Of Knights and Birds

Chaper 1: The Impossible

REVISED. (see "chapter" 8) There wasn't too much to change in this chapter, but I definitely did put a little more meat on it's bones.

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Man, he hated that guy. Gilbert hated that Russian bastard more than anything. And now, to his dismay, he was sitting and waiting in that damn swine's house. As one should know, Gilbert usually would never go over there by his own free will. Ivan however, how dare he, went so far as to kidnap Gilbird. GILBIRD! Seriously, what was wrong with this guy? Practically destroying him wasn't enough evidently. Sure, he was no longer the awesome nation of Prussia and his old capital was now Russian territory, but that's not enough for Ivan. No. Now Ivan got him over here to discuss 'relations' with Germany, Austria, and Hungary. PSSHHT! Like hell he was going to let West's territory get taken by Ivan of all people. Roderich was a little irritating sure, and maybe Elizabeta was a bit crazy, but they were his best friends. He'd rather die than hand them over to Russia! The thought of it made him sick to his stomach.

He sighed irritably as he looked through the doorway to the other room. He watched a sad-eyed brunette with a fake smile feed a bite of bread to the caged Gilbird. The Lithuanian looked over at him apologetically, Gilbert making awkward eye contact. The last time he had seen Toris was when the Prussian was in this very house, fighting and arguing as Russia tried to break him. Often times, Toris was a witness. He couldn't do anything about it though. It wasn't his fault; everyone was helpless when it came to Ivan. He tried and failed. Königsberg wasn't his anymore.

He stared blankly at a sword on the wall that was being used as decoration as his mind started to wander. A certain thought started tugging at Gilbert's mind. Antiquated memories were brought forth, and an old image of swords clashing returned to him. Toris was very strong back then, he thought. He, formerly the Teutonic Order, used to be unbeatable..until he fought the Commonwealth. He then thought of when he was here last...what happened to Toris? He had beaten Gilbert; surely he could've fended off Ivan sooner? A sudden shine caught his eye and interrupted his thoughts. Ivan had returned with his faucet pipe and some documents. He tensed in anger at the sight of him and that pipe. Ivan better prepare for disappointment.

. . .

Cheep! Cheep cheep! The little ball of fluff chirped in frustration.

"I'm sorry you have to be in a cage like this." Toris spoke gently to Gilbird through the white bars. "You are always sitting on Mr. Prussia's head or shoulder. I wish I could let you out, mažas paukštis."


"But you would just fly back to your master." The brunette frowned. "Ivan would not be very happy about that. Trust me, it is better this way." He fed the bird a little piece of bread that he had made earlier. He gently pet the soft feathers, and Gilbird rubbed his head against the finger in appreciation.

He looked through the doorway to the other room. He watched as an enfuriated-looking albino sat on the couch waiting for Ivan to return. He saw Gilbert look back at him and his dear bird. He certainly looked very uncomfortable. Almost worried. I'm sorry Gilbert. Ivan is asking the impossible. You know how he is, the Lithuanian thought. He remembered the last time the Prussian was here. To him, it was an all too familiar image. He wanted to help him back then, really he did, but there was nothing he could do; he would've gotten the same punishment times two for helping Gilbert. Now that he thought about it as he watched the white-haired man, that would be better than having to watch as the beautiful nation was broken. That was the worst of it all.

He played with Gilbird and remembered when they were younger; Gilbert was a Teutonic Knight. They were both so stubborn. Toris wondered now whether or not Gilbert had forgotten his old language. Prussia may be Ludwig's brother, but he was still considered a Baltic nation. He hoped Gilbert hadn't forgotten. Toris could still remember a small Gilbert on the shore ecstatic, showing off a piece of amber he found with that obnoxious grin on his face. He then rubbed his head slightly, also remembering when the small knight kept shooting arrows at him. Lithuania shuddered slightly as he heard the shouting in the next room. It was only to be expected from them.

He shut the kitchen door and sat down shaking slightly on the floor opposite, resting his head on his knees and covered his ears to try and block out the violent sounds and the resurfacing memories that went with them. He closed his eyes and attempted to imagine the days spend in his fields; the days he enjoyed most. But he has become weaker.

Make it stop make it stop make it stop. Please Ivan, just leave everyone alone. What the hell is wrong with you Gilbert, you shouldn't have come in the first place. You know that Ivan won't take no for and answer and he knows that you would refuse. And every time you are in a room together...why can't it all just stop? Please, dieve, make it stop. He was screaming in his head. Toris had enough of this. But then again, he always felt like that...but he never did anything. When did he stop trying? He used to be so strong. Along with Feliks, he turned the tables on Gilbert. The undefeated. But now...what has Ivan done to him?

He jumped as there was a lound crashing noise. Shaking still, Toris stood up and walked over to the cage. He smiled at Gilbird and opened the little wire door, letting him return. No matter what the consequences were going to be afterwards.

He sat back down and waited.

. . .



mažas paukštis - little bird

dieve - God

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