Two duffle bags in a storage locker in Boca Raton is all Michael finds of value that Sam left behind in his passing.

A few miles away Fiona finds a tiny black book of a well worn quality at Sam's grieving lady-friend.

They find these possessions of Samuel Axe at approximately the same time

The black book is obviously filled with the names of lady-friends, but the underneath is coded names of contacts and assets. The back page has coordinates on them.

One duffle bag is filled with guns and C4. The other is filled with money, booze, and a bartender's book on how to mix the perfect drink. In both he finds a letter, one addressed to him and the other to Fiona. Michael's laugh lightly echoes in the storage locker before zipping up the bags and loading them into his car.

Fiona tells him about the coordinates and they meet up there to find a simple Chapel where the head preacher meets them at the door, welcomes them in and tells them all about the history of this place of worship but stops as soon as he sees the letters Michael carries and smiles sadly.

He asks if they've read the letter, they say no. He tells them to and excuses himself, because he needs to get something for them that their friend left for them.

Fiona edges close to the preacher, and he becomes nervous, say he was warned about her and to tell her not to worry, it's nothing dangerous. Well, he corrects himself, about as dangerous as you make it out to be. He excuses himself to the back of the chapel and the two open their letters.

Michael's letter is simple. So is Fiona's.


You're going need this more than I do now. Learn to make a damn martini. Keep her out of trouble.


P.S Find the bastards that killed me.


Think of this as a wedding present. Keep him out of trouble.


P.S Find the bastards that killed me.

The preacher comes back with a plain box containing two rings. Michael and Fiona stare at it as if it were a bomb they needed to diffuse. The man smiles when he pulls the rings out and says he's free for the afternoon.

They look at each other. Then back at the rings.

It takes fifteen minutes for them to decide that they'll have their honeymoon after they put a few of Fi's newly acquired guns to good use and find the bastards.

They'll drink to Sam's name, friendship, and craftiness.