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"Why are all the girls' stuff pink?" I moaned, throwing a strawberry shampoo in the cart.

"Because girls wear pink and boys wear blue." Edward cooed, making me roll my eyes. I slapped his arm and bent to pick a green toothbrush. "I thought you were being good, little girl."

"Aren't I?" I asked surprised. I had nothing but behaved all the drive here and here.

"Oh I don't know." He sighed dramatically. "If you bend like that again, I might just forget about shopping and go caveman on you."

I grinned and shook my ass, earning a low groan from Edward.

"Bella, we need to shop. You realize that?"

"I'm not stopping anything. You seem to be unable to control yourself." I told him, shrugging.

He took my hand and dragged me to frozen products. "Ahh Heaven. Don't you think this rivals a cold shower?" he whispered, watching me expectative.

"Uhh why would you need a cold shower?"

"Maybe my brother was right. This is the only thing that we're thinking of." Edward said laughing.

We had managed to buy everything on the list and now we were in front of the condoms section. There were so many… Edward was inspecting two boxes, reading on them as if he would need them all his life. I was blushing and trying not to look around.

"Edward! You're back!" He jumped and spun around.

I looked at the woman that had spoken and saw how beautiful she was. She had some overalls and her blonde hair was caught in a messy bun. She looked like a country girl that wasn't scared of getting her hands dirty.

"Irina!" Edward said in disbelief.

"The one and only." She grinned and came to hug him. "Are you staying this time?"

"I think so. I just realized that I haven't been around when Jazz needed me."

Was he going to introduce me? I put my arm around his waist and he grinned at me, putting his arm around my shoulders. "And of course, she's Bella. My girlfriend." He explained.

I felt my heart beating wildly in my chest. Irina looked at me and smiled a fake smile.

"Irina." She nodded. "You are better?" she asked Edward.

"You can say that." He shrugged, tightening his grip on me. Who was this woman to make him think such things? And she was a cougar if she wanted to hit on him. Edward cleared his throat. "How is… how's Marcus?"

"Good. The shop is going well. I heard you brought some fine pieces last week."

"Yeah." He nodded. "Well, it was nice too see you. We must be going." He said softly.

"Alright. I'll see you around." She said smiling. "Bye, Edward. Bella."

"Bye." We said at the same time. I wanted to ask about her, but I knew he will tell me when he was ready.

"We'll take those. Let's go." He threw three boxes in the cart and pushed it to the checkout. I walked awkwardly next to him, with my arms wrapped around his waist. He nodded or saluted different people that welcomed him back warmly.

Something about that woman was different. The way he had talked to her, his behavior… had he been with her? I didn't know much of his past.

At the checkout, he stopped abruptly and looked around, almost panicked. Out of the three cashes, only one was open. He didn't seem to want to go close to that boy.

"So my old lady was right!" the boy drawled and waved us over. Edward pushed the cart forward, sighing heavily. "If it isn't Edward Cullen!"

"Alec." Edward said through gritted teeth.

"And you got yourself a girlfriend…"

"Would you just ring the products?"

Alec nodded, glancing at me then at Edward. Edward wrapped me in his arms and squeezed me close. "I knew better than to come here." He murmured.

"Anything else?" Alec asked.

"You want some gum?" Edward asked. I shrugged, not really knowing what I wanted then, besides explanations. "And this." Edward handed him a packet of Hubba Bubba. He grinned at me and kissed my forehead.

"One hundred eighty four." Alec announced and after Edward paid him, we were out before he could say anything else.

I sat quietly by his side as he loaded the bags in the car. I was surprised when I first saw the car. It was a Beetle and he insisted that it was Alice's.

"So?" I wondered once in the car.

He sighed heavily and focused on the road. "They were… almost family."


"No." he shook his head. "Alec was Jane's twin and Irina was her mother."

I felt my breath hitch. I couldn't imagine how difficult it must have been for him.

"Let's just get home and make some lunch then put a movie or something."

Just like that, I knew that this wasn't my lucky day, but I'd do anything to make him happy and take his mind off his past.

"Seriously?" I asked, giggling when I saw the street's name.

"I had enough teasing from Emmett when he found out. It's not like I am a mass killer." Edward groaned.

"It's just a matter of time. I can't believe I haven't seen it this morning. Elm Street." I giggled as Edward parked in his yard.

"Bella, please."

We prepared lunch together and took it to the living room to watch a movie while eating. He actually let me choose and I was grateful that I won't be seeing monsters or who knows what else a man could choose.

I picked Homeward Bound, it was with two dogs and a cat on an adventure. We watched it while we ate because the second we were done, Edward took me on his lap and started kissing down my neck, distracting me.

"Watch the movie." He whispered. It was impossible to pay attention.

I turned and straddled his lap, effectively starting a dangerous something. Edward moaned and buckled his hips. I haven't realized that Rose was right until memories of that night flooded my brain. How their hard dicks were pressed all over me, how their hands groped me.

"I stopped. It's okay. I won't touch you." I was pulled out of my memory when I heard Edward's voice. We were on opposite sides of the couch. "What happened?" he asked slightly scared.

"I thought of them… I'm so sorry." I mumbled.

"I should have known. We'll take it easy. It was my fault for groping you." He was too sweet for his own good. "Let's go to my room."

His room was as red as ever and right then it gave me sinister feeling. He might have sensed something because he flipped the lights on.

"We can redecorate if you want."

"Another time." I said, wrapping my arms around his neck. We fell on his bed and Edward stayed true to his word. Every kiss, every touch was followed by a whispered 'I love you' or some other heart to heart comment. I more than appreciated what he was doing and before I realized, we were both naked. His tongue was lapping at my right nipple, pebbling it as his hands moved over my waist, my back until they reached my ass cheeks and squeezed lightly. I moaned and arched into him making his breath hitch in his throat. I've waited for this for so long that it wasn't even funny. I wound my fingers in his hair and rubbed my womanly parts to his dick, eliciting delicious sounds from him.

"Bella, I don't know…" he rasped against my ear.

"If you're backing down, now… I swear that I will truly hit you."

He chuckled throatily. "I just wanted to tell you that I can't wait much longer. Are you ready?" His green eyes bore into mine as he reached for the box of condoms.

"I've been ready for some time." I hinted with a hysterical giggle.

"Promise me to stop me if I hurt you."

I nodded and watched very attentively as he rolled the condom on. I wanted to do that next time. His fingers came to my clit and rubbed it, moaning lightly when he found me wet and ready for him. A lone finger probed my entrance, moving slowing inside me leaving me in panting mess. A second finger joined the first and I could feel him stretching me, forfeiting his fingers, touching some delicious spots inside me. "Please!" I groaned, raising my hips. Edward pressed his lips to mine, kissing me hungrily. His fingers slipped out of me and all too soon, I felt the head of his dick there. I bit down on his lip, squeezing my muscles out of reflex.

"Relax, beautiful. Come on, I promise I'll make it as painless as I can." Edward murmured against my lips, stroking my hair. I let all my muscles relax and welcomed the new sensation of Edward filling me in a place I hadn't touched often. Once the head was inside, the walls started stretching more than before and it became almost painful. When I knew that it hurt too much to keep my mouth shut, I gripped his forearm tightly. His eyes shot to mine and he let out a soft groan. I was hurting him while doing this, I knew that.

"Tell when to move again." It was everything he said. I let myself become accustomed with him there then raised my hips a bit and he slid further inside me, groaning loudly. "Oh fuck… Don't do that shit." He muttered, gripping my hips. "Bella, it's like being sucked inside a vacuum through a very narrow tunnel. I'll just do it fast. It shouldn't hurt very much."

I nodded, giggling at his analogy. "Just do it." I allowed him, kissing his mouth again. I kept kissing him as he withdrew a bit them slammed inside me, making me shout quite loudly. I had been in pain before, all right, being a woman… I should be used to pain, right? Wrong. This pain was ten times worse than every other pain I felt. And I had thought that my monthly pain was the worst…

"Oh Jesus, I'm so sorry, Bella." Edward's frantic voice murmured in my ear, his lips touched my face, my chin, my ear, everywhere. He kept apologizing and I could feel the pain fading away and new sensation taking its place. The coil in my stomach grew, the very same one that I had felt when we had fooled around on the way to Yellowstone.

"Move," I instructed, moving my finger over his back.

"You're in pain." He insisted.

"No longer. Trust me. I am more than fine, please move." I begged him and moved my hips again. He groaned softly and met my movements, steadily growing the pace. It felt like Heaven. I had no idea such feelings and sensations existed! What I had felt in his truck that time? It was nothing compared to this. "I love you so much." I said incoherently.

"Not as much as I love you." Edward said in a rough voice. "I sort of regret not doing this earlier." He chuckled and moved his hips in a different angle bringing me closer to my release. I battled his hand away when he tried to touch me.

"I want just our lovemaking to bring me release, not your hands." I said softly, moving his wet bangs from his forehead.

He, then, rose on his knees changing the penetration angle and effectively bringing our release. We both fell back on the bed, breathing in quick, elaborated breaths.

I woke up hours later with Edward snuggled on his side, cocooned in the blanket. I tried to get a bit of the blanket, but he wouldn't share so I got up. The kitchen clock read eight AM so I decided to prepare breakfast. I had missed cooking. While preparing the pancakes, I heard paws behind me and stiffened. I didn't have anyone to save me now. Fluffy's nose nudged my bare leg, making me jump startled.

"Hey, doggy." I said uneasily and turned to him. He barked once and wiggled his tail. I put some food in his bowl and he lost interest in licking my leg. I turned back to my pancakes and got lost in thoughts of last night. After the initial fright, everything was fabulous. I knew that Edward would be gentle and sweet, but he exceeded all my expectations. I wanted him again and I knew that it would hurt since I was still sore, but I couldn't care less, I'd endure the bit of pain. I had to hear his moans again, I had to see that look of pure, unadulterated pleasure on his face again, I simply needed him again.

The pancakes were done and I was searching for syrup when I felt arms around me. "You were never the good girl, but now… I've unleashed a demon." Edward said hoarsely in my ear.

"Hmm?" I hummed in content, leaning against his chest.

"Cooking naked, just in this apron… good God, Bella! Do you intent to kill me?"

"Don't you like it?" I teased, throwing him a cheeky grin over my shoulder.

"More than you know. Are you very hungry or could you wait a few minutes?" he whispered in my ear, pressing soft kisses on my neck.

"A few minutes, only? Is the age getting to you, baby?" I haven't called him anything before and the nickname just slipped out of my lips. Would he be mad?

Edward groaned loudly and pressed me in the counter, touching a hand to my wet folds. "So ready…" he appreciated. A second later, I heard the distinctive sound of ripped foil and knew he was getting ready to have me again. I wanted to make a dance.

I turned to him, but he shook his head and pressed my chest to the counter. My heart thumped wildly in my chest. Was I ready to try this one? I didn't have time to answer, because Edward was deep inside me, grunting, in mere minutes. I loved this position. It was so much better than last night and it didn't hurt that much. The only problem was that I had to left legs and after a few minutes, they buckled under me and Edward hissed in my ear. He disappeared from inside me and carried me to the table. I didn't have time to think properly that I was going to have sex in a place where I eat, where his family will eat… Edward wrapped my legs around his neck, threw me a cheeky grin then plunged inside me again. I knew that I was moaning too loud, but I had to control over the sounds that were escaping me. Edward was gripping my thighs and pumping inside so fast, I knew I'd be putty in his hands in seconds. The way his member touched inside me, the way his sack slapped my ass, his green eyes boring in mine… I threw my head back and yelled his name. I heard a soft chuckled from him, but it could have been my imagination because it was soon replaced with his own grown of pleasure as he reached his peak.

My legs fell from his shoulders and dangled over the edge of the table as his hands slapped on either side of head, his breath fanning me. I watched his muscles constricting and bulging as he breathed heavily.

"That was something else." Edward rasped, leaning on his elbow and moving a strand of wet hair from my face. "I didn't hurt you, did I?"

"I've never felt so good." I answered, hoping to send all his worries out of the window.

"That's great news because I intend to make you feel even better." He said softly and kissed up and down my neck. "By the way, I've never felt so good, either. I truly love you, little girl."

I smacked his head, making his eyes widen. "I'm not little!"

"No, no. You aren't." he said solemnly.

I kissed the corner of his mouth and felt his lips twitching up. "I love you, too, baby."

"If you keep saying such things… we won't eat in a long while." Edward murmured, making me chuckle.

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