A Shameful Sham

By: Cry

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Chapter 1: No Excuses For The Law

The paper hit the table with a sudden WHACK. The small house elf stood without flinching, eyes wide and glossy. The disgruntled blonde took the paper and read the article once more. This was really beyond infuriating! He balled the paper up then threw it into the flames causing them to grow higher and burn brighter as they consumed the paper.

Draco Malfoy felt nothing beyond blind rage at the minister of magic. What could they possibly be thinking?! He knew the wizarding community had a beef with purebloods. He figured they were just jealous of their status. But that damned minister. Now there's a law to protect inter-magic unity. What a joke! Pure bloods are required to marry muggleborns, muggleborns can marry pure or half bloods, and half bloods can marry pure or muggle born (with the condition that their children must marry the opposite).

He stormed down to his father's study, but he didn't dare enter without permission. He knocked on the door then waited for a reply.

"Come." Was all he got.

"Father, surely you've heard –"

"I have. And I have tried to get you out of it."

"You did!" Draco had a momentary sweep of relief, though it quickly dissipated.

"They turned down the bloody bribe. They said this was one thing I couldn't buy us out of." Lucius Malfoy pinched the bridge of his nose, hoping to give a little relief to the pulsing headache he had. "You're, unfortunately, going to have to marry a … mudblood." He had to force the word out through gritted teeth.

Draco's stomach suddenly felt as if it were full of rocks. He felt sick, and hoped he could wake up at any moment. He didn't even know any mud bloods he would consider marrying. Not one of them was pretty enough, smart enough, or quiet enough to suit him; and not one of them was attractive enough for him to consummate. Damn that minister!


Hermione gawked at the paper. What on earth was the Minister thinking?! She had to marry a pure or half blood? Absolutely had to? She had no other options – save for snapping her wand and returning to the muggle world permanently; let's face it, leaving magic behind her was NOT an option. True that sorry sack of shit Ron Weasley was pure blooded; but that son of a bitch – no offense to Molly – was below Hermione. What was she to do? She re-read the circumstances.

All witches and wizards shall file for a marriage license by their 21st birthday or they shall be assigned a partner to be wed to by their 22nd birthday. No one shall marry status of their own. Muggleborns may wed half or pure, pure blood must wed muggleborn, half blood may wed either as well with the condition their offspring marry the opposite. No exceptions to the law. All Marriages here on are final and divorce illegal. A couple who weds shall be magically bound to each other thus making infidelities and surrogacy impossible. A couple is given 6 months before they are required to consummate their marriage and the marriage must naturally produce a child within two years. No exceptions.

What could Hermione do? Here's what; nothing. She could count on her fingers the days until she turned 21. She set the paper on her coffee table, and reached for the cup of green tea she had been sipping on for over two hours. It was now cold and unpleasant, like her hopes for her future. Should she even bother with searching for a suitable partner? She was sure to regret marrying someone after only a mere few days.


Draco held the petite girl close to him tightly; comforting her was near impossible, but stifling her cries by letting her bury her face in his shoulder was the next best alternative.

"Draco! This is just awful! It was supposed to be me! Surely there must be a way?"

"Father said they wouldn't accept the bribe. He also said that they did not consider an engagement void if the license was not applied for before the law. Our hands are tied, Tori; I'm sorry." He brushed her hair out of her face and wiped her tears from her cheeks, stained from her running make up. He planted a soft kiss to her forehead and gave a soft sigh of surrender. True, he did not love the girl in front of him, but he had grown accustomed to their arranged engagement. He wasn't attached per say, nor was he disappointed at losing such a cute girl – to be honest, her figure and cute looks made him feel like quite a pedophile when they were together in public – but he did like her and believed his father could have chosen much worse. Draco gave an involuntary shiver. He could have picked Pansy. He was more concerned with whom the ministry would pair him up with if he didn't find a suitable – and let's face it, there's no such thing as a suitable mudblood – partner in a month's time.

He hated break ups. It was the worst part about dating a girl. He could not stand seeing a girl cry. They were so emotional and he just hated dealing with it. He never knew the proper things to say, nor the proper way to go about saying said things. He usually just kept quiet, let her cry on his shoulder and when she was done he would leave. It earned him a reputation at least. In Hogwarts he was a reputable player true enough; but of all the players in the school, Draco was probably the one you'd want to go to first. He got around, but he was not insensitive – or so the girls thought, which is all that matters.

But here he was, breaking off an arranged marriage. He felt nothing. Sure, he was a little let down that he wouldn't be able to marry a pure blood – ok, he was downright disgusted with mudbloods – but he was indifferent about his now ex-fiancé. The only good thing this law ensued was that he would be able to inherit the Malfoy lineage, seeing as that required him to be married by the age of 27.

Damn, he needed to meet some mudbloods, and fast. He wasn't particularly choosey about who he married. He was content to not marry for love as he never expected to anyway, but he would have to copulate with a mudblood and that was disgusting. His only requests were to find a pureblood witch that wouldn't just use his money and name to her advantage. He at least wanted to be friends with his intended. Someone he could have gotten along with. This was going to be a nightmare.

"Tori, don't cry." He patted her hair softly as he cooed into her ear. "For what it's worth, I was actually ok with marrying you. You still have a year. Find someone you want to be with."

"But I want to be with you, Draco." He gave her his famous smirk.

"Who wouldn't want to be with me?"

"No mudblood deserves you." Astoria Greengrass buried her small face back into his shoulder and allowed a new rush of sobs to overcome her. "There's just got to be a way out! No matter what Daddy Malfoy said! There just has to be a way!" Draco chuckled. Her determination was cute; she was so childlike in his eyes.

"Astoria." His voice was different this time, his eyes not looking her in the face. It was time for him to get distant. "It's time we part. Good luck to you. I hope you find some happiness with whatever mudblood you marry." He lightly pushed her to the side and got up walking away, sliding his hand into his pocket as he walked.


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