We were on patrol outside Savara, when a Hazudra warship came up on the port beam. It fired, cutting the thruster on that side in half. We couldn't escape, so we turned and blasted it front on with our twin-linked autocannons, and ripple fired SLAM's.

Their ECM and point defense burnt through or blew up half of them, but our tri-cobalt warheads sliced through it's armor, and it lost navigation. We hailed, but they refused to surrender. We ended up losing 38 marines boarding the ship, but they captured a senior officer, and a series of high-level code books. The scuttling charges went off just as the marines left their docking ring, and it tore the frigate asunder.

We limped back to the starbase at Baroca. Took a month to repair the damage. Had a good time down there. Met this girl you wouldn't believe. Long legs, green eyes, skin soft as a rose.

I heard 2 years later that she'd been killed during the Fourth Incursion. They glassed the entire planet. Bastards. I hated them. I'd look at her picture and cry. I fucking loved her.

I'd burn their entire race to bring her back.