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Fluttering Butterflies.

Blair stood on the balcony, alone as she felt, the wind carrying strands of hair across her pale face. Her index finger sat on the touchpad of her phone, lightly grazing the keys.

Her stomach was in knots. It had been mere hours since the news blast on Gossip Girl and she was left shamed behind the walls of her Upper East Side penthouse, crying and drinking a bottle of Eleanor's vintage French wine. She had hoped it would make her feel more sophisticated but it only helped to solidify the truth that clung to her shoulders.

She was a cheap whore.

She should call Serena ... curl up and watch breakfast at Tiffany's, volley hatred back and forth with stale excitement ... but she just didn't feel like doing what was expected of her.

Blair wet her lips with the fruity taste of sour grapes, lifting the phone into her palm. The screen lit up, the only light beneath the glory of the night sky, the glistening stars obscured by pale grey clouds.

Scrolling through the contacts she frowned, what was to become of her and Nate? He wouldn't even look at her now. The cursor remained on his name, the four letters forming a boy who had never been able to commit anything but his weak words.

Their love almost seemed a ragged idea. It was a fairytale she had wished into existence left hollow of all meaning, the promises built up in earnest now broken into dust.

She closed her eyes, listening intently to the hum of the city, trying to draw calm from the sounds. Chuck's image sat in the darkness as he watched her lips drip down Nate's neck, the ruffles of her dress as she led his best friend into an empty bedroom.

Still, he had no right to ruin everything. Dread washed over her at the thought of school on Monday morning. In her entire life she had never been more embarrassed. Charles Bass or not, he would pay.

Butterflies fluttered, thrashing into her ribs at the thought of his name. Blair turned, pocketing her cell phone as she wandered back into the house. She felt like she might be sick.

This thing - whatever it was, felt as though it wouldn't surmount to anything beyond the dreamy film of impossible. It was easy to loathe him, the disgusting league of one-night stands and trashy woman he showcased. She was the golden girl, Chuck was the bad boy and not the secretly-good-bad-boy-who-everyone-hated-to-love - he truly was the stupid Basshole, the core of everything she had stood against since forever.

But she still reacted the same way ... like an idiot in lo-- severe like. Whatever. He had betrayed her, taken the game too far, she didn't need him, she didn't need anyone.

This was her life and she could do what she wanted regardless of the rumors, the pictures, a certain gossip girl. Nothing had kept her from rising up, not Serena nor Nate and now neither would Chuck.

She was Blair Waldorf for fuck sakes!

With this thought fresh in her mind she trailed towards the stairs, pulling her hair into a bun. The echo of the elevator as the doors opened rang in her ears. She stopped instinctively on the second step, her heart hammering.

He walked quietly towards her, his loafers barely audible against the marble floor. She narrowed her eyes, prepared to fight as she turned, resting her palm on her hip.

"How dare you show your face here," She warned, "get out!" She scanned the foyer for Dorota, whatever corner she was hiding in. No luck.

Chuck swayed on his feet; his cheeks flush as he stood there. "Blair ..." He mumbled, "Blair -"

"What?" She edged, "Didn't you hear me? I don't want you here Chuck. I don't want to see you, I don't want anything to do with you. Get. Out."

"So what," He spat, his burning gaze on her face, "You can be mad at me for this when you did so much worse?"

She looked away, focusing on anything but his face. The sadness in his eyes as he watched her, it was a part of him she wasn't used to witnessing.

"What do you care Bass?" The black eye Nate had given him a few days prior stood fresh on his skin. A battle wound as far as she was concerned, he completely deserved it.

"Don't pull this bullshit on me Blair," He growled. "I know you're angry at me but you slept with both of us on the same day. Just like the vendictive little bitch you are."

She wanted to slap him. "Chuck leave now," Her tone was cold and serious, "before I call security." She wasn't going to listen to his insults anymore, let him stand there feigning apology, drunk enough to actually show up on her doorstep.

He bent his head into his hands, rubbing his eyes. "No - I didn't mean that. I meant -- I don't know what this is." He took a step towards her, "I don't know what we are but it's real and I don't how to handle it. I haven't had these ... feelings ..." The word rolled off his tongue begrudgingly, "for anyone before. I'm sorry ..."

Blair stood there, her mouth open slightly as he turned to leave. The apology uttered was thick in the air, breathable. She didn't know what to do with it. Chuck Bass never apologized because he never admitted fault, not even when he had stuck bubblegum in her hair in second grade.

This was ... admitting to his flaw. It was then that she realized she might not get the theatrical moment. The movie of her life might not play out exactly like Roman Holiday or Breakfast at Tiffany's but they were ultimately separated by what was staged and what wasn't.

This was real. All Chuck could give her were the butterflies that danced in her stomach, the sprout of something more than anything Nate could even have imagined but it was so much more than anything anyone had offered.

And it was enough for her.

Blair quickly jumped to the floor, quickening her pace as she closed the distance between them. Chuck's back was towards her as he waited for the elevator to make it's way to the top floor.

She tapped him on the shoulder, smiling as he turned. He was stiff and unsure, not quite absorbing the situation, the switch in mood.

Then, in one swift movement Blair caught his lips in hers, winding her arm over his coat and around his neck. "Apology accepted," She whispered.

The elevator doors slid open and she cocked an eyebrow, leading him inside. "Well then, where to Mr. Bass?"

Chuck eyed the wine bottle in her hand. "Wherever you want, Ms. Waldorf."

"Perfect," She answered, pressing a random floor. Blair bent to place the bottle in the corner as she pulled the emergency stop knob and started undoing the buttons on his jacket with a wry grin.

She knew, as he placed kisses down the curve of her neck, that this was the beginning of something more than either of them knew.

By the time her skin was flush against his, she had completely forgotten about anything but the sound of his breathing and the rhythm of their heartbeats as his hand trailed down her side.

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