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Time felt like it was passing by. It was going so fast that Naruto didn't know what to think anymore. Everything was going great but now; everything is terrible. Even imagining has it's limit. The few times even gets to imagine now are the times when he felt at ease but with all the shit that kept popping up, Naruto can't imagine anything but that now.

He sighed. It was a few days after Anko's betrayal, but what could he have expected? He should of known better. He thought that she might actually help him because she knew what betrayal was – yet to inflict it on him after what her master done to her? - it was the same as -

He was snapped out o his thoughts when he finally reached his destination: Water Country. Like every mission he his cold look but now, it seemed more realistic than the past missions he's been on.

His mission is simple: kill the Mizukage – reason: kidnapping and the destruction of Konoha's resources and the death of one squad of Anbu, who have been reported as, passing by. Such things like that would be an act of war; however, with the council and the Hokage's order he was to kill the Kage before anything went out of hand.

At first, he wasn't even going to do this mission but that was fucked up since Naruto just wanted to get away from the village. It wasn't a surprise anyways. It was to be expected.

He lost his smile after the third betrayal: Kurenai. Sure she had good intensions in the beginning, but her intensions where a little messed up as their relationship further progressed into more than the student teacher or friend stage. It's the thought that counts, right?

Yet, out of all his relationships, he realized something from the illusion. It was mostly (completely) his fault that he got so hurt. It was not theirs' (it is partially their fault) but his. He believed Sakura's confession because he so longed for it. He hurt Hinata for so long that he didn't even notice her feelings until she finally confessed but he prolonged the reply for, too, long which left her hurt and even more hurt, and probably betrayed, when she thought that he used her as a rebound from Sakura's betrayal. He is, too, young for Kurenai for it to work out (yet, he doesn't realize that age doesn't matter). And the last one, which wasn't even a relationship, another betrayal (but it was to him).

He sighed, "Sometimes it's tough playing the tragic hero." He sounded hurt, as usual. However, there was a hit or reassuring in his voice.

He wiped his face with his hand, as the hand itself could wipe away his troubles. He brightened as a result but that still didn't help lose his cold look . He should stop thinking about relationships already. It's for his own good.

Naruto sighed yet again and slowly moved from the bar's counter and pushed himself off with his two hands. He reached into his pocket and pulled out some money and placed it on top of the counter. He said farewell to the bartender and left the place in place to find a mission that could take away his time and take his mind off things.

A smile slowly reached his face with each step he took, nothing but the villager's smile could do that (now in days), as he saw Yukina. He was kinda' glad to see a friend, a true friend. His old friends are now assholes and self-righteous bastards who like to preach their side of a story to gain support in their cause, whatever their cause is in the first place Naruto doesn't know, nor does he want to – because other than being assholes they're also betrayers; well, only some of them that is – yet he gets the feeling that their cause involves him, and not in a good way. He just hopes that it isn't anything about his problem. And a nasty problem it is.

Naruto was brought out of his mussing and thoughts when he was being shaken by a "pissed," off Yukina, or so he thinks.

"Na-ru-to!" Yukina dragged out, "angrily." However, in the inside she was more than glad to see him. It's been a while actually since she last saw him. The last time she saw him was when that happened and judging by the blonds face; he seems over it, but not quite far though.

"Yukina!" Naruto chirped happily. He scratched the back of his head, not very much used to the "new" Yukina instead of the cold – emotionless Yukina that he remembered from his mission. "How are you doing?"

Yukina smiled faintly, and a small smirk was slowly coming around, "Good, but you look better. How have you been?"

Naruto chuckled a little sadly, but he tried to mask it; however, it was faintly caught, along with his cold look that he is desperately (or so it seems) trying to hide. "Been… great actually. You?"

"Oh, nothing." However in the inside she was kicking herself for saying such shit like that, Of course he's not alright idiot!

"Really, well, how are things going for you here in leaf?"

She smiled, "Well, Hokage-sama decided to make me into a ninja after a series of interrogation and a few test, though I'm in a trial run and Anbu are currently keeping an eye on me for anything suspicious."

"What? She made you go through all that?"

"Well, yeah… but it's alright-"

She was interrupted when Naruto shook his head negatively, "Hell no. That's not alright. Sigh, maybe I should of gone with you to meet her instead of having you do all of this by yourself. Come on, let's go meet her."

"O-oh n-no I couldn't possib-" she was a little surprised at how she stuttered out a response.

"No, no, I was going there anyways; and by doing this kills a stone with two birds – wait."

Yukina raised an eyebrow two seconds later, kill a stone with two birds? She couldn't fathom that. She giggled. "Uh, Naruto. I think its two birds with one stone."

Naruto raised an eyebrow, which didn't seem right with his facial expression, and mouthed an "Oh." He looked around and then he titled his head in the direction of the Hokage tower. "Anyways, let's go. I have something I need to do, and; I rather not have you go through all of this when so much has already happened to you."

She complied and followed after him when she realized that he wouldn't reason. So, she might as well get this over with.

As they both walked towards the Hokage tower, both Yukina and Naruto got reacquainted; and learned many things about each other that they didn't know before. All in all, they were enjoying the quiet walk towards the Hokage's tower. When they finally reached their destination, Naruto entered first followed by Yukina.

A few minutes of walking towards the Hokage's room, they walked in silence since silence is a virtue inside the tower. In the last of the five minutes of useless walking, both arrived in front of the Hokage's Secretary. She nodded at them – which indicated that they can go in – and they went inside.

An irked Hokage greeted them.

"Naruto… and Yukina?" Tsunade sighed when she realized what both of them are doing here. "Let me guess. You want her to be taken off of her "probation," because it isn't fair."

Naruto looked at her straight in her eyes', "Well, that and the fact that I need a mission out of here."

Tsunade knew why he wanted that also. She heard bits and pieces from the villagers, her ninjas, and the betrayers themselves. She wasn't angry at them though. That was their business not hers. Anything other than that was just a lot of sighing and drinking to get rid of the headaches that might come – like today.

"Naruto, listen, you can't get out of the village just because you had your heart broken three times."

Naruto's eyes' turned cold instantly, "My trust as well, Tsunade. You forgot that."

Yukina could see the tension building up by now. She felt out of place in the room.

Tsunade placed her hands under her chin, "Your trust as well, hm." She turned her chair to look out the window and then finally turned back to face him. "You know what Naruto, here." She handed him a scroll. "In there is a mission that will probably take a while to complete and not to mention that it is also dangerous. Read it." She turned her attention to Yukina, and raised an eyebrow, "What are you doing following this idiot? There is only two months left until your probation lifts."

Yukina, well, she felt out of place but she never felt intimidated. She straightened up though when her authority figure questioned her, "Well, I don't know why; but I thought that he would clear it up."

Tsunade smirked. "Well, I could, but I can't; however, if you agree to go on a mission with this idiot next to you and see some results then I could sway some part of me to pardon you."

Yukina raised an eyebrow, "Pardon? But I haven't done anything wrong."

Naruto, already finished with the scroll, turned his attention to Tsunade, "OK, I accept."

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