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"Is this any hour to get home?" I wasn't in the mood of Charlie's screaming fit. "I'm starting to think you like this skirt!"

"I hate the uniform! I had to stay longer because there was a birthday and I had to help." I said monotonously and started to ascend the stairs to go to my room.

"Listen to me, Bella. If you don't quit this blasted job, I surely won't help with a cent in college." I turned to him hurt.

"I have to work to get money! I don't need your money! It's not like you wanted to help in the beginning, that's the reason I'm still here. In this fucking town when all my friends are in college!" I yelled.

"Don't use that tone with me! And you aren't going to pull a Renee on me." He hissed.

"How dare you bring mom into this? You know something? I'm done. I'm sick of this." I continued to yell, fighting the tears that threatened to spill from my eyes. Before he could scream any more, I ran upstairs, threw some clothes, money and other personal things in a backpack then went downstairs.

"I'm leaving." I told him coldly.

He fought, trying to make me stay then he pleaded me to wait until morning. I had none of it. I started my truck and drove to Oregon. I had to get out of there. With my truck only going 50 miles/hour, I made it to Oregon by three AM. I was on U.S. Route 26 when my truck stopped. There was forest to left, forest to right and no one around for miles on end. Freaking fantastic!

I got out of the truck and left on foot. The truck was the last memory of Forks that I left behind; I kept walking and hoped to get to a motel, at least. A car zoomed past me, flashing the headlights and honking at me. That's when I realized my current state of…undressing. Damn! I was such easy prey like this. I had almost $ 1,000 with me and a few clothes, almost undressed. Oh God!

I found a resting place and sat on the bench thinking how stupid I had gotten. I always regretted when I acted on impulse and now wasn't any different. But I had had enough of Charlie. Since Mom and Phil died in the car accident and I had come to Forks, nothing good has happened to me.

Boys and girls were mean to me at school, I had to work at the stupid diner that was a bar for the drunken Forks residents at night, and everyone knew where I worked. Small town. Everyone thought I was a whore for working there. I haven't even kissed anyone! I thought angrily to myself. Why must people be so mean and judge on appearance? Even my dad, he should have been happy I found somewhere to work, but no. He said he didn't have money to send me to college and I was okay with it, I understood him so I worked double, which meant more nights with drunken sleazes. The owner, Sam, was very good, my personal bodyguard, but he wasn't always there. Men groped and touched when drunk. I always felt dirty when I returned to the sanctuary of the small, purple bedroom.

I had started crying during my little walk down memory lane. I had been so engrossed in my past that I failed to pay attention to the present. Three guys had come out of a car and they were approaching me.

I felt a cold tremor run through me. I was cornered and defenseless. The pepper spray Charlie had given me some time ago wouldn't help me now. I couldn't fight them.

"Nice legs, doll." The biggest of them appreciated making my stomach twist.

"Oh don't be scared, sugar." His friend whispered and touched my cheek.

"They like to play innocent. Think she could keep up with all of us?" the other smirked, his eyes sparkling with lust.

I shuddered. All of them?

"You know, you aren't stupid, James!" the other contemplated. "One in her tight little pussy, one in her even tighter ass and one in her mouth. Who where?"

My mouth opened and I realized screaming won't help. My heart was beating wildly; I felt the pulse in my ears and throat.

"Tramps like her are good at sucking so I'll choose mouth." The one named James sneered and stuck his middle finger in my mouth. I fought the urge to bite him, which would only get me in more trouble. He started pushing his finger in and out of my mouth, making me shiver violently, imagining what would happen soon.

"Ass all the way." The big one grinned and snatched me off the bench. I whimpered and tried to tug my arm back. He slapped me and pressed me into the table, face down. My thighs made painful contact with the edge of the table.

"Wait, let me on the table with her on top." The third one said maliciously.

My legs shook as all their hands were on me. I was sure I'll be sick any second. The big one that was behind me, ripped my knickers making me scream.

"Oh shut up, bitch!" the one that had hopped on the table sneered. "I'm Demetri, by the way. The one behind you is Felix and he is James." He made introductions as if we were around a table and just met. I gulped and let my tears fall.

"What's your name, kitty?" James asked. I shook my head. The next instant, I was pressed in Demetri's hard dick by Felix's, from behind me. I whimpered and struggled against them. James gripped my chin and raised my head. My eyes met his bare member then his smirking face.

"Bella." I whispered. Felix massaged my ass and as Demetri was about to raise me and violate me, a big, blue lorry puffed and honked as it skidded to a halt.

No! No more! I cried out and screamed, struggling against the guys.

They must have gotten scared, because the next thing I knew, I was laying on the stony pavement. Someone touched me and scooped me up.

"No! Please, no!" I whispered terrified.

"I won't hurt you." The man whispered softly and walked somewhere.

"My bag…" I said in a small voice. He took it and I realized he was walking me to his lorry. I knew one thing about those lorry drivers. They liked to get tramps from the side of the road and fuck them in there. I shook in his arms and burst in tears. I had escaped the three animals only to end up with another one.

"I won't hurt you." He repeated in a honey like voice. He buckled me in the seat and then jumped in the driver's seat and started the lorry making me jump at the noise it made.

"Where do you live?" he whispered.

"I…don't…eh never mind." I sighed.

"It is improper of me to say it, but I'm going to pull in the first motel. I can help you find your way home tomorrow if you don't mind." Improper? He wasn't going to act as a horny lorry driver? And how would I tell him that I don't have a home anymore? Why does he care?

"Okay. Where are you headed?" I asked looking around me. The lorry was intimidating.


"That is…in another state, right?" I asked, a plan coming in my head.

"Yes, Colorado. Why?" he asked me suspiciously.

"If it isn't too much trouble-"

"Don't even think!" he hissed.

We remained quiet until he parked in front of a motel. He mostly carried me inside. I was too tired and psychically exhausted to move my feet. He talked with the woman there, her eyes kept looking at me disapprovingly. Especially when my savior told her we were staying for only one night.

I caught a glimpse of the room number, 4, then felt the soft bed under me and I succumbed to fatigue.

I had nightmares, the three monsters that had almost raped me visited my dream and I started screaming.

"Wake up. It's okay. You are safe." Someone kept murmuring in my ear, but all I remember were my shrill screams. "They won't hurt you anymore. I'll keep you safe, beautiful." The soothing voice kept saying wonderful things in my ear and I eventually relaxed and fell into a dreamless sleep.

I woke up what felt like days after to the hum of an engine and the sun shining in my eyes. Where was the soft bed? There was a blanket over me and my head was vibrating or more like steadily hitting something hard.

I rounded my eyes around me and realized I was back in my savior's lorry. My head on his leg, my legs stretched on the other seat. Without realizing what I did, I turned my head and nuzzled in his stomach which I noted that was pretty toned. His sharp intake of breath made me blush.

"Good morning, beautiful." He said softly and glanced down at me.

"Hey." I whispered shyly, not moving away. I was quite comfortable there.

"I'm sorry I got you out from the warm bed, but I am on a tight schedule." He said sorrowfully.

"I haven't slept so well in over two years." I answered honestly which brought tears to my eyes. I hadn't slept so peacefully since my mom's car accident when she died. My life had changed dramatically after that.

"Are you going to tell me at least where your house is?"

"It was in Forks." I whispered. "It's a small-"

"Town in Washington. I know." He smiled at me. "My home was Forks, too. Until I turned seventeen." He said mysteriously.

"Do you have a name?" I asked stupidly.

He turned to me and smiled crookedly, making my heart thump wildly in my chest. "Edward. What about you, beautiful?"

I preferred when he called me that, but I answered. "Bella."

"It's very nice to meet you Bella. How are you feeling?" His tone turned concerned and slightly angry.

"I'm fine. Why?"

"Last night…" he hinted in a pained voice.

"Oh" I mumbled. "Well, I am better now. Thank you for saving me, Edward."

"You're welcome."

"Let's agree on something." I decided. "The past stays in the past, please."

I saw the muscles on his forearms tensing and stretching as he gripped the steering wheel tighter. "Fine." He agreed after a minute and exhaled slowly, his breath washing my face, making me dizzy.

"So…can I come with you to Denver?" I asked hopefully.

"Like I can do otherwise." He said upset. "You promise to be good?"

"I am good." I whispered sincerely.

"Then stop rubbing my knee. Please. It's distracting." He hissed making me laugh.

I hadn't felt so at ease with anyone. Ever. Especially, with a total stranger.

I got up and stretched my arms above my head, turning my neck to a side making it pop.

"I thought you said you were good." He groaned, his eyes tight, his fingers tight on the steering wheel. I realized that I gave him a perfect view to my breasts that weren't really covered by the small tank top.

"Are we stopping again? Anytime soon?"

"You need to use the restroom?" he asked worriedly.

"Now that I think about it, yes. I'd like that and to brush my teeth. To change out of these fucking clothes!" I said angrily.

"Here I thought you were a good girl and you come and drop the f-bomb."

"Are you two years old? F-bomb?" I asked amused. Edward merely shrugged and chuckled. "This was my work uniform." I explained.

"I see a gas station. Will it do?" he asked.

"It will be perfect. I am sorry to stop you again, but I really need this."

"No problem. It is my fault I didn't wake you and let you in the bathroom when you had one close." He whispered and pulled into the gas station. "I'll fill up if we're stopped here, anyway." He hopped off and I took my backpack, opened the door and screeched as I realized the distance to the ground.

"Bella?" he appeared in front of me, scared.

"Could you help me?" I asked, blushing. He grinned wildly and put his hands on my waist then I felt the earth under my feet. "Thanks."

"Don't mention it." He ruffled my hair and went to the fuel pump.

I bought a toothbrush and a small toothpaste tube then headed to the restroom. I put a pair of short jeans, another tank top, new knickers and my old sneakers. I bundled the short skirt and the small tank top then threw them in the bin. I used the toilet, brushed my teeth then skipped out, feeling better.

I found Edward near the soda isle. "Hey!" I said excitedly.

"Hey. What would you drink?" he frowned and inspected the drinks.

"Coke. I'll go get some-"

"I'll come with you." He whispered and followed me after taking four Coke cans. We bought chips, chocolate and two big sandwiches.

I saw that they were selling Hubba Bubba and I squealed like a little kid. I felt uncharacteristically happy and carefree. I snatched three packs and put them on the counter next to the other things we had gotten.

As I fished for some money, I saw Edward paying. I sighed and took the receipt as he got the bags. Coca Cola - $5, Lay's - $12, Twix - $15…

"What kind of Twix did you get?" I yelled.

"A box." He chuckled. I sighed in relief. It was too much, anyway. "And Mars is in a box as well, before you ask." My eyes went to Mars, $30! My Hubba Bubba was $10 one. Oh dear!

I started counting how much I owed him so I wasn't paying attention. I bumped into his back.

"Need help to get up?" he smirked at me.

I bit my lip and watched the step. It was too high! "Let me try alone." He put his hands on my hips. "I said. Alone." I hissed.

"I don't want you to break your neck." He whispered, his breath tickling my neck, making Goosebumps appear. "Keep those safe and don't eat any without me. I'll be right back." He put the bag next to me and closed the door. He jogged back to the shop. I took this time to find my money and put his part aside. 2.50 plus 6 plus hmm 15 divided by 24 which is 0.6 which means I have to give him 0.6 multiplied twelve times which is 7.20 plus 1.25 multiplied by 15 for Mars which is 18.75 and 30 for my gum. Damn! $64.45. I put $65 aside and sighed. This money had to help until we got there. Oh shit! I had to pay him for the motel as well? Couldn't we sleep in his truck, here? It will be cheaper.

"Where were you, beautiful?" I jumped as Edward touched my arm.

"I was thinking…" I whispered nervously. "This is for the food and tell me how much was-"

"Whoa! None of this. I don't need your money." He said vehemently and put the bills on my lap.

"No. I insist." I protested and tried to stick the bills in his pocket.

"Trying to cop a feel? Just ask." He said, his voice slightly hoarse. I blushed and retracted my hands. "Hey, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it." He apologized and started the engine making me jump again.

I refused to look at him. The bills were sticking out of his pocket and I wanted to slap myself for doing that. And what was his deal? Why was he so nice? Why wasn't he asking me for other things…like any other lorry drivers would?

"Look, I'm sorry for being rude. I'm not used to people randomly touch me." He whispered and ran his fingers through his hair. "I'm being rude again." He sighed annoyed. "Will you at least, look at me?" he pleaded quietly.

I glanced at him and I knew he wasn't exactly mad at me, I gave him a small, tentative smile.

"There. We're okay, right, beautiful?"

"More than okay." I confirmed and then dug in the bag.

"Nuh-huh-huh!" he cried out and snatched it from me, making me scream as one of his hands had to leave the steering wheel. "Relax, will you?"

"Keep both hands on the wheel!" I screamed, gripping my seat belt for dear life.

Edward didn't hear me or he chose to ignore me, because he put the bag between us and dug in it. His eyes were in the bag and mine were wide and watching the road anxiously. He was tugging on something inside the bag, glancing at the road. "Damn." He muttered and ripped the carton of a box of chocolate bars. He grinned as he took out a Mars, ripped the wrapping with his teeth and then bit on the bar. I didn't move, still scared that he wasn't using both hands to drive. At the next curb, the bag with food slid and I took hold of it but a few Mars bars fell out of it.

"Put them in the back, along with your satchel." Edward instructed. Back? I frowned and turned around and gaped! He had a sort of bed there!

"Why stop at a motel and pay to sleep when you have this?" I shrieked.

"I'm sure you wouldn't have appreciated this last night. I usually use that, but I couldn't with you here." He explained. "And could you get the bar of chocolate from my foot, please?"

Without thinking, I leaned over the console and between his legs to get the Mars. I took it and when I rose, he was taking a large curb making my head press in him. In his…you know? I turned three shades of red and grasped his pant so I won't fall further.

How could I get up and watch him in the eyes again? I was distracted momentarily as I felt him hardening under my cheek. Could I, for a second, just live my life normally, without embarrassing the hell out of me?


I scrambled up and threw the Mars in the back. "Fine." I chocked.

We remained quiet for the longest time. Sometime later, I opened a soda and a bag of chips then fell asleep.

"Bella…Hey, wake up." I heard a soft whisper in my ear.

"Noo" I groaned.

"It's one AM and I just pulled in a motel. Let's go sleep comfortably." I opened my eyes and glanced at him.

"OK." I whispered and we checked in. I fell asleep the second my head hit the pillow and woke up a few hours later, fresh.

I used the bathroom and was finally glad to shower and use a normal toilet.

When I got out of the bathroom, it was still dark outside. The clock read 5:55. Sleep wouldn't come anytime soon, I was sure. I went to the small window and looked outside.

I heard Edward groan and knew he had woken up, too. I turned around and watched amazed as he got up and stretched, unaware of me staring. He wasn't wearing a shirt and I watched the muscles ripple under his skin. His eyes opened and widened when they settled on mine.

"Jesus!" he shouted startled.

"Sorry. I was awake for some time."

"And you usually act like a pepping Tom?" he muttered, scratching his perfect six pack as got out of the bed.

I blushed and averted my eyes.

"I did it again, didn't I?" Edward asked slowly. He came closer and my breath hitched, his hand cupped my cheek and his thumb rubbed it softly. "I am really sorry for acting like this. As I said, I'm used to being alone. I don't mix well with people."

"Is it hard?" I whispered curiously, my eyes trained on his six packs. I wanted to lick him.

"What?" His voice higher than usual.

"Being alone all the time." I explained, trying very hard to keep my eyes from wandering lower.

"You get used to it." He sighed and turned around, going to the bathroom.

I sighed in relief. I was free, I could think clearly now that he was out of my personal space.

I sat on the bed I had slept in and sighed. I didn't know what to think anymore. Too many embarrassing things happened to me since I met Edward. Was this a sign? I was clumsier around him and it was only his fault. He looked so good. I had never liked a boy before, but Edward wasn't a boy. He was a man…and what a delicious man!

"Keep your eyes shut, please. I forgot the clean clothes." My heart leaped in my throat and I put the pillow over my eyes to resist the urge to ogle his naked form. The pillow disappeared from my eyes. "I'm done." He smiled crookedly at me.

Thank God for that! "Can we go?"

"After we grab breakfast." We went to the small restaurant. "Wait here. I have to fetch something from the truck." Edward said hurriedly and rushed out. Nothing looked appetizing and the woman there was sending chills down my spine. I wished Edward would hurry. Edward ran back with a thermos flask in his hand.

"Sugar?" he asked me. I nodded. He put sugar, some milk and then coffee. "Done. We'll stop somewhere else to eat. Agree?"

"You're a genius." I grinned and followed him to his truck. "It's beautiful." I admired.

Edward whirled around and raised an eyebrow, looking amused at me.

"The truck." I told him, rolling my eyes. His ass looked good, too, but I wasn't talking about it then.

"I see. It's the best out there. I'm proud of having and driving one."

"Is it yours?"

"Sure." He grinned. "Volvo FH16 700." He said proudly and opened the door for me.

"I really like it." I told him honestly. He helped me up and then went to his side and leaped inside the cab. He put the thermos flask in its holder then dug in his pocket for the keys.

"Ready?" he asked grinning at me.

"Sure." I prepared myself this time, knowing the sound of the engine. I didn't jump and giggled at how silly I was being.

"You can help yourself with anything you want. And remind me to buy coffee when we stop somewhere."

"Isn't this one good?" I asked confused.

"I'm not sure, but I have a coffee maker and I don't have coffee. It makes a mean one." Edward announced to me as he backed from the parking spot and we were back on the road.

"Coffee maker? Here?" I exclaimed.

"Yep. And a microwave, though we don't have anything to heat. And now, I regret for not accepting the other bunk installed here." He muttered.

"Other bunk?" I repeated trying to take this all in.

"Yes, beautiful, and there is a refrigerator under the bunk and the TV is above my head." He motioned to a small flat-screen TV I hadn't seen before. "Though, I have only three shitty movies. You can put movies on the list, too."

I had yet to see him so talkative and enthusiastic. I really liked him like this and we had managed to be in the cab for longer than five minutes without embarrassing the other.

"Oh and your seat rotates so you can see me better, shit, I mean the TV." He rephrased quickly and threw me a sweet smile. See you better, huh? I smirked and relaxed in my seat.

I got bored quickly and I started snooping around for the CDs he had mentioned. "Wow!" I half screamed startling him. "You have Rednex!" I grinned wildly and bounced in my seat.

Edward shook his head. "You can listen to whatever you want."

That was all it took for to open the CD case and fumble a bit with the audio system then continued bouncing in my seat. The first song from 'Sex & Violins' CD is Cotton Eye Joe, which didn't help my hyper mood. I reached for the volume and turned it up.

I started singing soon, bouncing my legs and clapping my hands. Edward started laughing and soon, joined me in singing.

If other people saw us, they'd think we had gone mad, but I couldn't care less. I sang every song unable to stop myself. I really missed those guys, I hadn't listened to them in a long time.

We pulled in a small restaurant in Portland.

"Okay, break. One hour." Edward announced and stretched then jumped out off the cab. I decided to try climb out on my own. I gripped the door as I put my foot on the step. "No. Bella!" I heard Edward's panicked voice and the next second, his arms were around me. "Wait for me next time, please."

"I wanted to do it on my own." I told him annoyed.

"You could get hurt." He said worriedly.

"You worry too much." I rolled my eyes and started to the restaurant.

"I just don't want to have you on my conscience." He admitted as he caught up with me.

"Gee that helps."

He wrapped an arm around me and steered me inside. We sat on a booth and ordered pizza. I paid for my pizza and juice making Edward scowl at me.

"Don't you want to save your money? I'm sure you don't have much."

"I have enough. And now, that college is out of discussion, I should spend them on myself." I said lightly.

"You won't go to college? You'll end up somewhere at some point and may need a-"

"Stop doing this! I liked your company but if you start acting like Charlie I may as well remain here, in Portland." I hissed angrily.

"Who's Charlie?"

"My father." I snapped and threw my slice of pizza back on the plate. "I've lost my appetite. I'm going to use the restroom, I'll give you this time to think if you want me with you or not."

The second the bathroom door closed behind me, I burst in tears. I knew I've ruined all my chances to go to college or have a normal life or job. I was simply enjoying his company and there he went and said that!

I left the bathroom after I calmed down and saw he wasn't where I had left him, nor my backpack! He had left! I felt my knees buckling. He had abounded me.

"Are you alright, miss?" a waitress asked me sweetly.

"Yes." I answered instinctively.

I went outside and saw that the lorry was still in place, it made me feel a little better. Then I saw Edward. He was leaning on my side of the car, a cigar in hand and with his other hand messing his hair. I had no idea he smoked.

My feet started running before I let them do so and I stopped only when I had my arms around his neck. "I'm sorry!" I sobbed.

"You said the past is in the past. It is my fault. I apologize." He whispered and hugged me with one hand. "But I might angry you more often if you will come jumping on me afterwards." He teased.

I sniffled and took a step back. "You smoke."

He shrugged and threw the cigarette butt down then stomped on it. "When I'm agitated or anxious only."

We looked at each other for a few minutes, letting it sink in that we were okay. His green eyes turned a deep shade of green as he kept gazing in my eyes, making me dizzy.

"Next stop is Salem. But before we leave, we have to go shopping." Edward whispered, opened the door and helped me up. I didn't protest this time.

We went to a store and got coffee, milk, sugar, movies, more music and drinks.

"Could you store them around?" he asked me when we were on the road again.

"Sure." I agreed and turned awkwardly to the back, trying to put things in the refrigerator.

"Just hop back." Edward said softly. I turned around and sat on the bunk. It wasn't as hard as I thought it will be, but it wasn't as soft as a bed either. Anyway, I liked it and I couldn't wait to convince him to use it instead of wasting money on motels. It was my fault he was wasting money on motels.

"Why did you do it?" I found myself asking.

"Did what?" he asked confused and looked over his shoulder at me.

"Pull over and save me."

"Did you expect me to pass by and let those monsters hurt you? Besides, there was something…I felt like I had to…my first thought when I saw you was…doesn't matter." He dropped it and focused back on the road.

"What? You can't leave me hanging!" I whined and shut the refrigerator door.

"I have just one question. How did you get there?"

"My truck stopped."

"That's what I thought. The red one?" he probed.


"Bella, I saw the truck and I realized someone was alone there. And when I saw you and those monsters…I realized what was happening and you looked so scared and I couldn't have let them hurt you." He didn't continue, but there was more than he let on.

I took a CD we got and put it in the player after I got back in my seat then fumbled with the seat trying to turn it as Edward had told me.

He leaned closer and pushed something then tugged on the seat to the right and I was facing him. He returned to the road, humming along with the music and tapping his fingers on the steering wheel.

I leaned on the chair and admired him. His hair was sticking to an end, his forehead was crammed between his eyebrows, his eyes were unmoving from the road but the right one was twitching slightly, his nose was long and slightly crooked, his cheek bones were high and well defined, his lips were soft and pink, his jaw was strong and chiseled, I finished my inspection with his neck where I saw his Adam apple bobbing. His fingers attracted my attention as they wrapped convulsively around the steering wheel.

"Jesus, Bella! Stop staring!" he exploded making me jump.

"S-sorry." I whispered scared, trying to settle my heart back.

"You're just making me nervous and I can't concentrate on the road. Can't you entertain yourself with something else? A movie, perhaps?" he asked softer.

I pulled my knees up and rested my cheek on them, watching the road, myself. It wasn't as fascinating as the man next to me. It was the first time in my life when I wanted to kiss someone and this scared me.

"Tell me something about yourself. Something random." I whispered, trying to know him better.

"Random, you say?" he teased. I braced myself.

"Uh huh"

"This guy that checked my truck before I left Seattle told me, 'I couldn't repair your brakes, so I made your horn louder.'" He told me seriously, glancing at me.

I nodded and thought of something else. It took me a second to realize what he said. "WHAT?" I screeched.

"You're too easy." He chuckled.

"Don't joke with that!" I yelled. "Not funny."

"Okay, I promise to play nice. Random fact, right?"

"Yes. No more jokes." I pleaded.

"Don't drink water, fish have sex in it."

He had to say that when I was taking a sip of my water. Needless to say, the water sprayed on him.

"Oh shit! I'll try to find gross ones." He chuckled and reached behind him and in one fluid movement, the shirt was off and my eyes were on his abs. I couldn't help it.

"There are more chickens than people in the world."

"That's kind of logical." I said, contemplating the thing.

"You were supposed to laugh. Here, another one" Edward smirked. "You cannot sneeze with your eyes open."

"I know. You cannot kiss your elbow, either." I poked my tongue out.

"Really? I never tried." He said amused.

"I did when I heard that thing." I admitted making us laugh.

"Oh yes!" Edward exclaimed making me jump. He smiled sheepishly and winked at me. I felt the butterflies fighting in my stomach. "Sneezing is better than sex. It's a mini-instant orgasm. You keep your clothes on, you don't get involved, you can do it in public and when you're done, perfect strangers bless you."

I burst in fits of giggles as I felt my stomach tighten and I was getting wet. It had been too much for my poor body to hear him use words such as sex and orgasm so close by.

"The tongue is the strongest muscle in the body."

"I doubt it." I said before I could keep my mouth shut. I blushed and ducked my head.

"I said body, not specified female or male."

"Oh smart ass!" I groaned. "Oh I know one about sneezing." I grinned, proud of myself for remembering it.

"What? I know the seven times or ten times sneezing equaling an orgasm. It's not true, I can guarantee."

"You sneezed ten times in a row?" I half yelled, amazed.

"Yeah. I was a little lightheaded afterwards, but nothing compared to an orgasm." He said clinically.

"It wasn't this. I wanted to say that a sneeze can travel as fast as 100 miles per hour."

He laughed and said another random fact. We kept this game until nightfall. We had reached Salem and I could see Edward wanted to keep driving.

"I'll make myself comfortable and sleep there. I don't want you lose time because of me."

"I appreciate it, Bella, but won't you like to sleep in a bed?" he insisted.

"I'll be fine. Promise." I whispered and climbed in the back.

I took the pillow and blanket out of their compartment then took my sneakers off and snuggled up.

"I should have known." Edward moaned teasingly.

"What?" I asked anxiously as I kicked at the blanket trying to get my feet out.

"The smell. You took the shoes off!" he groaned. I took my pillow, rose on my knees and hit him. "OW! Woman! I'm sorry, I take it back." He grunted.

I settled back and stared at him until I fell asleep.

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