only will I apologize for every thing I've said about your bugs for the last month, but I'll personally landscape your mom's garden with any plants she wants, for free." Ino said seriously.

"Take the deal Shino." Naruto and Shikamaru said in unison.

Shino almost smiled behind his high collar, she didn't act like it but in her own way Ino was as much a genious as the others. He saw their group as a collective, almost a hive mind, each member had specialties, and one of Ino's also made her one of the best landscapers in Konoha, despite her age, but she'd only do it if she wanted to, even her parents couldn't force her. His mother would love it, as would her bugs. It only took him a few seconds to mull it over. Even if his bugs wouldn't mind a little combat in her garden and being used for guard duty to keep it healthy, he didn't like being used like that, and looking at Ino fihured she probably had this planned all along, but he admired her ability to multitask and manipulate into doing what she wanted, and even making them think it was their idea, except Naruto, who she always submitted to when he pushed back. "Deal."

Ino smiled and nodded. "Shino, I apologize for everything I've said about you and your bugs in the last month." Ino said sincerely. 'That was too easy.... but I shouldn't made the joke about an orange jacket. Just to be sure I'll offer him one of my homemade blueberry muffins at lunch, if he takes it I'm clear.' Ino thought.

"How about we play during lunch Shika, so we can get a couple games in." Naruto said.

"Yeah, I hate having to rush anyway, too much work." Shikamaru said casually.

The 3 girls giggled and Naruto shook his head.

"Maybe I should have Hotaru make a basket harness and Choji can carry you around on his back, that way you don't even have to walk." Naruto said.

"How much would that cost?" Shikamaru said.

Everyone stared at Shikamaru a moment, stunned, they KNEW he was serious.

----8:00 AM, Homeroom----

"I need new friends." SHikamaru said in an annoyed but lazy tone.

"Shut up Shika, and I don't want to see you even nod Choji, I don't care if you can do it!" Ino said, annoyed, but quietly as she crossed the room..

Shino just walked towards his seat as if nothing was going on. Inside he was laughing at the image of Choji backpacking Shikamaru around.

Tenten and Hinata just lept glancing at each other smirking like idiots.

Naruto was ignoring Shikamaru, Choji and Ino completely, this was ocmmon for them considering their parents. He was scanning the rom since he entered, he sawa few other Clan Heirs, though he didn't know most of them he knew who they were. He wasn't surprized to see Sasuke Uchiha sitting front roq cwnter, already surrounded by fangirls. He saw Sasuke glance at him and gave him a nod that Sasuke returned. He knew his only real rival would be Sasuke. The only other student that could give him a good fight was Hinata's cousin Neji, but he was a year ahead and he doubted they'd share any classes. He really liked Neji, sure others found him kinda stiff and cold, but since Hinata escaped from her would-be kidnapper 3 years ago thanks to his extra training, they'd become friends, thanks to Hinata.

----Lunch, Courtyard----

Naruto walked out into the grass off teh Courtyard with his squad and stopped, looked to his right. "Do you girls know anything about her?" Naruto said and nodded to the girl sitting along on the bench about 20' away.

"Not much, only that she lives with her mom, has no friends, isn't from any Clan I know of, and that in all our classes so far she answered every question before you could even raise your hand Naruto, sometimes before Sensei could even finish asking it.... she has a big forehead she's obviously ashamed of based on her hairstyle and posture, the pink hair is cute....and she's probably smarter than everyone in class except Sensei, you and Shikamaru." Ino said.

"Anyone have anything to add?" Naruto asked, they all shook their head. "Everyone agree with Ino's assessment?" Naruto asked and they all nodded. "Set up uner the biggest shade tree, I'll join you in a minute."

They nodded and headed for the tree, Tenten, Hinata and Ino were smiling.

'Where X plus Y is equal to thirteen to the fourth power divided by the square root of....' She thought as she was reading then stopped when a shadow fell over her. "Um, excuse me, nut would you please move, your blocking my light." She said politely but softly, not looking up.

"Twenty-four." He said.

She looked up, confused, and quietly gasped

"Relax, I'm not going to hurt you, I'm Naruto Namikaze and the answer to that problem is twenty-four." Naruto said calmly.

"I know who you are, I've heard the other girls talking about you.... Sakura Haruno, how do you know the answer?" Sakura said.

"CherryBlossom.... it suits you. If you'll join me and my friends for lunch I'll tell you." Naruto said.

"Why would someone like you want to eat lunch with a nobody like me?" Sakura said meakly, then flinched in fear when she heard a very low, powerful feral growl.

"Don't you ever say that again. Someone as smart as you are shouldn't care what people think. Most of those bimbos bullying you now won't advance past Genin, even they even manage to graduate. They'll live meaningless lives, you have the potential to be an Elite Kunoichi. Now, are you going to get your head out of your ass and show those bitches what intelligence, hard work and talent can do, or listen to their bullshit for six years, convinve yourself they're right about you and amount to nothing?" Naruto said in a low, powerful voice. "If you want some real friends that can puch you past your limits as a person and a kunoichi, we'll be under the big shade tree every day during lunch, join us when you're ready to stop being a weak little pussy." Naruto said strongly, turned and walked away.

Sakura sat there a moment in shock as her big green eyes teared up..

As he walkaway from Sakura all his senses were tuned to her reactions, outside and inside. His mother, Tsunade and the other Elite Shinobi could hide their true emotions and selves form him, but he could read Sakura's true feelings like an open bok, short of hearing her thoughts he knew more about Sakura than she did about herself. It didn't last though, he could only read her that well up close, and even this ability he could only use a short time, any longer or stronger and the small changes would happen, and even his friends only knew 2 of his special as he'd been told repeatedly by his mother, as a Clan heir with aBloodline-Limit, you don't share all your secrets with outsiders, they did the same thing, all Clans had secrets.

"So how'd it go, other than making her cry?" Ino asked.

Naruto sat in the spot they saved for him and picked up his lunch he knew 1 of the girls had set out for him. "Pretty good actually, she had some problems, but I think I reached her. She'll join us tomorrow."

"You were too hard on her were you Haruto-kun?" Hinata asked then took a bite of her cinnamon bun.

"Don't worry Hinata-chan, I just gave her a little push to motivate her." Naruto said.

"Would you likea blueberry muffin Naruto?" Ino asked and held it out.

"Sure, thanks Ino." Naruto said, took the muffin and gave Ino a small nod that made her smile, and he knew why.


End Chapter 2