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"W-what?" Naruto couldn't believe it. The love of his life confessed that she loved him. It's to good to be true. He's thinking with his heart not his head.

"Yes, Naruto! I realized...THAT I LOVE YOU!" the intensity in her voice, her 'passion', further helped Naruto clear the doubt in his head. Naruto's head cracked, an his mind exploded. Shock, was written all over his face. His hands were cold, his throat was dry. His mind was trying to process was she just said, but he kept repeating it in his mind over, and over. She loves me! Naruto's eyes widen, and sky-blue eyes shimmered. Tears threatening to come out.

He grasped Sakura by the hands, and pulled her in closer to his body. "S-sakura? D-do y-you really l-l-l-love me?" Naruto swallowed the lump in his throat as he said 'love'. Sakura signed, and smile softly. "Y-yes Naruto. I love you." she replied. She reached to touch his face, but he grasped her hand again. He put her hands to his face, and cried.

Sakura watched as her teammate, friend, and 'lover' cry his heart out to her. His second goal in life 'fulfilled'. It broke her heart knowing that she didn't really love him. More like a brother yes, but lover, no. Her heart was torn in two.

"S-sakura...I don't know what to say?" Sakura touched his face, and dried the tears that where still on his face. He grabbed his cheeks, and drew him closer to her. "How about this?" she kissed him right in the mouth. Warm, sweet, soft. Those were the beginning feelings that they felt.

Naruto's mind exploded into a shower of confusion. But that was all washed away when he felt her lips. He closed his eyes to enjoy the moment, and pulled her closer. She allowed it, and pulled his head closer. Their kiss felt like it lasted for hours, but in the outside it was only a thirty seconds. Hey pulled away from each other. Saliva followed their lips as they separated. Naruto looked at her with undying love, but Sakura looked hesitant, before her look changed into doubt.

Naruto thought with his heart, not his head.

The crowd of Lee, Kiba, Sai, Kakashi, Yamato watched in shock as they actually kissed. Lee most of all was devastated. S-Sakura...He didn't want to cry, but he did. So he did the next best thing to hide it. "OH! WHAT YOUTH!" Lee put his right arm over his eyes, and cried.

Of Love lost.

Kiba smelled the lie, as well as Kakashi. It was obvious to them that Sakura deceived Naruto. She played with his love for her, and used it for her advantage. Kiba gritted his teeth, anger washing over him like spilled beans on your plate. I'm going to have a talk with her. Kakashi just shock his head in disappointment. fool. Kakashi thought with a grimaced face. If you act like that no one will like you. Kakashi looked at Yamato, and nodded. And I thought you matured...

Yamato suddenly spoke up after a long, awkward silence. "Naruto..." he called out, "...let's go." Naruto looked at Yamato, then back at Sakura. He reluctantly released her, and approached his squad leader. He nodded at Yamato, but before he jumped away. He gave one last glance at Sakura before leaving.

Right when Naruto was out of range, Kiba approached Sakura, well more like stomped over to her. He gave her a nasty glare, and said. "How can you play like him Sakura! You're his teammate! How can-."

Before he finished his sentence Sakura slapped him, hard. She glared at him with fury in her lime-green eyes. "Don't you ever tell me what I can, or can't do Kiba! What I do is my own business! Not yours!" she was prepared to strike him again when Kakashi's voice stopped her.

"Sakura stop!." it was more of a demand than an actual order. Sakura turned to glare at her sensei, but instead she felt like shrinking under his glare. "Stop you're foolishness! You're a shinobi, so act like one! If you are doing this to fill your own void of loneliness, then don't bother to drag Naruto into this!" Sakura took a step back as she clenched her fist. Lee was the one the voiced his thoughts next.

"Stop. All of you." Kakashi, and Kiba where the only ones surprised at how quiet he said it. He sounded hurt, but other than that he masked his other emotions perfectly. "Don't fight now that we are so close to war." Kakashi, and Kiba begrudgingly nodded at that. Kiba grunted as a respond before walking up to his partner, Akamaru.

"Let's go buddy." the dog gave a single bark as a response, and followed his master/partner. They both jumped away. Back to the Leaf Village.

Kakashi watched as the two dogs jumped away, he turned to look back at Sakura, and said. "Let's go Sakura."

Sakura turned to look back at her sensei. "But S-Sasuke-kun." she stuttered.

Now it all made sense no. She came here for Sasuke, not Naruto. He sighed to himself. How could I have let it go so far, without even knowing it. "Sakura..." he said with authority, but with a little softness in his voice. "...Sasuke is a lost cause. Don't let you're false love for him bring you down." he was meet with a blank stare.

"Sensei..." her voice was so quiet that Kakashi was barely able to hear. "...It's not 'false' love. I do love him. So that's why I must save him from himself." Kakashi instantly knew what she was going with. He shook his head slowly. "No Sakura. What you're doing is selfish. To both yourself, as well as Naruto. How do you think he feels. It's not about you as much as you think." Kakashi turned his back on her.

He tilted his head to look at her from his side, and said. "And even if you do meet him, what makes you think YOU will be able to beat him. Now, come on let's go back." As much as she hated it, Sakura nodded. She clenched her fist so hard that a few bones cracked under pressure. She forced herself a smile, "OK sensei.." she gave him a sweet smile, but Kakashi knew other wise.

Kakashi nodded, slowly, and jumped away with Sakura right behind him.

Lee watched the exchange with a mixture of emotions deep within. He slowly nodded to himself. New found determination wailing up inside of him, and he jumped towards the trees to catch up with them.

3 Months Later, Valley of the End

"Sasuke! You don't know how long I waited for this day to come!" the smirk in the raven haired teen further fueled the annoyance in the blonde's voice.

"Dobe! You know as well as I do that you won't be able to beat me!" Sasuke's smirk grew bigger, if not possible. Naruto merely laughed, which irritated the raven haired shinobi. "What's so funny! You think this is a game!" Sasuke's eyes flashed from red to onyx-black with every second Naruto's laughter continued.

Naruto wiped the tear from his eyes, and looked right at the raven haired shinobi. Not afraid to look into his sharingan eyes. "They say that arrogance is 'poetic'! I just realized how right that is! Your arrogance Sasuke. Is outstanding!" Naruto smirked as Sasuke's eyes flashed with anger at his remark.

As angry as he got, Sasuke stopped. It's OK Sasuke. Deep breathes. Sasuke smirked returned, and the annoyance on Naruto's returned. "All talk Naruto! But after this, no more!" with that the raven haired shinobi rushed at the blonde with impressive speed. He disappeared from sight, and reappeared right behind the blonde. The smirk in his face still plastered on his face. Naruto was the one who smirked last as he, too, disappeared.

Sasuke looked around the area in shook. He was actually surprised at how fast he had gottenin so little time. He actually smiled, not his usual smirk, but a smile. Sasuke was smiling. Finally a challenge. He caught Naruto's movement from the corner of his eyes, and punched his arm forward knocking the wind right out of him. And with him of all people. My 'brother.'

Sasuke ducked under a kick that Naruto threw, and gave out his own kick. Naruto tried to dodge while in mid-air, but he couldn't. Sasuke's foot connected to Naruto's stomach. The blonde haired shinobi's eyes rolled into the back of his head, and gasped. A few cracks were heard as he went flying to Uchiha Madara's statue. Sasuke looked at the crater, where Naruto's body went, with a smirk. He shushined out the Senju statue, and reappeared in front of the blonde. As he was about to punch him, the blonde haired shinobi's body burst into smoke. Shadow clones! Sasuke turned his head just in time to see the blonde with a rasengan in his hand. You can play it that way!

Sasuke formed the three hand signs needed for his move, and he grabbed his wrist. His hand shook as electricity started to gather. A ball of lightning appeared, and just as it did. Sasuke put the ball of lightning in front of him.

Ra...sen...gan! The blonde haired shinobi yelled out.

Chidori! As the blonde one, the raven haired shinobi shouted out his attack with equal ferociousness.

As both attacks almost connected, Sasuke reached out to grab his sword. He was about to slice at him when the Naruto in front of him turned into smoke. Another shadow clone! Grrrr... AsSasuke's attacked continued forward, he looked up, and a single rasengan was seen coming down on him. His eyes widened as the attack connected to his face.

Rasengan! The blonde haired shinobi shouted in triumph.

The force of the attack sent Sasuke flying into the cold water below. The Uchiha pushed chakra into his body as he landed in the river. He got up, and glared at the smug blonde one.

"All wet, eh?" Naruto taunted.

"Fuck you!" he responded. Naruto laughed to himself.

"You know..." Naruto began, " that I think about it your hair style resembles a duck's ass!" the way the blonde shinobi said it, further pissed the raven one off. But Naruto wasn't done yet.

"If you put your whole body into the river, only allowing your hair to stick out, I bet you will probably lose fan-girls that way! Just make sure you place a mouth in front of your hair, and it'll really look like a duck!"

Sasuke's face color changed from white to red in a matter of seconds. Anger, frustration, embarrassment? The list goes on, and on. Sasuke forced himself to calm down, before smirking, again.

"At least I had fan-girls!" Naruto's eyes widened at his implication, "All you had was ramen!"

Naruto's eyes turned red, and his nails lengthened. "You bastard!" Naruto jumped down into the ravine below, with the intention to kill him. "Make fun of me! OK! But! Make fun of RAMEN! YOUR DEAD!" Sasuke's short verbal victory was cut short as Naruto punched him in the face. He followed up with a back kick, followed by reverse kick. Sasuke went crashing down into the bottom of the cold water below.

The anger inside the raven haired shinobi reached it's all time high. He channeled a huge amount of chakra into his eyes, and it morphed into his Mangekyō Sharingan. On his left eye he had his brother's pin-wheel eye. While in the other he had the Jewish star. His aura turned colder than before, as he blasted a concentrated amount of flames, black flames to be exact, on to the surface.

Naruto stood onto of the water, anger flowing through him like a calm river. His ears twitched a bit, and he felt something hot in his feet. He heard a sizzling noise, and add that with the heat he felt. Somethings burning! He looked down into the bottom of the river just in time to see a huge concentrated blast of black flames racing towards him.


Naruto channeled his red chakra into is legs, and with a burst of speed he disappeared, and reappeared on top of the statue, just as the black flame came flying out the river towards the sky. The black flames stopped, and exploded. The black flames turned into tiny black flames, and they hit the ground all around the area.

Naruto looked down on the ravine just in time to see his rival stand back up.

"You brought this upon yourself Naruto! If you only let me go, I wouldn't have hated you as much!" Sasuke flew through hand signs before exclaiming. Fire Style: Mythical Fire Phoenix Technique!

Naruto just stood there as the attacks came onto him. E held his arm out, and channeled his blue chakra into is hands. Rasengan! He exclaimed. The fire attack hit the rasengan, making the flames go around Naruto, in a counter clock wise form. Naruto smirked at his accomplishment, but that was short lived as Sasuke came from behind with his sword drawn. Pointed right at him.

Chidori Current! Sasuke exclaimed. Electricity traveled through his sword, and continued t travel even after the sword ended. The electrical sword pierced Naruto's heart, but he burst into smoke, again.

Shadow clones again! Damn him. A fist to the face brought him out of thoughts, and down onto the floor. He tried to stand up, but a huge gust of air blew him away, falling right back into the river.

Shadow Clone Technique! Sasuke heard from mid-air.

Naruto looked at his clones with seriousness. "You know what to do." the clones nodded, and jumped away leaving only Naruto, and Sasuke there. Naruto closed his eyes, and took a deep breathe. But to Sasuke, it was an open attack. It's like he wants me to finish him. He smirked at that, but then his face turned cold. I need more power! To be using Mangekyō so early... Sasuke's hand was suddenly encased in lightning as he shouted.

Chidori Senbon! Tiny electrical needles raced towards the blonde, but he was prepared. A single clone burst with a loud poof, and got in between the attack, and his 'boss'. He took all the attacks without poofing back into nothing. But Sasuke didn't stop there.

Sasuke disappeared with a shushin, and reappeared behind the motionless blonde. He was prepared to strike him down when Naruto grabbed the blade with his bare hands. He opened his eyes, that resembled that of a toad, and gazed at the struggling shinobi.

He snapped his blade in two, and threw his blade aside. Sasuke looked at him with wide eyes. T-that blade was made out of the strongest material in the elemental nations! How can he-His eyes! An eye bloodline? Sasuke didn't have the time to ponder much as Naruto punched him in the chest. UH! It felt like I was punched by a building! Naruto grabbed the bowing raven by his hair, and threw him into the river, hard.

Sasuke went spiraling down onto the cold, now hard, water below. A huge blast of water, followed by rain washed the place away. Sasuke coughed a few times as he heard a shout.


Sasuke looked up to see the spinning ball of condensed wind hurling at him. Acting on impulse, Sasuke fired a low level fire technique on the ball, but the ball absorbed it. But it transformed into a flaming spinning ball with condensed wind around. Sasuke cut of his chakra from his feet, and he went down into the water just when the ball impacted into the spot he was at. The ball exploded in a flash of light, and flames. The wind ripped, and shredded everything around the area where the ball impacted. The water splashed, and splashed, until a huge hole in between was ripped through(A/N: If you have seen Dragonball Z where Goku does Spirit Bomb on Freeza. The after math in the ocean where there is a gaping hole in the ocean. It's like that, but smaller).

The force of the water was to much for the raven haired shinobi, so he tried to swim back up. But the current pushed him further down until his head slammed into a wall, hard. He lost his breathe in a process, and his lungs filled with water as he tried to breathe. To die like this. He was prepared to shut his eyes, but as he did, his world was blinded by a light. Pathetic...

Naruto grabbed the unconscious Uchiha by his hair, and pulled him up. He placed the unconscious teen on his right shoulder, and left.

Forty six minutes later. At the Leaf Village entrance gate.

Naruto, with the unconscious teen still on his shoulder, walked into the entrance with his head walked right up to the gate keepers, and said. "Mission accomplished! Akatsuki is no more!" a cheer ran out from the few civilians who heard this. The cheer attracted the rest of the village, and so they checked it out. More, and more of the villagers came to see what was the commotion. When there they joined in there fellow villager's cheer repeating, Hero! Hero! Over, and over again. Naruto, with the teen still over his shoulder, grinned like a fox, and rubbed his neck nervously.

"It was nothing." he said.

"I couldn't have done it without my fellow shinobi after all!" the crowd cheered louder at his modesty. But a familiar flop of pink hair attracted his attention. Sakura? He thought. She burst through the crowd with worry in here eyes.

"Where is he?" the crowd stopped as her voice stopped theirs. "I said where is he?" she was beginning to sound desperate, they realized. She looked around the crowd until she spotted a familiar blond haired shinobi with a raven haired shinobi on his shoulder. She ran up to them both with tears in her eyes.

Naruto expecting a hug, gently laid the down Uchiha onto the floor, and opened his arms a bit. But he was extremely disappointed when she ran right past him, and onto the floor where the Uchiha was at. She hugged his down form, further breaking his heart in the process, and kissed the Uchiha right in the cheeks, not caring about the crowd around them. Naruto looked at her with indifference, but on the inside he was crying. We been together for a few months. I thought we had something special. Naruto shook his head to get rid of those thoughts. No! She will not betray me! He gave one last look at the sobbing pink haired girl beofre turning away.

Naruto turned around with his head high, and walked right through the crowd. Even though the people around him patted him on the shoulders, and saying 'what a good job he had done.' He felt alone, he felt betrayed. Deep inside him he knew she was lying to him when she told him that she loved him. And now he has to pay for it.

Ignorance is a bliss.

Naruto walked back into his apartment with his head down, ad his shoulder's down. He had a pair of sake on each of his hands, and an angry expression on his face. S-she fucking betrayed me! Tears fell from his angry face, and he quickly slapped his plams onto his face. He slumped down on to the floor, and cried. remembering the betrayal she inflicded on him today.


Naruto turned the corner to walk to the apartment where Saukra moved in a couple a days ago, with flowers in his hands. he was prepared to take her out for dinner again. To treat her like a princess, a queen, a jewel. As he turned however, he heard a giggle. He laughed to himself. He rememers who gigles like that. Sakura-chan. he thought with a smile. But his smile dropped as he peaked through the open door.

'Sasuke(giggle) you-Arh!' Sasuke continued to attack her stomach. Ocasionally licking her belly botton, as well as tickling her neck with his breathe.

Naruto's saliva got stuck on his throat as he continued t watch the scen unfold. No. he thought with dreed.

'Give it to me Sasuke.' she practicly begged for him.

Sasuke gave a single glance to the open door where he caught Naruto's eyes watching their naked forms'. He smirked, and mouthed a few words that Naruto caught.

'Of course Sakura-chan I'll give it to you all night long.' it was too much for the blonde, that he forced himself to look away. He clenched the flowers so hard, that it burst into flame. He ran from the scene. With the feeing of betrayal on his back.

Flashback end.

Naruto looked up from his slouched position, and clenched his fist. Remembering the words Sasuke mouthed to him. 'You beat me, I'll destroy you.'

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